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Scheduling: Theory, Algorithms, and Systems Book Reviews from YouTube

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Thanks for all the comments! I wanted to add a quick note here that the intention of this video is to help you get better at Data Structures and Algorithms, and not to help you prepare for coding interviews. While I did add a book with interviews in mind and discuss that perspective throughout the video, that isn't the main goal of this video. The goal here is to simply help you get a better grasp of Data Structures and Algorithms. Interviewing is a whole different ballgame, and requires specific strategies and approaches to nail. I will make a video series on the whole process of getting better at coding interviews in the near future. But before you can get better at interviewing, you have to improve your foundational knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms that's what this video is for! Hope that makes sense. Cheers! :)
Hi guys, I want your opinion on SCALAR Academy, I am a complete beginner in programming, and I have no prior knowledge, Is it gonna be worth investing 2.5 lakh for learning DSA also they promised to get placement in FAANGM...!
I'm a senior Java developer (I work with Java since 2013) in big projects. I've never needed any algorithm to do my work, only the basic structures and logic to do my work. I have the book "Introduction to Algorithms" and this book is almost impossible to study if you don't know well all the basics algorithms and some advanced ones. And this book doesn't have the exercises answers. I don't recomend this book. Buy it if only you gonna work with something that needs the use of advanced algorithms.
are you from nepal ?
hanging 5 guitars at the wall gives me feeling like you are not a techie, but a music composer... :D
I just bought 3 of the books for the summer to study and help understand before the class starts. I also liked the way you you pick the books. Cause I was just going to buy a book but glad I watched this video
Can i learn data science ,i am not an engineer i am mathematics student and till the i dont have any idea about data science, programming and coding and want to learn and evem don't know basic terminology of this field it makes me so nervous , i want to learn it from very basic plz guide me sir which books or online course i have to joinIs it necessary to learn coding from scratch we should start with 'C' . Or which language we should choose first for not to get bored
My man!There is value here
Do you play those guitars on the background?
How the hell I'm gonna learn algorithms without math. This is discouraging. Please help.
It's really great to watch your videos. But something I wanna say is off-topic: Please don't taste the book, I had once very bad liver condition due to tasting books which took a lot time for me to debug
How to study Cracking the coding interview book ? FOr beginners starters
Gracias por compartir +1
Thanks for your wonderful suggestions.
what about data structures?
Great video
I am Buying all these books in the description!! Thank you!!
Thank you utsav for this valuable info
Maybe it is my age ..., but I am missing Knuth from the list :)
Its for algorithm only? Not dsa?
Hey brother I am from arts stream student and I will study this book for job preparation. Please suggest me
Bro i moved to class 12 yesterday . I have learned python Basic in class 12 . Will i be able to pace with this book
Why the pdf link is not opening
Ahh tq for giving pdf link
Can I use this book for zonal informatics Olympiad.
Which book to read first clsr or cracking the coding interview
I feel it's good but too long for 1 sem because there are many subjects to study
*Warning*This book is not fo beginners. You MUST have good command over Maths and any one programming language or else you'll be lost
I want this book, anyone want to sell it in second hand?
What language that explanation in that book? c++ ? java?
Good review.
Is this a good book for competitive programming?
Bro I know python , Does this book is fine for me. Also people here are saying that it requires a lot of math, Could you please tell me till which class math is required, I am currently in 11th classIs it fine
What about books during college days
Placement Prepration Aptitude or logical reasoning please suggests book
which language is used in narsimha's book ? C++ or C
Is "dsa made easy " book good for beginners
Is any one bought the book of DS in C and algorithm book suggested by him..if yes please give honest review here
Can you tell for bcom student separately ?
Hii! Sir I m now bca third yr how can I plan for my palcements and core subjects
Thanks for guidance...
C c++java sbka data structure anaa chaiye kyaa ki kisi ek language ka hi
Wow thanks
Bhaiya algorithms by Sedgwick ki book hi 7k-8k ki hi......
0:50 - Operating System1:29 - DBMS2:00 - CN2:25 - Compiler3:25 - OOPs4:05 - DSA (most imp)6:15 - Interview Prep
thanks bhaiya
Korth for DBMS and DS through c in depth are best...
Cormen is Scary to Death!!
Bhaiya kya ye sare books mein refer kr sakti hun apne 11th class mein
Sir you are great.. Thank you so much sir... God bless you..
babar bhiya jindabaad
very useful Yogita : - )
Shaadi kar lo mere se
Kya item ho yaar tum..jabardast
An intro to microservices
Really helpful video! ThanksCan you suggest some resources (books/courses) to learn in detail about database?
Does Data intensive book outdated? Since it released in 2018 i believe..
Hai ma'am I am DHANANJAYA from Karnataka, India so I would like to share my decision in my life ..I completed my I want to become a system designer..pls suggest how to prepare and what to do next and how to take first..step..I don't know pls say something about this..I hope u I'll understand..what I asking pls..
Best Books for microservices?
what is the difference between system design and architecture?
Did you do your masters in comp sci? Also, what advice would you give for people who are aspiring to achieve your level of technical muscle?
Ma'am, Could You Make A Review Video About" Head First Design Patterns: Building Extensible and Maintainable Object-Oriented Software, Second Edition " this Book ?Or Anyone from The Comment Section can Add Your Opinions, That Might be very Helpful... Thanks..
Thank you, that was quite useful. What would be a good insight to have is what order do you recommend going through these books in given someone is just a beginner starting out ?
You have a nice content. Keep going
Thanks a ton. I was actually looking for an os book that lets you build intuition
Can you suggest a book specifically for LLD
Can you suggest a good book for Java multithreading
Thanks! For recommendations of Solutions Architect Handbook .You put essence of the book beautifully. 2nd Edition coming soon with some more advance topics.
Summary - Books to read1. Designing data-intensive applications2. System Design Interview - Alex Xu3. Solution's Architect's Handbook4. Fundamentals to Software Architecture5. Three Easy Pieces
I think "Web scalability for start up engineers" is the best book for system design I have read till date
Wow j feel so old with 15 yrs experience and still only a tech lead..

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