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Buy Scivation Xtend Intra workout catalyst (375 gm,Watermelon Madness) online at Amazon. Sports Vitamins & Proteins
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Scivation Xtend Intra workout catalyst (375 gm,Watermelon Madness) Features

  • most advanced BCAA drink
  • sugar-free and carb-free
  • The taste is good
  • Sports Vitamins & Proteins

The lowest Scivation Xtend Intra workout catalyst (375 gm,Watermelon Madness) Price in India is ₹2,299 at Amazon.
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Scivation Xtend Intra workout catalyst (375 gm,Watermelon Madness) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Scivation
feature Glutamine to promote muscle intracellular branched chain amino acids metabolismIntra-workout catalystResearch validated 2:1:1 ration of the branched chain amino acids
Manufacturer Scivation
Model 181030000236
Size 384 g

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Scivation Xtend Intra workout catalyst (375 gm,Watermelon Madness) Reviews from YouTube

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aangrej ki aulad h kya
Can use heart surgery people?
Me 16 year old boy can I take a BCaa
Running waleo k liye kaisa hai dost😊
Sir, can we use multivitamin tablet with bcaa
Ek video me bolta h bcaa nhi lo useless yha review me benefit btare 🤣🤣
Idk how this guy can be giving us advice that BCAA’s don’t work when he’s small
Bro don't over act during talking it's horribel.😂
Me 16 year old can i Drink Bcaa
brooooooo! i miss your fitness videos.
Was feeling like crap today, took this before/after my work out & I feel like a billion dollars. Haha
Gym bro
You need to go to the gym befor reviewing supplements
Dude !!! but it looks like u never did workout.
Hindi bhi bol liya kar English peagon
Bro suggest me a good flavour
Ab kum ka mil rha hai health kart pe
We doesn't not understand
Sir speak proper in hindi
Bhai apne k hathon ko thoda kaabu me rakho ........
U look great
Hello Nick, how do you know it's not working ?How do you discover xtend scivation BCAA doesn't do the job?I have been using xtend scivation BCAA since 2009...its 2020 now and I always be happy with it and their flavours are great ..sometimes a bit too sweet but if mixing more water with it it's nice.I will say this is the best BCAA intra workout that I have been using for the past 35 years .Cheers ..
Not working for u doesn't mean not working for anyone
This is good product.. Works well for me.
this shit make me fart a lot is that normal?
You're having a reaction to it. NOBODY else gets the shits when using this. I reckon you are already maxed out on one of the amino acids and the BCAAS take the dose up to the level where you're getting the shits.
Check Unflexal handbook if you want to learn about workouts much much more.
It's called bubble gut lol!
U will piss mostly anything that u drink...
Well, it's clear that it doesnt help build shoulders ...
Thanks for sharing
That being said....the pineapple is delicious
Disagreed bro, while I don't think it's necessary if you aren't competing, during my contest prep I felt like it helped me. Could have been the placebo effect but I feel like it helped and made a huge difference
Hey Nick, I'd like to know your opinion if whey protein really is necessary to build muscle? My goal is to gain a lot of muscle.
What's the price for 30 servings???
800 ml water mai kitna bcaa powder daale
Bhai tumhara fake hai uski jo packing hai uspar kuchh likha hua rehta hai orignal par tumhara plen hai ek dam fake hai tumhara bro
Bhai mash enterprises ka stamp nhi hooga toh chalega kya
supperb taste buy this guys .. full on energy u will become bull
Nice video
Bhai wait kitna hai iska our lena kaise hai
muscle fugati hai kya sir isse
Hi I am taking Dymatize ISO 100 whey protein after immediate work out .. is there any problem to take both of it or should be take only one ?
Me 16 year old boy can I take a BC AA
Which one is more tasty between straw kiwi with blue raspberry ice?
Sir mane xtend ka bcaa lena shuru kiya hai lekin isse pet kharab ho rha hai bar bar.letrin nhi ho rhi hai.kiya mujhe ye shoot nhi kar rha ya fir iska shi teeka kiya hai lane ka.mai 1sqoop leta hun1/2botala water mai exercise kai doran.pleese help me sir
Ye review hai🤮🤣🤣🤣
Bro blue rasberry ice kaisa flavour hae ..please define it
Kaha se liya h bhai apne ye product
Bhai isme exactly 30 hi scoop h ki zda h
#zomanreigns kindly suggest post workout supplement i m using bcaa xtend only
im using XTend bcaa watermelon, strawberry n kiwi flavors its too much tasty n its resut awsome
Am 16 years old can i take it? And should i take this only when i workout hard?
Scivation Xtend Original BCAA from The product is 100% authentic and the response is also pretty good unlike other websites
I love this stuff, every time I got done with a set and drank some of this it’s like my fatigue is taken away and my muscle has a restart I took this along with total war preworkout and I felt like a beast today I did weight training for two hours and I went to the track and ran two miles along with bleachers
Powder it's white or Orange ???
Different between xtend BCAAS and xtend original
If I am using the original which is for during workout. Do I still need to take a pre workout one, the Energy? Thanks
Well explained
My gym trainer recommended Extend X Bcaa The Original. Will this supplement gives extra energy during workout ?
Bro, can you review Merica Labs pump supp called Stars & Pipes and Primeval labs Prime ATP
I had to sub, I've stumbled upon your channel several times this week and your Info is always spot on. I ordered ronnie Colemans "yeaaaaaah Buddy" after watching your video . Love the pre workout and now I'm soon to order these BCAAs !
What about amminocore?

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