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Sennheiser AMBEO SMART Headset Features

  • Innovative in ear canal headphone featuring two built in Omni-directional microphones for producing immersive, 3D like sound recordings
  • Apple MFi certified Lightning Connector for seamless integration with iPhone and iPad camera app
  • Apogee proprietary AD/DA conversion including "Soft Limit" circuitry for optimal recording level ensures premium digital fidelity
  • Transparent Hearing feature with convenient 3-step rocker control lets you hear what's going on around you via the Omni-directional microphones
  • Active Noise Cancellation blocks out ambient noise in your surroundings
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • In-the-ear Headset

The lowest Sennheiser AMBEO SMART Headset Price in India is ₹19,990 at Amazon.
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Sennheiser AMBEO SMART Headset Specifications

Compatible Models Media player, Mobile Phone, Tablet
Connectivity Lightning
Design In ear canalphone
Fit Behind the ear
Open or closed back Closed Back
Type Wired
Call control Answer and End Call
Echo reduction Yes
Music control Music Streaming
Noise cancellation Yes
Noise isolation Yes
Noise Reduction Yes
Tangle free Yes
Box Contents Earphone with 3D sound and Recorded Function, User Manual, Warranty Card
Brand Sennheiser
Title Sennheiser AMBEO SMART
Microphone Yes
Max frequency response 20000 Hz
Min frequency response 20 Hz
Physical Design
Colours White
Cord type Y shaped
Eartip size Large, Medium, Small

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As an FYI. I had two sets. I wore one for the footage. The other my camera man was wearing. The camera acted as the first-person view, so wherever he looked, you heard it from his point of view. Not mine. Tried to make it as if you were walking behind me, standing infront of me, etc etc. =P Hope you guys liked it!!! A lot of work went into this one. More to come! =D
പൊളി സാനം😍
Do you still think these are worth it knowing the price has been dropped and now that their discontinued? Or are they discontinued?
It's OK. I could tell it was the camera ops headset at times... Good job too, because it doesn't work if its not a single POV. You did a great job, but I (pro audio engineer of 20 years) didnt rate them highly as a binaural experience. quality audio? Without question yes. Great stereo image? 100%. But binaural, no. To get a binaural image the transducer must be further in the canal to register the directional properties that the pinna adds to the sound... Without them it's just stereo.
You had two pairs of them? Your cameraman have his own? Or the sound is fron your phone-microphone and video fron cameraman?
Hard to get a good idea of what the binaural microphones can do with that music blaring over the top.
Can we use it while charging iPhone with powerbank?
I didn't know they had that loud music in New York Streets.
complete packet for filmography?
Can they be used with an android via an adapter ?
Bruh 4:28
ahhh... this is so good to watch during the quarantine .. if you know what i mean
I find these headphones to be amazing. I'm not sure why other companies haven't started making such headphones and why it took this long before a company did. --The transparent mode is pretty cool. But, from what I know, you can't use transparent mode while listening to music. This might sound weird, but I would think it would be cool to be able to have them on, music playing, and being able to hear outside noise. If they can, that would be awesome ... if anyone knows or not?? --I would use transparent mode while listening to music, if I were using them while driving, for example. Because headsets today have such high quality that it makes more sense to listen to headphones while driving, rather than paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a car audio system.
0:00 to 0:05 Oh my god I really feared that something happening around me. Sound recorder is amazing.
The music starting at 3:54 makes no sense. We want to listen to the environment sound, not your music.
I had a feeling that I was watching a spiderman gameplay walkthrough
Difference between the black and white version?
Can you record thunderstrom with them ?
Seems that have discontinued this product. Shame.
why put background music....let us just hear the place you are at......This video should have been millions views....
Thanks for the vid. Hey what mic/process are you using for your voice?
I recently bought some of these at just under £40 UK and connected via an anchor iOS to USB C connector and it works perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy S10. I also owned the Roland binaural headphones and out of both of them I think the Sennheiser they are the best.
@SoundGuys, thank you for sharing your take on this headset. Would you use it for sport?
I bought them yesterday from Amazon for 47 Euros and Free Shipping, then I bought a refurbished iPhone 7 (with warranty and for a great price too) just so I can have fun recording binaural videos of going interesting places, hiking, urbexing... In total paid around half of the initial price of just these mics, and I got them plus a phone. Still less than the price of the few alternatives on the market for this niche type of product. But how disappointing that Sennheiser never did come up with an Android compatible version, although I can understand the technical nightmare of making it widely compatible on that platform. Recently some people sent them emails about it and they responded they're still working on it or at least it's still on their plans, something to look forward to. Great review btw!
These are going for £50 now on Amazon.
amazing voice
Any alternative for Android ?
@Soundguys what semi wireless earphones are the best for calling quality that cancel ambient noise?
Yes of course, they are worthwhile buying. I'd invest in foam ear tips though, the default ear tips didn't work well with my ears.
@ 2:53 you said that (while cutting up a 'Carrot') a whole 'Onion' in a frypan wouldn't cook correctly.
great video thanks! btw great job chopping carrots lol
Cheap version of this? Sony MC 31 & 750, if you have a compatible Xperia device (flagship from Z2 to XZ premium) they will record binaural audio that come into the set of mic the headphone have.
The noise canceling on these I would say is better than the higher end headphones from Sony and Bose in my opinion!
Would you stop reviewing True Wireless Earbuds 😣 You need to do ASMR Videos immediately
Can you please review this headset with smule sing and how 3d will preform in singing.. Thanks
How does it compare to Rowkin Ascent?
Thanks for the video!
Fantastic and sooo relaxing review :) hooked and subscribed
FYI, an Android version (USB-C) is expected to release shortly.
What is this phone holding up magic at 4:50
Hi friends, to check its 3D Sound Test, use the EARPHONES and skip to 04:46.
Sound quality is best
Bro want to buy drone from gearbest name is this RC Drone RTF With 1080P HD Camera Quadcopter One Key Auto Return Height Holding - Red
What is your email id , I want to contact you! sammer ji
Bhai gaane sunne hai, speaker ka review karo, like hp mini 300, Amazon basic shockproof and waterproof speaker s
Did Sennheiser send you this for review??
Wow nice
Awesome 3D Sound . Nice job.
Mast earphone ahe bhau
Nice headsets but very expensive, nice review :)
Awesome sound quality and nice editing. Certainly purchasing it soon. Thanks for the video
It's nice headset Sound is also good And it looks cool bro😉
Good video
Superb job.........
Osm sounds Quality
Skemei 1227 watch aa gya
Did you get the adapter/try it yet? That would realy be the buying point for me
I bought this headset a couple of years ago for making videos with the binaural microphones and it worked well, but now that I no longer have a iPhone I'm having a hard time getting the binaural audio to work. I did get the adapter a few weeks ago but unfortunately it seems that without the apogee software the recording quality is all very flat. It was promised years ago but I haven't seen or heard from it since. :(
Were you tip toeing on your walk near the creek? I don't hear footsteps. I would hope these mics would pick up the sound of your footsteps especially on gravel.
Just got a pair of these on EBAY for just 35€! It seems like nobody wants these. All the better for folks like me😁
hello, i got these second hand and 1 channel is 3-5db quieter (monitoring and metering) did any one test that? have similar issues? thanks
Google makes a sound amplifier app which is free and if you just want to hear the world around you you can use that and I love the filmic pro camera app
This might be an option at the $79.00 price point for hearing assist use. With better EQ it could compensate hearing loss particularly for those with a 4K trench from high volume over exposure. I have it coming tomorrow.
I’ve considered this in the past. A reviewer uses this for headphone comparisons. Thanks for the info.
No Theme Reviews ASMR, I can dig it.
The product is very interesting and I seriously considered it. However, sense the newor iphones can record in stereo and are louder with a quieter noise floor, I think I am going to hold off until I get my new iphone 12 mini in july or june or whenever. If Amazon still has the ambeo I'll reconsider but, I doubt I'll buy these any time soon. I would like to hear more stereo recordings on these newor iphones first.
This also has some qc issues. Great video.
Thank you for this video. The Ambeo Smart Headset is a cool product but nothing I would buy. I heard five audio problems in this video at: 14:24,14:31,14:33,14:38 and 15:04 mim:sek. And by the way, I think you would make a great James Bond Vilan ;-)
I almost forgot. There's one other device sorta similar. I think it's called the Hook Audio and uses Bluetooth for connection.
I love this headphone. I am very irritated with Sennheiser that they didn't make it with removable cables. That would have been the way to go, especially at the $299 price point I bought my first one at. That's right, first one. It broke about six months later, a short in the cable as you might imagine. The second one was already $199. Still, this is so much fun to play around with. Just before the pandemic struck, I had just started recording audio recordings and had big plans to make a Youtube channel where I would do audio simulations of how common day tasks are performed by people without sight to try and give sighted folks an idea of how the world around sounds without vision. Oh well, I've rambled enough.
for $300 you could have got the 560s lol
I really love gimmick equipment

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