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Buy Seagate IronWolf Pro ST4000NE0025 4TB 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive online at Amazon. Seagate IronWolf Pro ST4000NE0025 4TB 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive
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Seagate 4TB IronWolf Pro 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s 128MB Cache 3.5-Inch NAS Hard Disk Drive (ST4000NE0025) : Computers & Accessories.


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Seagate IronWolf Pro 4TB 3.5-inch NAS Hard Disk Drive (ST4000NE0025) · Seagate IronWolf Pro 4TB NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD3.5 Inch SATA 6Gb/s 7200 RPM 128MB ...


Seagate IronWolf Pro 6 TB NAS RAID Internal Hard Drive - 7200 ...

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Seagate IronWolf Pro ST4000NE0025 4TB 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive Features

Seagate IronWolf Pro ST4000NE0025 4TB 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive

The lowest Seagate IronWolf Pro ST4000NE0025 4TB 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive Price in India is ₹10,490 at Amazon.
Buy Seagate IronWolf Pro ST4000NE0025 4TB 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive online at Amazon.
Check out the latest prices and availability at major retailers like Amazon and Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
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Please go through Seagate IronWolf Pro ST4000NE0025 4TB 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
Shop Seagate IronWolf Pro ST4000NE0025 4TB 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive at Amazon at the best price in India and save big! With a low price / discount / promotions, for a great value.

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Seagate IronWolf Pro ST4000NE0025 4TB 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive Reviews from YouTube

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Seagate IronWolf vs IronWolf Pro 14TB | Best Hard Drive 2019
Seagate Hard Drives Explained - Ironwolf, EXOs, Barracuda and SkyHawk - What is the Difference?
The Best NAS Drives of 2020 - 8 TB & 14 TB Roundup (WD Red, Red Pro, Seagate Ironwolf, Toshiba N300)
lmaooo that intro was hilarious
real premium video thanks!
nice bro, i also have 4TB
Thanks for the review! I'm going to buy this HDD Storage! Also have a great life my g!
Hey you never said if they are quiet How noisy are they?
Lyle ate Kyle hahahaha!!! All love man this is a great channel
This is incorrect 02:45Only models >= 6 TB are 7200 RPM drives. do you not have more subscribers? Glad I found your channel. Combining good/funny personalities with material of substance and content makes your channel bound for success. Keep it up. NEW SUB!
You guys got all what its take to be a great YT channel.. creative video, information, transition and content.. kipidup guys, dongibab
Is it worth it to go for FireCuda SSHD or Barracuda HDD? Or just use SSD nowadays? I'm using an older model 1TB Seagate SSHD for my gaming library, and a Samsung Evo 240GB for my OS. It works well for my games, can see some improvements in AAA game loading time but preferable if it runs in SSD.
im happy
Weirdly I meet your channel today after searching for more videos about Ironwolf drives. I bought one days ago and I am waiting for it to arrive so I wanted to see more about what to expect as some youtubers don't measure speed of these drives. And I'm surprised to say it is faster than my 7200RPM HGST Drive.My usage will be mostly on gaming and data hoarding in general and that's why I went with Ironwolf instead of a more common barracuda. I have a pretty "brutal" usage if I do the math I probably write on my hard drives for like 10-12 hours a day so getting Ironwolf for the realiability seemed a better choice. I bought the 3TB model which was a little costly but after buying another things on the same store they gave me a discount (specially on shipping :D)You got a new follower and I can't wait to see more of your videos.
I can't ignore the fact that she spawned under the table. ( )
This is one NAS-ty video..
This is one of the most underappreciated channels on YouTube
8TB x 8 bays, HUAT AH THE NAS !
First !
Would also be handy to see realtime speeds when transfering over 50GB files, like a newly ripped MKV movie.
Pro or non pro?
Not a realistic review
*Thanks for tests. Especially for soundtest. Pro is a pro. :-D*
My Ironwolf pro 6tb makes weird clicking sound at idle, have heard its normal, so far, so good, besides that.
So giving up a fraction of the speed for a wealth of other benefits. Definitely going with the pro for my main storage dump drive
For a gaming desktop user who's just looking for a big drive to download my entire library, futureproof myself going forward, and reliably video edit and watch/make content off of in large numbers, do I have any compelling reasons to get the IronWolf Pro over the IronWolf? Consider also that I have external backup drives and backup manually on a regular basis.
Can the ironwolf HDD be used as a regular sata PC desktop drive for normal use ?
I'm simply impressed with the read and right speed being around a 1/4 of a Gigabyte. For that I'm sold!
Can anyone tell me the difference (except visually) between the IronWolf Pro 8TB - ST8000NE0004 (with top left circle) and the ST8000NE001 (without the top left circle) I bought 5x online and wanted them all the same but received both types. Is the ST8000NE001 newer and the ST8000NE0004 being phased out? Though both types have a DOM mid 2019?!?
Which one would you recommend for a QNAP used for video editing?
i would love to buy the IronWolf 14TB for my NAS any idea on where i should get it? the price right now is kinda high (Netherlands).
I'd love to have about 24 of these but my poor wallet.
Next time use a post it note to block the last 6 or so ciphers/numbers of the serial code. Saves you allot of headaches in post editing trying to censor serial codes.
Hello! I have a question, perhaps you can help me since you seem to be quite experienced in this field and I am only starting out: should I buy regular 10TB IronWolf or 10TB WD Red for a home NAS setup (up to 4 bays, potentially only 2 at start in SHR)? They are about the same price, and I will be buying a DS918+ so I am not sure how much of a performance boost 7200 rpm will give me, especially at the potential cost of noise increase and lower reliability... What are your thoughts on this matter? I will really appreciate any help I can get on making up my mind! :)P.S. I've also considered buying Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC530 14TB since it is quite cheap compared to IronWolf of a similar size and especially its Pro version which HC530 seems to be aiming at with its top-tier functions, but it appears to be really noisy from what little data I could get on it. It also bothers me that literally no one has reviewed it up to this date, so it is kind of like buying a cat in a bag, i.e. not something a regular user would want to do for a home setup that needs to be a balance of cost, reliability, as well as performance and noise.
Because of the equal capacity and rotational speeds, they won't be any faster than one another aside from small things like cache at the end of the day. Transfer 100GB files and you will get an idea of the sustained rates, which will be almost equal. You are comparing apples to apples. One is just rated to last more than the other. Speeds are not generally affect by that.
What is better for Xbox one x? trying to have less load times on all games and more power
Is the sea gate iron wolf for ps4?
So will there be a problem when using the standard Ironwolfs in a let's say 12-bay NAS? If yes, what are the drawbacks?
Thanks for this . I have a drobo with 5 ironwolf 4x 8tb plus one which is 14tb . I now need to swap one drive . Can I remove one 8tb iron wolf and replace with a exos 14tb ?
The packet rustling noises were driving me up the bend.
thank you. I have only one question. can i use it on exos x10 hdd ds920 +
I need a 8 TB hard for my business storage. It wont be in any NAS environment. Just gonna use it in my pc for backup of softcopies for games and softwares and movies along with my barracuda 4TB which is already full. its only gonna run for 8 or 10 hours a day Problem is with this covid pandemic with the imports are being blocked by our country. I looked everywhere and got no any barracuda 8TB drives to be found. But i got Skyhawk, Exos, abd Ironwolfs. Skyhawk is much cheaper, then the exos and ironwolf. Ironwolf got a 3 year warranty but its price tag is a bit high but its also affordable. exos got 2 year warranty and its price tag is lower than of an ironwolf. Got any recommendations? Should i got for ironwolf or exos?
"Barracuda" drives go back some 30 years, when HDs had some 50 or 100 MB. The Barracudas had four number figures as a price and were the absolute high-end drives.
what we need is comparison between WD Red and Ironwolf std. in more "normal" sizes like the 3Tb... for a small home NAS, 4 bay and without huge multimedia like movie, this is the size... not the very expensive 14Tb but the more affordable and big enough 3Tb
I've had more Seagates fail on me than everything else put together. It's like they're designed to fail or fail on a timer. I'm too afraid to buy any more Seagte Drives. Even if Seagate comes out with a titanium wolf or tungsten bear.
Do you work for Seagate? Id think a billion dollar company could afford to hire a bloke like him to explain their products in easy to understand plain English.
Do you have to use Exxos as a NAS or could you use it in a normal desktop computer as normal?
Pro are loud enough or my personal use so there is no way that I will buy an Exos drive even with for 30% less then Pro. Thanks for the review.
Do you know if it is good to use a EXOs in a video surveillance NVR like the Ubiquity UDM-Pro
Very useful review, I have just added a couple of the 8tb Ironwolf drives in 2 of my computers. I tend to build big workstations and having these big capacity drives is very useful for large storage. I use a mix of ramdisk and SSD's for the faster stuff.
Which one should I use for my gaming pc ?
ahy bro i was your 500th like :)
So the exo would be the best for gaming?
Do the current VX and VN drives perform the head parking on idle with wear, noise and delay? I have some older 2tb drives where I was able to disable this function, but I strongly suspect that the same method will not work anymore.
Exos drive = better hope your NAS is not in the same room
Is it better to get a 2tb 5400 rpm barracuda or 3tb 7200 rpm skyhawk? Mostly for gaming and normal desktop usage
Thanks, but i don't know why this video 10 dislike!
thanks.finally some good advice and clearence.
I did NASee that coming.
I just had a 10tb wd red plus WD101EFAX come in yesterday, put it in my system and within 5 mins took it out because the vibration noise was so loud it was louder than the box fan i had running. Apparently thats because all the 10tb now are air based. i was hoping it would be as good as my 4tb wd reds WD40EFRX that make absolutely 0 noise. you have to put your ear on them to hear anything. any chance you can test the wd red 12tb models. considering this one WD120EFAX but cant find any technical specs on noise comparison vs my 4tbs.
ooh, i can make use of my 10gbs ethernet port on my pc! lol - just got to work out what the best setup is for my budget - bookmarked for future reference
What about the Seagate Exos drives? Those are NAS-Archive drives. Interesting for Movies maybe
Have you've heard about "head parking" on hdd's? You should consider this too since you have mention non-SMR and these two are not related to each other, but when you are buying hdd you are expecting to last as much as more... ;)
Time to look for the NAS enclosure video. Great info.
Please make a video on HDDs showing if using a 5400 RPM vs a 7200 RPM drive in real world makes any noticable difference. And also, does 5400 rpm drives lower your fps or not?
Having had lots of issues with both WD and Seagate I find that the market is severely limited.
I have an 8TB SMR in my secondry system. In my main system I use an Exos 8TB CMR. If I ever move to a NAS I will use only server grade drives such as the Exos
Looking forward to a roundup of the next generation of hi-tech hdd from WD and Seagate fall of 2021. These are promised to utilise a heat or microwave to achieve higher density (HAMR AND MAMR). This means data transfer will be faster than current generation (rotary advantage of higher density) and will shame all budget and some mid range ssd
Excellent roundup! Thanks! The only thing I need is to know which drives have APM vs AAM (advance power v acoustic management) . I think all of them will have NCQ technology.
I would recommend to schuck a hard drive from a portable drive. It's cheaper that way.
you would have to be a moron to get a 8TB HDD, so many platters that could get corrupted to make the drive fail in 5 minutes
Nvme win10 1st bought 512gb Adata Nvme-m2 - and i d/load to that then transfer to a SSD 2-5gb movie blink its done but to copy to a HDD 5 -10ms L8tr 150 mbs but cheaperportable - hdd drop on floor 3tb poof X drop ssd on floor still works 2 years data lost $150 hddbuy new 2tb samsung 750 SSD $ 260 same speeds as the > -* Nvme-m2 2tb 560r/500w$280 wd blue HDD 4gb $180 6gb $230 8gb $350 +/- AU $
Just picked up 4x WD 8tb drives
It's true that all drives will eventually fail, but the toshibas will fail first. Usually within a month after the warranty expires.
I have to admit thou ssd is necessities in today setup. But if you are a content creator, photographer or video grapher who wants to throw all your raw pic & vid files buy hdd as a storage and make it into raid or nas :DCurrent SetupC: NVME 512GBD: Samsung Evo 860 512GbE: Seagate Baruda 2TB 7200RPM (Backup)
Never seen this reviewer but she really knows her stuff. Looking forward to seeing more of their content
Failure rate of Toshiba is the lowest of all
I would absolutely love to see a NAS SSD comparison

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