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Scientific Research on Satellite Image Theory Book Reviews from YouTube

, | Kailash Nasa Mystery
When deep learning meets satellite imagery
Entropy Analysis for Digital Images Processing (Google Satellite Image) on Python- Ray Islam (2020)
Hands-on Satellite Imagery Analysis | Scipy 2019 Tutorial | Samapriya Roy, Sara Safavi
Jhuthi kahani batata rahata hai
Man ka bhosda maro
Fake rubbish story.Report this video for spreading fake non scientific rubbish and defamation of NASA.
Om Namah Shivay
I think ki kailash parbhat india mei wapas saamil hona cahiye
sab bhagwan tumhare desh main jammethe Tuharahi nepal tha tumharai sita or gautam budha
Har Har Mahadev
Har har mahadeb
har har mahadev
Har har mahadev
Har har mahadev
Har Har Mahadev Jay Bhole
Har har Mahadev
So concise and clear.
Hi Julie,I listened to your YouTube video with great interest and found it extremely professional and informative...really outstanding job! I was hoping you may be able to answer a couple of questions I have that are inspired by your presentation:Given:- NVIDIA's plans to build its "Eos" supercomputer, a machine expected to be the worlds fastest AI system after it begins operations later this year, and its advertised specifications:-- 18.4 exaflops of AI computing performance-- 275 petaflops of traditional scientific computing performance- the current state of the art deep learning algorithms as they apply to satellite images; be they Earthcube's, Preligens' or a widely accepted performance standard- the following Worldview-3's Specs:-- 0.31m Pan Sensor resolution (aka GSD, Ground Sample Distance; off-nadir is geometric mean)-- 680,000 sq km capacity per day1. How many small tiles do you estimate would have to be created in order to be processed by the current neural networks?2. How long do you estimate it take NVIDIA's Eos to process the number of tiles estimated in question one?3. On average, how many distinct objects are classified by the current neural networks used in commercial or laboratory settings?4. Looking ten years out, how many distinct objects do you think neural networks, coupled with forecasted improvements in conventional (non-quantum) supercomputering, will be able to simultaneously classify?I sincerely appreciate your time and please don't spend too much of it figuring out highly informed answers. I'm just looking for "ballpark" figures from a recognized expert in the field.If you have a Patreon or a PayPal account, I am more than willing to entertain compensation for the time you spend answering my questions.I wish you and yours the best, and I hope all are safe, happy, and healthy. :-)Thank you and kind regards,RobReference:
great presentation.. i was looking this
what are the other channels present in the satellite images?
Can you see me?
This is the best video on the subject. Please set up a Udemy course on deep learning and GIS satellite imagery.
Great explanation and information. Thank you
Very useful video & it seems nice company
Another very well designed and explained video, great job!
Very good presentation
This is a great video. Thanks!
magnifique vido
So many relevant information in this video. Thank you so much
i like your accent
:) ,
This was a great watch! Kudos to the whole team!
i came here after watching add and now i feel awsome
No clue what she said.
I wanna contact u?
Really interesting video, I am new to this topic and I find it exciting! In case I wanted to measure and compare the entropy of a set of images (of different dimensions) by using CV, which conditions should I observe in order to have unbiased data? For instance, H x L, resolution?Great video and keep up with good content
Good job bhaia.
Love this! Thank you Sam and Sarah! Keep it up!
Thank you Sam and Sarah, I learned a lot!
Thank you so much for uploading this! So many other videos about remote sensing on here are too basic and without any coding :/
Link to the Github repo :
I am so overwhelmed that I finally found some fruitful lectures on Satellite Imagery Analysis.thanks, Sam and Sarah!keep it up :)
OMG that lady nailed it!!!

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