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Buy Seagate FireCuda (ST2000LX001) 2TB Internal Hard Disk - Black online at Snapdeal Amazon. HDD 2048 GB Capacity For Desktop Seagate FireCuda (ST2000LX001) 2TB Internal Hard Disk - Black Colours: Black
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Buy Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSHD 2TB SATA 6.0GB ... -

Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSHD 2TB SATA 6.0GB/S 2.5-Inch Notebooks / Laptops Internal Hard Drive (ST2000LX001). Visit the Seagate Store.


Buy Seagate FireCuda 2 TB Solid State Hybrid Drive ... -

Seagate FireCuda 2 TB Solid State Hybrid Drive Performance SSHD - 2.5 Inches SATA 6 Gb/s Flash Accelerated 8 GB Cache for Gaming PC Laptop (ST2000LX001) · Return ...


(Renewed) Seagate Firecuda 2TB Internal Hard Drive ...

(Renewed) Seagate Firecuda 2TB Internal Hard Drive (ST2000LX001) : Electronics.


Seagate FireCuda (ST2000LX001) 2TB Internal Hard Disk - Black Features

  • Flash-accelerated technology delivers blazing load speeds that allow for nonstop performance, play and productivity up to 5× faster than standard HDDs
  • Green Hybrid feature reduces device power consumption, helping users extend their drive’s life and keep their costs down with a power-efficient drive
  • The cutting edge never felt so safe
  • Adaptive memory technology efficiently identifies frequently accessed data to allow for quicker operations
  • Multi-tier Caching technology (MTC) boosts performance, helping applications and files load faster and this is item doesn't contain bracket or cable
  • HDD
  • 2048 GB Capacity
  • For Desktop
Seagate FireCuda (ST2000LX001) 2TB Internal Hard Disk - Black Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Seagate FireCuda (ST2000LX001) 2TB Internal Hard Disk - Black Price in India is ₹12,990 at Amazon.
Buy Seagate FireCuda (ST2000LX001) 2TB Internal Hard Disk - Black online at Snapdeal Amazon.
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Seagate FireCuda (ST2000LX001) 2TB Internal Hard Disk - Black Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Seagate
Color Black
feature Adaptive Memory technology efficiently identifies frequently accessed data to allow for quicker operationsPlay faster, work smarterFireCuda drives meld the latest NAND flash technology with a traditional hard drive for a compact blend of capacitySpeeds up to 5x faster than typical hard drives
Manufacturer SEAGATE
Model ST2000LX001

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Seagate FireCuda (ST2000LX001) 2TB Internal Hard Disk - Black Reviews from YouTube

Seagate Firecuda 2TB - Internal Hard Drive | Unboxing and Review
#0144 - Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSHD Review + Real World Tests
Best HARD DISK? What is the difference?
Seagate Firecuda 2TB Review: The Ultimate PS4 Upgrade?
cool hard drive
is that 3.5 inch pc hdd. what that 8gb is for
Who else here getting one for warzone lmao 100gb per season smh
you just took abunch of bucks from seagate where is the hdd temp fool?
8.5 Terabyte did he say that !!
Amigo, you never mentioned anything about how quite that Seagate 2TB FireCudaAlso, if you compared with Western digital black you already have which one is more Quieter and Faster and worth to buyall the best.
Good review.
Can i place it on laptop?If no please provide a linkPlease anyone please
This is NOT how you correctly test a drive with an incremental caching system. You need to mostly fill the drive with several applications and games, say to maybe 60%.. Then do the same with a HDD. Then compare the loading times of those games and apps running the same tests several times.
what is the brand of the Case you have in thereAlso, Do you really recommend the Seagate Firecuda after using it or notThanks for the video
Thank you for the video. Helped me decide on whether to get one or not.
0:48Unfortunatly with HDs you can't judge how sturdy it is from the outside.9:50You're kind of missing the point of this SSHD.Try to copy *from* the SSHD multiple times in a row and see what happens after the fifth or sixth time.
Your testing methods are flawed. When copying from 1 mechanical drive to another you're always going to have a bottleneck, being the drive being read, or the drive being written to.As a result, such tests should always be carried out between a HDD/SHDD and either an SSD or a ramdisk to negate all bottlenecks outside of the drive being tested.Also, there are proper drive benchmarking tools out there like crystaldiskmark that will give you a more accurate representation of a drive's performance.It should also be noted that with the nature of an SSD, they really shine when tests are repeated about half a dozen times as not only are you able to determine how they perform mechanically, but you see just how much the portion of nandflash speeds things up
This or WD Black?
Sshd Seagate ki rpm speed kitni hai
get crystaldiskmark benchmark noob and reupload video
Nice job
nice review and benchmark
No pop up for me
i feel like after watching your video i should go buy something from my local 7/11
It is the best SSHD in the market
Can you use this for ps4 upgrade in storage
I bought a Seagate Firecuda 2TB SSHD in May 2020 and now it has died a death in November, only after 6months! Somehow it is very difficult to recover data from this dead drive as either the drive is not recognised at all, or only empty files come out of the recovery process. Very annoyed! I suspect the technology is not well tested - and I really regret buying it - so be warned!
Why are these 170 dollars on Amazon
Is this going to be a lot quieter than a regular HDD?
My Dell Workstation setup is 1 TB MSATA SSD for Boot (C&D) drives. Two 2TB SSHDs (E, F, G, H) for all data storage.
Did you install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology app I have this app configured on an old Sony Vaio with an Intel 5 series chipset on my old Seagate Momentus XT 750Gb with 8Gb SLC flash chip it's blazing fast!. I'm guessing FireCuda is just a rebranding of the Momentus XT label...
Remember that even though its 5400rpm, the platter is smaller than a 7200rpm hdd so read and write speeds are actually better. I saw it for 60 bucks on amazon and grabbed the offer. It's the sort-of best of both worlds. The semi speed of an ssd plus the long term storage of an hhd.
I got this and its not being detected in the disk management. Its found in device manager and in bios but nothing in disk management or in the task manager
the sshd drive for me lasted less than 4 months. Sector failure and read write errors and data corruption to the point of total failure. The 5 year warranty is voided if you get an OEM drive with no documentation and consumer packaging to send drive back for repair or replacement. and the user has to pay postage. So be warned! I bought a second drive, a boxed consumer version and it failed after 5 months and the replacement new drive was DOA. Never received a refund! the 3ed replacement was a refurbished drive failed after only 3 weeks use. After that no other recourse was offered. I will never use a seagate product or buy a seagate product nor will I suggest them to my customers! Seagate is crap!!
What about AMD storeMI, free performance?
Firecudas are crap. Both of mine did not last 2 years and had to be RMA-ed. Both are abysmally slow in RAID0, and moving huge archives take big hit because Seagate cheaped out and used Shingled Magnetic Recording tech on these pieces of crap.If you are planning a RAID array, stick with the barracudas, more reliable and better performances generally for wide range of workloads.
will it fit in asus rog strix g.. will it work or not..?
Is this fast enough for gaming?
How about the reliability and life span of this drive? Can i use it in 3 to 5 years
thanks so much for the benchmarks
Is this drive compatible with a regular PC, like will it use SATA?
Great job in the video!
I have a 500GB Nvme SSD as Drive for OS and programsShould I get for games and data storage a 2 TB Seagate FireCuda for $85 or a 2TB Seagate Barracuda Pro for $91.
0:00 Topic and intro0:13 Which is better?1:00 Seagate Categories4:20 Difference between Barracuda and Iron Wolf7:00 SSHD8:00 NAS drives?9:35 Why Seagate?10:15 External HDDs11:20 Ending.
lol the translation said fire poodle
lol didnt know you didnt speak english but I watched thru the whole video
128ssd or 120ssd me diffrence
I have WD Elements 3TB Portable Hard Drive, anyone intrested msg
How to complicate things with indian gamer arra hdd ko bhi gaming ka topic bana dia yaar wah ssd ho ya hdd kam dono ka data store karna hi rahega han boot time ka difference hota hai par agar pessy bacha k 1 second ka difference araha hai toh why not
What about Adata HD710 Pro external hard disk? Because of triple protection I was thinking to buy. Do you think I should buy this or seagate. Because I am not sure what kind of features both are providing. I rely you :) so asking you. I bought a LG monitor just you recommended and honestly that was best deal I have made. So please guide.
Wo desktop wallpaper kaunsa hai?
number send Kariye 10 din hua aaj
Seagate 8 tb hai sir 5 Jun 2021 ko mila acount batayen and contact number dena sir jaldi
Seygeta 8 tb
Mere pass hai sir bechana hai
Voice and look like honey singh!
what is asetor
can someone translate
Gutkha thuk kar baat kar
1 vedio mujhe chahiye external 4tb seget backup + hubMine le li aur iski speed bhut hi kam h 8 se 15 mb ps chal rha h
Can someone suggest me which hdd should I go for my laptop ?1 TB or 2 TB will be fine for me.I currently have 512 GB ssd.Should I go for another ssd or a hdd.Please suggest me.
Koi help karo please... Mai... HDD 2 tb 7200 liya ..Hu.. wah 256 mb sach memory wali bol kar diye hai 5200/- me lekin usme 256mb memory nhi likhaa.hai kya karu kese pata karu..
sir,, 256 mb cach vs 64 me kya le or ... 5400 me 256 hai or .. 7200 64mb .. hain to kya le...
Will the work if I buy it & replace the current corrupted HDD in my PS4 with this? Will I have any problems?
I installed one of these and it lasted all but a month on my ps4 pro. Lucky Seagate replaced it after fighting with them and them saying my warranty had expired after 1 month of use. I only played Fifa 16 for a total of 14 hours of play before it seized. So I stead I got a Samsung ssd 860 evo and 1 year later my ps4 pro is fast and powerful. The fan is also quiet too. Maybe my luck but invest in ssd its worth it.
God damn all my questions answered in one video. Damn where have you been all my life!
Mine has just failed after 11 months. I ignored the negative feedback I had read of these drives when I bought it, I should have just bought a smaller SSD.
It's like 70 bucks now. This old tech now.
Firecuda is trash, bought one in November and it just failed on me. After looking at post in different forums this is a common thing
Does the firecuda fit in the slim?
I feel like a dummy. I bought seasgate Barracuda 2tb SSHD,after seeing this video. Instead i needed to buy the Seagate Firecuda SSHD, as you said in the video . In my defense, i never thought you need to consider every word when buying a drive for your ps4.
Guess I had bad luck with my Seagate Firecuda 2TB because it became unreadable after 5 days making strange noices.
these are all for the ps4? I need an ssd card for my son's ps4 pro to replace his stock failed hard drive.
Do the speeds increase only when reloading the same segments for instance if i was starting the same game like the last of us remastered from the home screen but at different checkpoints in the saved game its loading. would the loading time increase or stay relatively the same because its not the same location, plot point, gear etc...
Just put in the Firecuda for my standard PS4 500GB 2015 model and was underwhelmed at the speed at first. Was having crashing issues with the standard HDD that initialization wasn't fixing so i thought this would be a good increase in storage, speed, and reliability if I'm lucky and its not a hardware issue. after watching this I'm excited to see if i notice an increase with Modern Warfare or some story games. If the speeds don't increase hopefully i can look forward to a system that doesn't crash every few hours. Thanks for the Content
Just got & installed this drive last month. Failed last night, disappointed only cause I couldn't get a replacement got a refund instead and it's 30$ more on Amazon now. Did great when I had it, I think It was just one of those defective ones. I'll be getting WD 2tb instead because of price. I'd definitely get this one again tho
The ultimate is a 3TB ssd
Will a Seagate firecuda 2TB work on ps4 pro?
Thanks this video makes me fell way more comfortable with my purchase to replace the hardrive thanks
Wait a sea gate can also work with PS4 not only a desktop?

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