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Ship Construction Book Reviews from YouTube

Ship Construction Part 1, 2nd Mates Oral, F3
Ship Construction Animation
Like the comment if you got Atleast Two Answers Correct!!👇 1-Container Vessel 2- Approx. 6 Kts 3- Brass or Stainless Steel
Can you do the same detail explanations for stability, prac. nav. and terr. nav.
great job sir, thankouu for helping juniors....
Do share the PPT link ..
Thanks allot .Your video is informative and easy to understand as well.
1.container ship 2. not sure 3.brass correct me if im wrong and give ans for 2 nd q sir. thank u
Gp rating course Krna hai plz number snd kro
Plz bro snd me you contect
Jessy bro.!.! Bravo..!.! 2MFG candidates will bow down to you. Hats off man.
Please send 2 nd mate Syallbus
Sir this is video is just Awesome. We really appreciate your efforts sir!!🙏🏻
Please upload a video on Sponsorship interview Questions for DNS!
Sponsership feb batch vedoes baneye
Nice video bhaiya I am going to join samudra institute for dns in feb batch. Hope so your video will be beneficial for me at my 2mate coc time ❤️❤️❤️
These videos are gonna really be lucky for cadets!!
please how do I get these books?
Dear sir pls Explain about half breadth. Tanks a million
Ship design concept and basics terms to understand:
Ship hull important parts:
you are amazing really thank youuuuuuuu toooo much you helped me a lot❤❤❤❤❤
Very good video..
Please make videos for Function 1 sir , your videos helped greatly , covered all my syllabus and very easy to understand like this I have viewed all your videos and it really helped in passing my Function 3 , please make videos for Function 1 as well sir
Wander full
Sir can you please tell me what is the Inboard, outboard & Athwarship in ship construction? Thank You, sir.
Is it possible to have a paid privet course with you? Please talk to me if you are interested
Bow thruster only in forward. Other one is aft thruster. Btw thanks for great video 👍👌
Sir sarang lascar ka online self learning video batayee please
Sir good morning, like to open shipyard in India,. What is your ldear from you sir
Hlo sir..what if our radar is immersed in water ,and it doesn't necessarly meet summerload line..then how can we define aft perpendicular and fwd
Hi, we see ships for e.g cargo ships, oil container ships etc. which don't have that upper flare. They are more like a wide bucket in the water. How do these ships achieve buoyancy?
Is it possible to go in ship building by having a degree? If yes then how?
Thank you so much sir....really helpful...great venture...thnks again..please make more vedios on all topics u know,👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Bulbows bow is increasing speed of ship.
I think Stem is forward most part of the ship..
The whiteboard is more bigger then the ship.. You should have taken more smaller board..
Nice videos, excellent work done, please make more videos to help for exam.
Also, Check out the Ship Automation, Safety & Control Systems Video.
Sir thanks for videos I need to contact you
Correction : material is not procured by Tendering Dept. It is done by the procurement dept.
EXCELLENT, logical, informative video ! THANK you for this ! ( I'm impressed by the precision and by the HIGH degree of organization of shipbuilding and of port management. I'm also impressed by the profound benefits which ISO standardization has created for the shipment of cargo which was previously transported in the "break-bulk" mode. The entire container-shipping industrial sector seems to be a dramatic demonstration of the optimization of commercial activity!)
My ears hurt
Thanks Rakesh
Fucking thick accent..
great video thanks for info,good job
Big Question is: Why buildings, houses and some other things like automoviles (bus, cars, trucks), are not built like this ships? For example, houses built using steel plate maybe more safety than wood houses during a hurricane, during an earthquake too, you can see as an example during a psunami houses are destroyed, but ships simply are moved over the beach.
Good afternoon sir, i have a question, What are the different fabrications technique used in shipbuilding?
I saw get knowledge point from ship construction 🚢
What a Nice Channel love and sub
Great work bro👌👌didn't saw such a detailed presentation of the same thank you so much😊😊😊
Wonderful video, thanks for this.
Excellent information. Precisely explains the process. Thank you for the video.
Awesome video!
Is it Indian channel
i subscribed to you bro, maybe check my channel out and drop me some feedback? :D

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