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Find the best deal on shorts at Shopclues, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest shorts Price in India is ₹400 at Shopclues.
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shorts Reviews from YouTube

Shorts Review | Surya Survive | Mounika & co-Tirupur| At Rs.60/only| Suspence for Subscribers
SHORTS: The WEIRDEST Kids Movie? - Diamondbolt
Is home delivery available?
They sending smaller size compare to which you showing in this video I'm disappointed
All size AVAILABLE Please send WhatsApp number
Kindly don't buy this shorts , worst quality , after 3 washes stitch gone , elastic came out , inside of the cloth have lots of thread.
Hi bro intha mathri dress videos yen nenga innum podala bro. Konjam podunga brooo
Bro enakku oru davut unga hip size enna ithu ungalukku pitta irukka
I received the parcel today brother. Shorts cloth is OK but I don't like the pocket cloth. It's very thin brother.
Anna order pana correct ta varuma anna and quality epate anna irukum sollu ka and epate order panurathu anna epa 2 package order pana evolo anna money and epate anna money send panurathu please sollu ka epa order panalama anna
Thaiyavu seithu yaarum emara vendam.
Only shorts available in Mounika & co or any other dresses available?
Very good bhay, Pls try to make some video in Hindi or English, Regards
I bro, I subscribe your channel. How to get discount
Pant size 40 inch ullavangalukku idhu set aguma bro
Minimum order quantity
pls dont tell dont trust him.
Mobile no
Delivery all over india bro?
हिंदी मे बनाओ विडीयों
This movie could’ve been a lot better if it was about three kids who found a magic rock and it goes horribly wrong. I was positive that this was gonna be a great kids movie till I found out it was made by the creators of spy kids.
This movie was my childhood
"The most powerful thing" i expected it to take an Aladdin turn and for him to turn into the rock
I remember when I watched was at schooleveryone in my class has agreed too never speak of it again.
All I remembered is Beetle
1:33 There playing Spore.
i own this movie and it's GREAT
I saw this when I was younger but only remembered the rock. Now I am scarred
Why most of my childhood films turn out to be terrible?
5:03 what did they do to jack from kickin' it?!
I remember this so fucking good
Honestly, if there's one good thing I can say about this film, is that it's probably Rodriguez's most imaginative film!
Bro the wishing rock,ceo of company that wants rock,this is literally wonder woman 1984
i actually really enjoyed some of the shorts movie
This is basically Wonder Woman 1984
I used to show this movie to all my friends. Now my friends show it to their kids
I remember I had this movie but all I remembered was there was walking crocodiles
3:08 young toby McGuire
This movie legit TERRIFIED me as a kid. I couldn't sleep for weeks after watching it. and I don't even know why. Same with the Gumby movie lol XD
this is an old video I wish I could find these :,)
Por que no haces videos traducidos en español
She's soo hot
Your legs are so beautiful looking.
Omg you should make a video on your workout routine
Stunning! Your eyes are hypnotic.
How tall are you? I’m short so shorts always fit a bit too long );
I ALWAYS ask my self this question can a MAN WEAR CLOTHES “SHOWING” A LOT AT THE GYM TOO, because women can do it why men NOT❓EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ANY GENDER‼️
I am 12 I run so usually I just wear volleyball shorts lol. I personally like mine short because I I get hot very quick so I wear some about a inch under my butt it can be uncomfortable but we started putting grips in them to stay under my butt
2:57 "its just a bum people" hold on now, you don't disrespect my friends and i would disrespect yours
Check out this Baeleaf Women's Workout Shorts - (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)
Where did you get the first pair from? The light blue ones. I love them!
VERY beautiful woman. You remind me of a young Brooke Shields
Wait, the link for the black one's, the longer shorts isn't working
Looks exactly like siannise fudge from love island
body goals
Here’s the link for it course it’s going to be flattering on her
I love you
The size 6 lulus fit me large on my waist but I’m scared the size 4 in the short spandex will squeeze my thighs so I don’t know which size to get
Hello Vanessa! How are you? I hope you're well. I wanted to ask you something about these leggings and shorts. Maybe you can answer me. Can men also wear this leggings and biker shorts? Can I use them on a daily basis, anywhere? What would you recommend? What is your opinion? Are these leggings and biker shorts good? Can I use them too? I really liked your channel. If you can help me, I would appreciate it very much. I'll be happy if you could answer me. Have a great day! Thank you!
Your beauty is second to none like i said before you should be a model or in movies
Do you wear your align shorts to exercise at all? Do you find it ruins the fabric and do you feel like it could rip? Just got mine online and am excited But am worried it won’t be suitable for dance x
so nice,lovethanks for share
girl ur so pretty! ✨✨
Where do you wear underneath to prevent it from being see through?
I love your lululemon hauls Just a side note, the spring break away shorts sold in the USA don’t have the small slits on the side of the legs and only have one back pocket. I love them, on of my favorite style of lululemon shorts.
Looove all of your hauls What’s your workout routine cos you’re looking toned!
What’s your height ?
I really like the Real Quick shorts. I don't see them on the website though :-/
do the align shorts all have that vertical seam on the back?
Girl in this video looks like a little boy
Finally iv been waiting all week to watch another one of your vidios. You are my youtube crush. Your so buitiful and classy
You're scary,give me the dog Where ls The Shadow?
Hi love! I’m looking for running shorts! Which would be your favourite?
Wow where is shadow do more vlogs of him
Hey where’s the puppy

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