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Buy Shure SE215 In the Ear Headphones online at Snapdeal Flipkart Amazon. Shure SE215 In the Ear Headphones Shure SE215 In the Ear Headphones Colours: Black Blue White
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Shure SE215 In the Ear Headphones Features

  • Noise Isolation
  • Comfort fit designed for extended use.
  • UP to 37 dB SPL noise attenuation
Shure SE215 In the Ear Headphones Shure SE215 In the Ear Headphones Colours:
  • Black
  • Blue
  • White

The lowest Shure SE215 In the Ear Headphones Price in India is ₹7,512 at Snapdeal.
Buy Shure SE215 In the Ear Headphones online at Snapdeal Flipkart Amazon.
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Shure SE215 In the Ear Headphones Specifications

Connector Plating Gold Plated
Cord Type 1.62 m
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Brand Shure
Color Black
Compatible Devices Mobile
Headphone Type In the Ear
Headset Design Canalphone
In Sales Package Soft flex sleeves (S/ M/ L), Transport case, Black foam sleeves (S/ M/ L)
Model Id Se215Ltd Limited Edition Sound Isolating Earphones With Enhanced Bass, Blue
Wired/Wireless Wired
Performance Features
Frequency Response 22 - 17500 Hz
Impedance 20 ohm (Power On)

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Shure SE215 In the Ear Headphones Reviews from YouTube

Shure SE215 IEMs in 2019! Review after 2.5 years! Still worth it?
Best In-Ear headphones for $100 | Momentum IN-EAR vs SHURE se215
Shure SE215 LTD In-Ear Earphone Review
Shure SE215 in 2020! Worth it? White Unboxing and Review. Comparison with Tin T2!
I just bought a new pair of these in 2020
I ordered these on Amazon for 99$ yesterday, so I searched YouTube and watched your review. I hope they sound awesome and are worth it.
I just got mine, and I don’t regret it ONE BIT. They’re BY FAR the best buds I’ve ever had. They’re comfortable and they sound great. They sound a lot better than my Bose Quiet Comforts. I also looked for the Chinese buds, but they were even more expensive than the Shures on Amazon Mexico for some reason.
put the cable under your shirt..
back then when I bought this in 2015, it was the best though it was quite expensive justified with the build quality. these days, there are earphones that sound better for a lot cheaper so one would buy this today for its build, tough but replaceable cables. also from this i learned that I really don't care much for the high frequencies or higher quality audio files so this will keep me from chasing high end audio gear.
Has anyone here upgraded their earpods to these? I love listening to music and podcasts everyday and I really want to try good quality earphones and these look really nice to me. I've used earpods for about 7 years and they sound a lot better than anything else I've used before that which were basically extremely cheap earphones in the range of like 10 dollars tops and the earpods are 30 dollars. Seeing that these Shure are about 100 dollars I wonder Are they really that much better? The price is over triple, somehow I have a good feeling about them though, I've read online they are too bassy for some ppl, but I think I'd like that. Any insight on this change would be appreciated and thanks for sharing this video.
Thanks for your review. Your speaking is so clear that I can understand your message even if I'm a Korean.
I'm assuming that this is still relevant in 2020 because I bought the similar ones 3 days ago when there was a sale. I'm using it with my multi effects unit for my electric guitar.
Thanks man I’ve always had a thing for IEM and these are not expensive, plus I’ve read nice reviews. I’m thinking of getting these today as my first IEM.
I got a pair in 2017 and by 2018 the sound quality had reduced significantly. Replaced 2 cables in that time to see if it was the problem. Got a deal with MEE and used those from March 2020 until about 2 weeks ago. I’m with Alclair now and I’ll never look back at universal IEMs again. the MEE’s were similar to the shure’s. Good price but awful quality. If you can afford custom IEMs, just trust me and do it.
my own cracked after 5 years. I use them for work and listen to music while doing programming, around 4 to 8 hours a day. So after 5 years and 8 hours 5 days a week, I think that is ok
would you say these are good for gaming?
Thanks buddy going for Shure 😊👍
There badass but they still only have 2.5 poles on them which is bullshit i had to get a 2.5 to 3.5 male adapter to get full stereo out of them for $100.00 they should be able to get full stereo they don't work on all iem,s you need the adapter 3 pole
Anyone know how to fix the one ear not working glitch?
Do these have a mic which I can use for singing into it thanks
Joe Perra Vibes from this video
are they good for FPS gaming PC? and what about the Dolby windows?
Can I dj with these?
I have mine after i bought Them in dec.. but the cable and the hard cable (left) are green.. (lol..) and that little thing... is broken xD... cuz my stupid tache rpulled in the cable.. (like.. a det days after i Got Them 🤦🏼‍♀️) without reason..
lol. you have plenty of views for these earphones! 😅
I briefly listened to the momentum in ears and those are way too bright for me. The highs are ear-piercingly loud and annoying. And I normally love bright headphones.
Sennheiser momentum in ear is perfect for me as a basshead. Have them for over a year now.
I own both earphones. What I found with both is both are very nice with very different characteristics. The Momentum has a V shaped sound profile. Very good bass. I can nearly feel the bass in my chest. The highs are very nice as well (not over powered by the bass). However, the mids are kinda buried behind though. The 215 on the other hand has a very flat profile. You hear everything clearly and not too much of anything. A lot more analytical than the Momentum but this does mean it could get boring after a long listen or for people who would like a more pronounced bass. To summarize, the Momentum is more fun to listen to but for a more true and clear sound the shure is a lot better:)
Keep in mind that the shures are not normal headphones but in ear monitors
western $100 : momentum, se215 eastern : tfz no 3, legacy 3, moondrop starfield
I own the Shure SE 215 and I use it for professional monitoring my outdoors video productions. The isolation is perfect, it fits firmly and comfortably in my ears and give me the mobility I need to make fast movements when I'm recording. The sound quality is great with a good balance between bass, mid and treble. In my opinion, a very satisfying investment for $99,00!
the shure's are garbage, a lot smaller frequency range compared to the sennheiser
Thank you for this breakdown. Can I ask as a noob, if there are any benefits to these type bluetooth earbuds compared to truly wireless like the samsung galaxy buds + or the sony 1000xm3 in terms of sound quality?
Saw the Momentum earphones yanked out so easily...thank you. That has single handedly convinced me not to buy them.
I want to get earbuds for gaming would the shure se215 be good for gaming
which has the better mic for voice calls?
Dmitriy? Русский походу.
Sure is better loo if you ask me. However the others win!
Is it possible to compare custom In ear monitors f.e. Ultimate Ears, Alclair, InEarz etc. I haven't seen that type of a video on youtube.
I have momentum and seeing to buy shure. Theyre love
Don't sleep with Shure! If you sleep on the side, the plastic will break at some point..
Personally recommend shure, because of fit , comfort, seal, mid range and vocal are so good, and is also really easy listen experience
Oooohhhh canada
If you wear glasses the headphones over the ear are very uncomfortable. (Si usas gafas los auriculares sobre la oreja son muy incomodos. )
I have the Shure es215 and I was excited that I bought a pair. And was pretty disappointed they weren't very loud and my left ear went out. And the right side wiring was starting showing. I only had the for about 6 months. I'll give it 3 stars only because of the comfortability.
They are in ear monitors!! I hate when people call them earphones!!
I’m sorry, this is really peeving me off. These are in ear monitors!! These are for musicians, your complaints don’t make any sense!
The plug is that big so you can also use it with a 6.3 mm adapter
This iem is DEAD XD
What kind of knob would work out in Shure 215s? Anyone with any sense would get cheap crap that clips round the ear for workouts that means it doesn’t matter when they fill with sweat.
good backup earphones? really now? this is my main romaine
Se215 or westone um pro10? I'm looking for clarity and not so muddy bassy sound. How is the noise isolation on the westone's?
Have you listened to the sennheiser ie 40 pro?
"I wouldn't necessarily recommend the SE215 as a workout or a gym earphone." Of course you wouldn't! They are not intended for ordinary use, these are in-ear monitors. They are meant for people who are on stages with a lot of noise and who need to hear themselves. Or sound engineers who can connect them to the mixer.
If you want to step up, you can get them reshelled at null-audio. You can customize them molded to your ears. Se215 sound great.
I bought mine after watching this video 3 years ago. I'm glad i did 😌
I wonder if lachlan still uses them to this day
Great earphones. If you go to you can find memory foam ear tips for them at half of what Comply foam tips cost and you get twice as many. Got mine in 3 days!
2:11 wouldn't that hurt though? At times (remembers struggles with complys)
So what would you recommend for someone that’s working out
I'm looking forward to getting my Shure SE215 Earphones is a couple days. I too have a pair of V Moda Crossfade M80 on-ear Headphones as well as their over-ear Crossfade M100s. V Moda make my all-time favorite Headphones period.
I bought them today and i thought they sucked... until i deactivated mono and turned on Stereo, then my opinion did a 180 and i think they're freaking awesome! This guy copied your review word-for-word
Hey, I just had my 4th hip surgery yesterday & my dad ordered these for me & getting them tomorrow. I’m stoked. Hope you love them. 💙💙💙
Are these as durable as the wired SE215s were? If you have any other wireless IEMs in mind in this range please suggest.
shure have the aonic 215 now - the blue and white ones have been tuned for more bass. Have you heard these at all or are these the same as yours
They are great in winter, go flush with the hat, when temperatures go below -15c i wouldn't want wearing anything bigger. Also they make air travel much more tolerable. Though generally i hate iems, and only use them when i have no other option.
great for airtravel. small and foam tips great for sound isolation, I even use this to sleep in flight. i didnt know this has bluetooth. a quick searched revealed the bluetooth cable is $73 just $10 away from the complete set?!😟
I have 5 with the se215 and no problems during this period i did change a few cables
Nice case & all I just ordered I believe these SE 215-1 dyno pro
Unboxing sound is so satisfying XD
I bought these as I heard good things about them. Are they good for watching movies etc
please recommend a pair of wired earpuds with a good mic for phone calls and detachable cable
HI, I am looking for a good pair of earphones for casual music listening, was looking at the Bose Soundsports, and I came across these headphones, the video is great, and I like the fact that these can be used wirelessly and with a wire, and that's why I'm leaning towards buying these, would you recommend I go with these or should I stick to conventional non-in ear monitor earphones, any help would be great.
I highly recommend this a bluetooth adapter from aliexpress and it's amazing . The official shure ones, suck. They have short battery life, 8 hours. Bluetooth connectivity sucks and it's this weird clip on back of shirt design that is annoying to put on and take off. These bluetooth adapter has a 500mah battery that lasted 55 hours of playback time, almost 6x better than the oem ones.
Hi. Thank you for the review. Does the weird plastic chunk at the bottom feel uncomfortable and finnicky while working out?
hello! great video! just what i was looking for but; is it comfortable while doing exercises?
I find the tin t2 slightly tinny and very bright. Considering th se215.
Hey great video! I wanted to ask if there is any noticeable difference in sound quality between the wired and bluetooth cables for the se215? And is the mic and call quality it being a wireless iem? Thanks!

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