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Seawall Design Book Reviews from YouTube

CE 341 - Design Project | Topic -" Design of Recurved Seawall for Shoreline Protection " | S5 KTU
SAFB Sea Wall Defences - UK Flood Barriers
Why Sea Walls Alone Won't Save Our Cities From Rising Seas - Cheddar Explains
The Non-Designers Design Book | Book Review
Ithinte oru report kittou..onnu study cheyyan aane
Good presentation
Good presentation👍
Well done👍🏻
My dearrr😚😚 Awesome presentation 👌👌👌
Good presentation...
Pure genuis too
Thx 4 sharing
they should harness the power of the wave to generate energy to lift the wall
Mother Nature: Hold my beer
why is there no sound nor voice
The perfect way to get rid of those pesky beach goers and trapping them behind the walls where later the flood will have washed away the evidence as pictured above. And it was made by guys standing around with clipboards so you know its good.
Awesome . Гениально ! Респект !
The extending barrier could be 3 times higher and fit in the same space if it was telescopic, the vanes could sit on top of each other curved like Eddy Ajah said.Put vents in the barrier to let some water through at a specified pressure this could then flow down a high pressure tube to drive an electric turbine, the out flow from the turbines could be forced back at the sea. The energy produced could be enough power to at least drive the unit. Japan would buy these, if they went 12m high, were portable and interlocked, these would not necessarily, have adverse effects on the general status quo, Sea commerce, tourism, Lifeguards etc. Massive ones could be used for commercial shipping
my suggest, the 2nd barrier is recurved wall too.
no idea. can't remember all this
1. Sea levels are not rising, it is a scam. 2. In the U.S. everything is 100000 times more expensive just because of corruption, bribes and commissions.
Sea walls are stupid. Way i see it. If you’re stupid enough to move close to the ocean you deserve whatever is to come. Spend millions of dollars for others stupidity. Makes sense.
We should sue all the major corporations that caused global warming and have them pay for it.
I think what little effect we have on the environment if we were to stop do it the ice will still melt and the water will still rise. We can not control nature, all we can do is delay the inevitable. The fact of the mater is that the earth has and we continue to change with or without us.
Great that there are ways to slow down waves, but in the case of the permeable land of Florida, when sea level is higher than the land, nothing will prevent the water from coming up through permeable land. In the long term, Florida will go the way of Atlantis by the turn of this century and all the money spent on short term fixes will be wasted. Leave Florida to visitors and residents who will be dead in the next 40-50 years.
I really hate this stupid YouTube thumbnails with the arrow pointing thing but at least this is educational
Let's put solar panels on every home, business and covered parking rooftop and switch to electric vehicles making nearly everything we do solar powered while completely decentralizing our power supply and empowering everyone as power generation owners. Solar power is CHEAPER and electric vehicles are soon to be CHEAPER to make and already are considerably CHEAPER to maintain and operate, especially if charged from your own solar power. A 3-5 year ROI (return on investment) for a solar array that will generate power for decades is a no-brainer and the panels can even be made locally too. #EndFossilFuels #SwitchToSolar #SwitchToElectric #GreenNewDeal #EmpowerEveryone #DEMEXIT #StillSandersPlatform
Science-denying American Republicans are so certain they're right and the science world is wrong that they're even fighting to deregulate everything to further accelerate our rate of burning fossil fuels and the pillaging of the planet for their own personal greed (fear). They're willing to bet the world and all of its inhabitants on their certainty (limitless greed). #FearAndGreedRule #EmpathyFreeGOP Every single American Republican policy puts fear and greed (fear) before people and planet. Fear (and the empathy and critical thought it kills) is what separates the right from the left. The fear at the root of ”Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” -- Albert Einstein Liberals hate American Republicans because all of their policies put fear and greed (fear) before people and planet (including equality and empathy). American Republicans hate liberals for the exact same reasons, because they’re afraid we’ll get in the way of their fear and greed. #SwitchToSolar #SwitchToElectric #EndFossilFuels #OneEarth #GreenNewDeal #ScienceDeniers #GOP #GreedOverPeople/Planet #RepublicansAreNazis #DEMEXIT #StillSandersPlatform
I’m no expert but couldn’t an artificial sand bar hundreds of feet out be affective as well, stop the wave hundreds of feet away
@1:15 she just bypassed on the story about vertical walls.
I love climate change costs too much to deal with. But making this walls that costs tens of billions of dollars isn’t lol.
Just use 3 billion dollars to build underwater sea turbines to absorb wave energy and convert it into electricity. But noooooo electrical companies would lose money.
And here we are, still trapped in the delusion we could control natures power.
All of Miami needs to watch this.
biggest flaw in this video: not mentioning the Dutch.... we figured this stuff out since the 60s/70s....
I wanted to study this for my assigned group project in grad school, but no, my group chose Uber affecting Taxi’s in Boston bc EVERYONE uses Ubers. Not me, and I live in a coastal city so this actually effects my life.
And they all watch Fox News!
Imagine, we wouldnt have to spend so much time to think about sea walls if we finnaly do something against climate Change.
Mexico needs to pay for it
What books have helped you on your journey to learning design? I love new books so I’m taking recommendations.
I need this book anybody send me pdf
Thank you for your great review on this book. // Now I have a question - I would love to learn how to improve composition on my stitching projects on fabric. For example when I put some stitching on tote bag, where I should put stitching on the or bottom or symmetry or asymmetry etc. Do you have any recommended books??
A LOT of "advanced" designers should read this book too
hey Jesse. I just picked up the 3rd edition from my local used book store. Do you know if there are a lot of changes from the 3rd to the 4th editions?
Which edition should i buy 2nd or the 4th one? the price difference is 4 times. 2nd edition is cheaper than the 4th one.
Had bought this book a few months ago and love the hell out of it! Really explains every principle properly and provides great examples. I am at the typography part which I have been slacking on reading since school and just doing other things but I plan to finish the book now along with another web usability book I started reading.
Hey buddy! It's seen to be a great book, but the price is a little bit high at least for me! 671$ for a used book... OMG
You sold me.
I love this book too! it's so awesome. I own the second version of this book, but do you think it's still worth purchasing this latest 4th edition? I consider myself a great designer, but I have no ego shame in referencing this book often to remind me of the fundamental principles for continued improvement of my craft. I think many other accomplished designers might skip over this because of the book title for "Non-Designers" which sounds misleading IMO but I think any designer can strengthen their understanding of the fundamentals no matter what level they are at in their career.
Hey jesse hope u remember me. Can you say what is case studies and how to create case studies in each UI/UX design project ?
What the? Amazon: Buy Used $678.04 O.o
Yes ! Great crash course on design fundamentals
I am gonna have to buy one for myself too !! :) Do you Jesse or anyone else have some suggestion on webdesign book ? 😊 Thanks guys and Jesse, I love your work !!! Huge thanks specifically to you. 😊
Thanks Jesse for sharing this book. I have started to read this book. Please upload this types of book review regularly...
I'm reading a book now called "Design is a job" , Really interesting :)
Thanks Jesse, I was just looking for some design books. Some on my reading list: - Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug - Pencil Me In by Christina Wodtke - Design for Hackers by David Kadavy - Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton Chris Do constantly raves about The Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns. Here is a recommended book list from him and Ran Segall's list if anyone is interested.
Thanks for sharing 😁
Oh snap, this was the book (an older edition) that started it all for me 4 years ago!
This is Awesome book

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