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Buy Seagate SATA Constellation ES (ST2000NM0033) 2 TB Internal Hard Disk online at Flipkart Amazon. HDD 2048 GB Capacity For Desktop
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Seagate Constellation ES 2 TB Desktop Internal Hard Disk Drive ...

Buy Seagate Constellation ES 2 TB Desktop Internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) (ST2000NM0033) only for Rs. from Only Genuine Products.


Seagate ST2000NM0033 Constellation ES 7200RPM SATA 6Gbps ...

Buy Seagate ST2000NM0033 Constellation ES 7200RPM SATA 6Gbps 3.5quot; HDD 2TB online at low price in India on Check out Seagate ST2000NM0033 ...


Seagate ES.3 2 TB Desktop Internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) (Segate ...

Buy Seagate ES.3 2 TB Desktop Internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) (Segate ST2000NM0033) only for Rs. 8999 from Only Genuine Products.


Seagate SATA Constellation ES (ST2000NM0033) 2 TB Internal Hard Disk Features

*Highest-capacity enterprise drive, up to 4TB for maximum density server and storage solutions *Perfect for reliable, 24×7 bulk data storage *Predictable 7200-RPM performance even in the most rugged multi-drive SAS or SATA environments *Best-in-class energy efficiency with low power and cooling requirements *Protect your data and ease data disposal costs and management with the SED FIPS 140-2 optionh

  • Type: HDD
  • Interface: SATA
  • Form Factor: 3.5 inch
  • Capacity: 2 TB
  • Desktop
  • Capacity: 6 TB
  • Interface: SAS 12Gb/s
  • Spin Speed: 7200 RPM
  • HDD
  • 2048 GB Capacity
  • For Desktop

The lowest Seagate SATA Constellation ES (ST2000NM0033) 2 TB Internal Hard Disk Price in India is ₹5,037 at Flipkart.
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Seagate SATA Constellation ES (ST2000NM0033) 2 TB Internal Hard Disk Specifications

Drive Configuration
Device Desktop
Device Type HDD
Drive Capacity 2 TB
Interface SATA 6.0 Gbps
Brand Seagate
Model Id ST2000NM0033
Series Constellation ES

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Seagate SATA Constellation ES (ST2000NM0033) 2 TB Internal Hard Disk Reviews from YouTube

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0:00 Topic and intro0:13 Which is better?1:00 Seagate Categories4:20 Difference between Barracuda and Iron Wolf7:00 SSHD8:00 NAS drives?9:35 Why Seagate?10:15 External HDDs11:20 Ending.
lol the translation said fire poodle
lol didnt know you didnt speak english but I watched thru the whole video
128ssd or 120ssd me diffrence
I have WD Elements 3TB Portable Hard Drive, anyone intrested msg
How to complicate things with indian gamer arra hdd ko bhi gaming ka topic bana dia yaar wah ssd ho ya hdd kam dono ka data store karna hi rahega han boot time ka difference hota hai par agar pessy bacha k 1 second ka difference araha hai toh why not
What about Adata HD710 Pro external hard disk? Because of triple protection I was thinking to buy. Do you think I should buy this or seagate. Because I am not sure what kind of features both are providing. I rely you :) so asking you. I bought a LG monitor just you recommended and honestly that was best deal I have made. So please guide.
Wo desktop wallpaper kaunsa hai?
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Seygeta 8 tb
Mere pass hai sir bechana hai
Voice and look like honey singh!
what is asetor
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1 vedio mujhe chahiye external 4tb seget backup + hubMine le li aur iski speed bhut hi kam h 8 se 15 mb ps chal rha h
Can someone suggest me which hdd should I go for my laptop ?1 TB or 2 TB will be fine for me.I currently have 512 GB ssd.Should I go for another ssd or a hdd.Please suggest me.
Koi help karo please... Mai... HDD 2 tb 7200 liya ..Hu.. wah 256 mb sach memory wali bol kar diye hai 5200/- me lekin usme 256mb memory nhi likhaa.hai kya karu kese pata karu..
sir,, 256 mb cach vs 64 me kya le or ... 5400 me 256 hai or .. 7200 64mb .. hain to kya le...
The 1tb barracuda 2.5. 5400 rpm will fit to ps3 super slim o slim console ps3 please let me know please
Was the Ironwolf drive used a 5900 RPM drive or a 7200 RPM drive?
I would get a ssd
IOPS & Latency values are much more important than MBs. You should have done it like that.
People say barracuda is bad for long run than wd blue. Is it true
Yesterday i bought the Seagate IronWolf 8TB internal HDD for my custom built computer for gaming it's insanely great read & write 360mb
how about if i get the 12TB exos is it good for gaming? my OS will be on SSD but the HDD will be used for Game storage.
Huh, Dell Precision m6700 Workstation with a Samsung Evo 860 1 TB MSATA for my boot (C) drive, TWO Seagate firecuda 2TB SSHDs for data storage and backup!
11:45What you came here for
What about Barracuda vs WD blueWhich one you'll prefer
Only difference between HDDs would be in load times - and even that isnt much of a difference. Yes, 7200rpm drive would be faster than 5900/5400rpm drive, but the difference is just a little (if 7200rpm HDD loads a game in a 1 minute, then 5400rpm HDD will load it 10-20 seconds later and even thats probably just overshot). Sequential read/write from benchmarks has no value. It only shows how fast can a HDD write data to - and copy data from - the platters. Also, dont forget to count in how much data you store on your HDD, because more data on it = slower HDD (when writing on a platter, it starts on the outer part of the platter, filling it up to the middle, where the speed of the platter is simply lowest, because physics). Which means empty HDD can be a top scorer in terms of sequential read/write, but the same HDD full of data will be simply slow.
Gaming PC's also can make great workstation PC's. So if I wanted to do video editing I could. Whether it be off the HDD or an external SDD. The Barracuda would seem to be doing best at that because of it's read and write speeds.
The FireCuda drive puts the most frequently used data in flash so it is faster to access but it wont perform on synthetic load as it is new data
What are the differences between Seagate Barracuda ST500LM034 and Seagate Barracuda Pro ST500LM034?
When you use FPS to show the difference between the hard drives, you are showing that you know nothing about hard drives.The right way is to compare the load times of the games, not the fps. When the game loads, the CPU already copy the files that he will need to the system RAM, soo the FPS will be the same.
How many times can he say "Also Too" in one video? This many0:360:591:241:292:052:182:322:463:053:103:504:094:206:416:587:108:1311:3111:37btw thanks for the video
The regular Barracuda Drive. That was the answer. There, I just saved you 12 minutes
Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSHD. 8tb run on the ps4 pro?
The Ironwolf drive you have, was it 5400rpm or 7200rpm? To me it seems like the 5400rpm model. I just ordered a 6TB Ironwolf 7200rpm, waiting for it to arrive.
Tere baracuda you recommend here also includes ST6000DM003 as recommendation?
The difference between these Seagate Barracuda drives and WD drives is that when they fail (and they both will at one point) the Seagate Barracuda drives usually take the data with them and a data recovery place cannot physically recover the data. Not only that but the older Seagate Barracuda drives are known to just suddenly fail without warning. Backup your data and you wont have this problem though!
im gonna say it. I use Western digital drives. And its a caviar black. 2tb and it is 6 years old and it did not drop with health on S.M.A.R.T and has not been used much. so i took it and gave it a life.
Why would they design SATA slower than USB? So weird. I don't understand these people.
is Seagate ST500DM002-1BD142 7200RPM Is it good for gaming ?
l got the old ones x2
thank you. good info
Price ?
En conclusin cual es el mejor ?
Is all the data going to be new if you buy that for your pc
Can I use one of these hard drives as external drive with a plug in lead with usb
Had purchased a 500gb SATA unit made in Thailand..lousy thing started showing reallocation of sectors issue after around 2.5 months & then died. Lasted for 3 months..absolute waste..
My old 500gb baraccuda still working from 2006 . And i think i never change Seagate Barracuda
I have an old barracuda320gb 7200.12 and 80gb 7200.9Still works perfectly!
Those drives write speed will fall to almost 0 when writing more than the amount of cache they have. Try writing 1 TB of data on it, it took me 10 hours and there you will see the real difference between the new and the old models. Those are bad drives, better to go with the IronWolf series which are perfectly fine.
Thank you
Does the old one work for the slim ps4
I have a 80gb barracuda, well it's very loud
there is a BIG error on this video. some images put "ST2000DM008" but the model used on the terramaster is ST2000DM006and THAT'S IT... an old barracuda should NEVER beat a new one since DM008. they are 7200rpm and 256mb cache
I have seen no difference on dual slot USB 3.0 docking station (140MB/s, 40% free space). I use my 1TB M2 Nvme for the rest of my projects.
The Seagate harddisk fail rate is huge compared to Western digital. That's the reason they have reduced these speeds to decrease the fail rates.
ST3000nm0033ST2000nm0033ST2000nm0011Global high-priced purchases of the following models of erasable disks, used hard disks, contact with stock, thank you allmodelST3000nm0033ST2000nm0033ST2000nm0011
second hdd not showing up windows 10 after sleep
roses are red, violets are bluethe title was in englishthe video should be too
Bhai 4tb support k liye board konsa support karega
Probably would have been helpful if I could understand a word you were saying.
Title in English, video is not
Very informative video Brother. Subbed in first second. But i have a question ! I saw the Reviews in Amazon and many of them were 1 star and they are saying that the HDD is faulty or has so many bad sectors.I want to buy this HDD. But it doesn't have any Return policy. So how to buy the Original and Working product from amazon. Please reply
Why english title when u don't speak it?
why on earth would you put an english title when you speak other language
Nice video Bhai
Nice video
Wd blue is better than segate veracuda
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