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Schott Guide to Glass : Pfaender, H.G.: Books

The Schott Guide to Glass provides comprehensive coverage of glass in easy to understand terms. It is an informative reference source for chemists, industrial ...


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The bases for this Schott Guide to Glass were the lecture manuscript, 'Glass Science for Designers' by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinz Pfaender, and the Schott ...


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The Schott Guide to Glass provides comprehensive coverage of glass in easy to understand terms. It is an informative reference source for chemists, industrial ...


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SCHOTT: The leading innovator in speciality glass production
a beginner's guide to sarah j maas // acotar, throne of glass, crescent city 🌙
Kya mujje usme work from milega
I’m on throne of glass. I read the prequel first.
Hey! Can you do the "shatter me" series? With the novellas?
i found crescent city at target and decided to pick it up on a whim....never heard of SJM. and i GREATLY enjoyed every moment. this series has literally got me back into reading. i have not put it down, never once found it boring or too world building like people say. EIGHT HUNDRED PAGES i practically swallowed whole..... like i wish it was LONGER. i ordered sky & breath only 300 pages into earth and blood because i just knew....all i can say is i will 100% be reading every single book SJM has published after this because i cannot get enough of her work. honestly.
Why do people say a court of mist and fury is smut....there was litterally 2 vaguely detailed sex scenes
I’ve only read one Sarah J Maas so far which is Throne of Glass.. I liked it but it was to slow for me but I have quite a few of her books so hopefully the other books are more fast paced so I’ll be able to enjoy them more..
I’ve only read one Sarah J Maas so far which is Throne of Glass.. I liked it but it was to slow for me but I have quite a few of her books so hopefully the other books are more fast paced so I’ll be able to enjoy them more..
Just read ACOTAR and I did not realize 1-3 were the main books and silver flames was the beginning of a “new” series. Makes sense bc I didn’t love silver flames expecting Feyres POV. absolutely loved it though.
The first book i read from Sarah J. Maas was House of Earth and Blood and from there i became so in love that i now have finished A Court of thorns and Roses. My all time favorite is A Court of Mist and Fury and the Crescent City series.
I kinda want to read acotar but I watched readwithcindy and now I can’t take it seriously. So I’m conflicted haha.
I'm gonna start on ACOTAR and then after I'm done with that I'll buy cresent city
Tog is a cinderella retelling?????????
I love ACOTAR!!! It’s one of my top fave series. I didn’t like book 1 of Crescent City but really liked book 2 which redeemed the series for me. The ToG series was a DNF for me. I tried 3 separate times to to read the series and quit part way into book 3 every time
Is all these series crossover. Like, are they related somehow!?
I started with the Acotar series, then Throne of glass, then crescent city
I loved your review about the author series but I don’t know which one to order it’s between throne of glass or acotar so I need help which one of them is better for fantasy,adventure, and romance and like shatter me series cause it’s my favorite if you have heard of it
So I received an email promotion from Amazon with the complete series of thrones of glass at $6. I had only heard about this series once in a quick video. I know nothing about it until this video.... hope I like it
Bro not me reading the acotar books at the ripe age of 14 lol
I just read a court of thorns and roses. Literally binged it in a day. Now I'm hooked
I honestly love that she has the characters find multiple loves. I feel like we grow and change as people and these series reminded me how we're allowed to love multiple people throughout our lives depending on where we're at ourselves. Also just found your channel and it's awesome!
weirdmark...its wordmark or wiredmark but you do you
i really want to tell you if nox does or doesnt show up again...its tempting because you said not to
I forgot about the love triangle
I wonder if its still getting a tv show adaptation
Team Chaol… for now. I know SJ Maas can make us change sides all the time though, so we’ll see 😊
This series sucked so much in my opinion
Damn, people busy shipping characters in this book while I'm busy pissing my pants because Sarah is amazingly good at writing her dark horror scenes...
Hey! Could you mention the age group?
Wait no wait it’s pronounced kale I just finished this one and would also pronounce it coal BAHAH
When she said she likes alien and choal I was like MuUHaHaAHaaAHAHAH
The people who are now reading this is in for a emotional Rollercoaster
We just started this book in our bookclub! Only 100 pages in and we are loving it.
I know this is an old video, but maybe you'll see this question: What's the name of the series in the bottom right part of the bottom left shelf? (It starts with a purple cover) On video's topic: Currently reading Crown of Midnight, love the series so far!
6:50 No, she isn't cunning at all. We're told these things but she never does anything with them. We're told she is greatest assassin but doesn't kill anyone. SHOW don't TELL
Noah cyrus anyone?
Just finished Assasin's Blade after Throne of Glass en Crown of Midnight, here recaping and so exited to start Heir of fire. 🤭
How effective would a celebrity Assassin be? One that is world renowned and publicly known? THEY WOULDN'T BE!! So why would any ruler with a lick of brains hold a PUBLIC competition For such a position as the king's champion Assassin?!? Sarah J. Maas's entire premise for Throne of Glass is stupid and completely nonsensical!!
I Just started reading this series and when you said by the time you get to the last book it will be out so you don't have to worry about it, I laughed I said the same thing about Game of Thrones, The King killer Cornicles... the list goes on....
Can you do a bookshelf tour? Some of those books look interesting but I can’t read the title !
I have been saying Chaol wrong till 100 pages , when I realized it I pronunced it correctly for few pgs and went back to pronouncing it differently sub consciously, which was different from first one, till another half and then again finally adopted saying Chaol as Chaol towards the end!!
Heir is pronounced Air, it's a silent H :) great video!
I read the “Assassins Bade” before the other books. This order was helpful for me. It helped me understand certain things(past events, and why she is who she is now.) Currently I am reading the “Crown of Midnight”
Well I haven't read it so I'm going to go to read it on your third option recommendation because I wanted to enjoy it thoroughly and also thank you so much for this video and I just have question I have bad rewashed your video read throne of glass and in the first book in Throne of Glass there wasn't reallt romance or I don't know but didn't sit deeply with me and made me confused between Darien and Choal.. celena is it love triangle pleas tell me it's not! The romance is going to go deeper or not??? And by deeper I mean spicy😉
Still my favourite ever series to date ❤️
First of all just wanted to address something that i really can’t fathom . Majority of people be saying aelin is annoying me such a reckless dumb cringe character and I be like WHAT ABOUT FUCKING FEYRE I’m currently reading acomaf for the first time 100 pages in and I’m sorry but I want to punch feyre she’s basically dumb making tamlin use her and she’s making excuses for tamlin and he’s trying to work out our relationship and I’m really mad like bitch see Rhys he’s helping you caring for you notices you HE FUCKIN LOVES U while her being a dumb shit and she’s sayin he’s my lord tamlin . Conclusionally if someone said aelin such a bad character dumb and ignorant they either blind or they are hallucinating like aelin from the first book she’s powerful she does not let anyone reprimand her or let someone be rude to her she fights back while feyre she frights back torwards amarantha but SHE DOES NOT FIGHT BACK TAMLIN SHE JUST LIKES BEING TREATED AS A SLAVE AS NOTHING . Omg I literally can’t decipher what I feel like aelin from book 1 she’s powerful she retorts but feyre is making me boil like I really like feyre really like her but stop being shitty torwards Rhys and appreciate his kindness to you on the other hand she’s quite submissive to tam . Sorry I just got real mad like everyone says aelin is shit and feyre is the best character ARE YOU BLIND ?? aelin is 1038393030 times better than feyre even tho I like feyre she’s being annoying
just wanna say the h in heir is silent
I just finished Crown of Midnight and I’m going in your order because I really need to read Heir of Fire. I don’t want to skip back in time right now 😩
Your great content needs to be showed for bigger audience! This of course takes time. If u want some cheat, turned to u t i f y its Official method!
I feel like you should revisit how you edit your videos, because it seems like you never blink and it doesn’t look very natural, nonetheless I enjoy your videos a lot, they are great, anyway it’s very interesting the order you suggested, I’m gonna totally follow it! 😘
Very helpful!
It’s very compelling I’m enjoying every chapter which it’s a blissful story series and I hope it turns into movie 🎥 films 🎞
Hair of fire
Just finished reading this series yesterday...I am not ok lol. Best series I have ever read. -Anyway, this is the order that I read everything and that I HIGHLY recommend: Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Assassin's Blade, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows, Tower of Dawn, Empire of Storms, and Kingdom of Ash. I'm SO glad I read tod before eos because I would have skipped tod to get to koa in the end.
there's another way of reading Tower of Dawn and Empire of Storms...tandem read...I found a chart in Facebook on which chapter to pause and read the other book's chapter
Hi! Do you have a video about A court of thorns and roses series?
Ok, ok, so i didint know this was a series so when i first read the m i read "throne of glass" first and i didint know it was the 2nd in the series😂 i got everything so screwed up😂
I think I’ll try the second one! Thank for the options, when it’s a huge series like this it’s a bit confusing knowing which way to start.
ur a life savior thank u :D
I like your recommendation and I’m rereading it now and going to follow your order!!!
I read assassins blade after reading crown of midnight and I’m so glad for it because I just finished reading heir of fire and there is no way I could go back to reading assassins blade I’m just way too into the story at this point and need to read Queen of Shadows

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