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Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones - Grey Features

  • Advanced Duofol diaphragm technology effectively eliminates standing waves within the capsule
  • Highly optimised, field-strengthened neodymium ferrous magnet systems
  • Lightweight aluminium voice coils for high efficiency and excellent dynamics
  • Comfortable ear pads for long listening sessions
  • Gold plated plugs and 3.5 mm stereo adaptor for excellent connectivity
  • Optimised for home hi-fi equipment and home entertainment
  • 2-year guarantee
  • On-the-ear Headphone
Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones - Grey Colours:
  • Grey

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Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones - Grey Specifications

Additional Features
Additional Features Aluminium Voice Coil, Grille Ear Cup Casing, Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement Technology, Crackle-free Ear Pads
Flatwire No
Bluetooth No
Connector Plating Gold Plated
Cord Type 3 m OFC Cord
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm, 6.3 mm
Weight 255 g / 255 g (without battery)
Brand Sennheiser
Color Black
Compatible Devices Mobile
Headphone Type Over the Ear (Circumaural), Open Back
Headset Design Over the Head
In Sales Package Headphone
Magnet Type Neodymium
Model Id Hd 518 Headphones ()
Wired/Wireless Wired
Performance Features
Frequency Response 14 - 26000 Hz
Impedance 50 ohm (Power On)
Other Performance Features Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.2 %
Sensitivity 108 dB/mW (Power On)

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Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones - Grey Reviews from YouTube

Z Review - Sennheiser HD518
Sennheiser HD 518, Best Audiophile Budget Headphones! | Review
Sennheiser HD 518 Review | Sound Leakage test included in my Sennheiser HD 518 Review
Sennheiser HD518, HD558, HD598, HD600, HD650, HD700 and HD800 Group Headphone Review and Comparison
just noticed the diablo II meme.
I use these in the office, and I love them. Bought them 4 years ago. They are very confortable, light, and you will not need an external amplifier. With 6xx you need one, at least on a laptop. This is a good entry level headset and for me a perfect way to partially isolate in the office. Not good on the metro, not portable, but the single connector, with a decent short cable, that yuu can buy separately on Amazon, make these a great option for the office or for video games. And I love the fact I can replace pads. I have two pair of pads, so I can wash one and use the other, because headset get stinky, you need to clean them.
I've had these for several years and the ear pads have all but completely fell apart. Everything else is ok. And I just ordered 58x jubilee and I'm excited to see the difference. I gotta say my favorite thing is the matte finish, but not the color. The jubilee shiny black looks kinda cheepo but at least they're easy to paint!
I want new pads for this miracle. HD 518
garbage ?these and 559 are the best that i tried by now
the "6.3 to 3.5" adapter is not bad if you also have a 3.5 extension
When you refer to the 598 are you talking about the 598 or 598cs? thanks
The big jump? Will my fuckhuge 5 knuckle ears fit in 600s if the 518s only just fit?
These are bassy as fuck
I really like my hd 598. But the bass is lacking on those. The 598 do have crisp clear vocals and treble is good. Detailing and sound quality is great.
I've had these for years and don't think I recommend them. They are extremely muddy and boomy and the bass has no detail. It turned me off of Sennheiser for the longest time because I thought all of their headphones were like this. I thought the bleeding and general shittiness from the low mids was what people called the Sennheiser Veil.
are these good for gaming ?
I got these for 48 dollars is that a good deal?
Anyone know where to find a good replacement cable for these? Would appreciate the assistance.
Got 598sr for 100 euros, they sound awesome crazy sound stage the first time i had them on i could hear stuff clearly and even have the idea of the distance between me and others "i was playing overwatch" on Rainbow Six Siege i finally could hear where the enemy was the exact position.I had Hyperx Cloud 2 before very awesome sound i love them but for what i was looking for they were not the right one.I tried superlux hd668b they sounded very similar to Clouds 2 but worse, while Clouds would make the sound alive Superlux would make it sound artificial also some of the details were almost ignored.So for me 598 are the best so far im curious to try DT 990 or DT 770, because 598 are perfect for me like their sound is crazy good, but i also want some fun headphones similar to clouds 2.
Another alternative that I chose for a 3.5mm jack, when I use them on a tablet on phone, is the 1.2m cable they sell. Solves two issues: It reduces the cable clutter and you get the 3.5mm jack without a huge heavy dongle. Google _Sennheiser 505638 HD 5X8 Replacement Headphone Cable 1.2m_ to find them. I got mine off Amazon.(It's still the same cheap rubber type cable, but shorter :) )
I have these for a few years now and i bought them used, still work just fine. What they are great at is the comfort, i can wear them for a very long time to the point i forget i have them on my head.
Drivers in these 518, 558, 598 are actually the same. The construction, foam, vents etc. are different. But the drivers are the same. Google it :)
Should I get this one for gaming and listening music? I was looking at hyperx cloud II, but I can't really decide which headphones to buy. In games I want to hear sound of footsteps and when I'm listening to music I want to hear bass and all in all have a good sound, so if you could help me decide which should I get, also I'm not thinking of getting anything above this because it's too expensive for me.
What type of sound signature is best for Meshuggah?
Pizza pasta!
qe fa...italiano!!!
Yea, good looking and cheap, exterior own K702 ^^
budget haha
Sei italiano , vero ?
What about 518hd for gaming cause a cant afford more then 100
Open back means youre not concerned with leakage....
Despite the use of plastic, the construction is superb. I have them about six years now, and the colour does not wear out. The only thing that needs replacement are the earpads.
You can't hear him in the next room, can you? I don't want them to hear from the next room while my parents sleep. :)
These would be great for YouTube recording, with open back cups, you can hear yourself better so you can pronounce words better and control your voice level. My current ones isolate my ears completely.
How good are the earcups
I got these for 48 dollars is that a good deal?
hi! Great review.I see that you know a lot about Sennheiser headphones I heard that you can buy a replacement cable with 3.5 mm at both ends so you don't have to use the adapter on your phone if that true where and how I can order one.Thank you
I got the 518s today.. They had a lousy sound in the middle and upper range.. and the sound leakage was just anoying.. Thought i could try something nobody else dit to mod them.. Just taped it with Copper Foil Shielding Tape (3M/Scotch) on the Grill (outside) and they now sound ten times better then my DT770! ;)
I need help trying to figure out how to Replace Cable for SENNHEISER Headphones HD 500a headphones...
These Headphones sound unreal through My Denon Amp, Denon has a v shaped quality anyway and so far gaming and trance/hip hop/R&B/EDM/Rock all just sound amazing.I have my own high end projector/amp/tablet.. If you're like me and have a good-great home cinema set up and are looking for entry level headphones and enjoy a good sound stage you can't walk past these.The cable is long which for people who are like me getting into Sound reproduction you'll enjoy having a long cable too it is literally perfect for my lounge.Very rich, comfortable sound from these and the ear pads are very comfortable.Seriously, they're starting to be discontinued get them before they're a relic.
Great review !! I got the Sennheiser HD 518 and they sound amazing.. especially great soundstage and the right amount of bass with clear vocals.
These have become my every day headphones, I use them with an amp tho. The bass comes alive. I listen to a lot of metal, and rock.
For electronic music, do I choose Sennheiser HD 518 or Momentum on ear?
cable too long
i bought these, the open ear design is crap for being around people they can hear everything. for gym or for movies, not a good idea. Specially for porn!
mine went from heaven to torture in a week. any advice on what might have caused it?! i get headache/earache nausa and everything. i listen at 50db, i wear glasses. my left ears get red but right ears are fine!
(im a noob in sound )so i bough Sennheiser HD 201 and they sound good on my samsungbut on my PC not so great, i hear all sorts of ticking clicking cracking and so on and so forthwhat should i do? i recon there is some magnetic interferece of what i dont know ? but it is kinda annoying
Hey, I just ordered mine based on your recommendation. I was wondering about the 'break-in' period, do you need to do this? and how? for how long? Some said they benefit from EQing, could you please point me to the right direction? Thank you very much.
Bought them for $45. Excited to try them and experience the sound. Especially for the price.
do i need amp/soundcard for this headphone my mobo is: gigabyte ga z170x gaming 7
One of the very best reviews on Youtube. I cannot believe this video is 7 years old and still so very much relevant today.
Man, 12-39Hz on the 600 isn't very large of range. I will say, it's insanely impressive that headphones can play such low frequencies, but I'm not sure they would be useful for listening to music. Perhaps Whale Noises and Earthquakes.
As a longtime 598 user the 700s were the natural upgrade path for me! With a decent amp and rebated price on the 700 still under 500 bucks. Ill never pay the upgrade to the 800s, just not gonna happen.
For the comfort comparison: I keep thinking by his expression and tone, with every headphone that he's going to say 'THESE JUST DON'T FEEL QUITE AS NICE', but then he says the opposite.
Hi. Very good comparisonFiio q1 mk2 vs fiio e18k? Which one would you suggest for hd 598?
Thanks for your review. It helps me a lot to understand all models differences
Your videos are really good to decide between product lines.
Could you please a review of the Hd 4 series?
do you have a review of a cheap headphone with smaller ear cups with the best sound? im sure these are comfortable at first but uncomfortable when my ears start to sweat. these are only nice to wear on cold weather i find.
What about the 599 ?These are also 50 ohms Also nice audiophlile sounding.But thank you.nice video.
TL;DW Get HD600
I got the 598's for 50
The few people that disliked this video are from Audio-Technica
Man, this was an excellent preview. Completely helped me make a purchasing decision. Definately no verbal dunnage here. Nothing but straight data. Thank you.
Will a preamp like the anthem tlp1 drive the hd650 ?
Yes, Sennheiser product are good BUT their customer service is non-existent with that company Digital River. If you order online be warned there are so many angry costumers huh I am one of them. If you need more info go to @t and search reviews for Sennheiser you will be shocked what's going on there. I almost lost my $500 ....
The 598 are open or closed this should be made clear about all. I have the 598 closed and they are amazing.
There's actually one you left out that isn't talked about much (if at all), and that's the Sennheiser HD 630VB. It has features that none of these have, and that's the ability to adjust the bass directly from the earcup, and that helps tremendously in low end performance, and I think it can come close to the HD 800 in that respect. It's actually closed back too so portability isn't much of an issue, though weight might be an issue for some. Overall sound can be compared to the HD 600 or even the HD 650. Compared to the top-tier HD 800 though, there are not that far off from those and that's saying a lot. the HD 630VB is hard to come by too, and I think it's a hidden gem for audiophiles.(Edit, this set of cans went for $500 originally. So take that what you will.)
I really dont know what youre talking about. I can easily drive my hd800s from my phone. Volume levels are high enough for me and the soundquality is amazing.

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