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Buy Schecter Omen-6 2060 Electric Guitar (6 Strings) online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Schecter Omen-6 2060 Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Colours: Black
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Schecter Omen-6 6-String Electric Guitar - Black : ...

Schecter Omen-6 6-String Electric Guitar - Black : Musical Instruments.


Schecter OMEN-6 6-String Electric Guitar (Black) with Clip-On Tuner ...

Schecter OMEN-6 6-String Electric Guitar (Black) with Clip-On Tuner and Accessory Bundle : Musical Instruments.


Schecter OMEN-6 6-String Electric Guitar (Black) with ... -

Schecter OMEN-6 6-String Electric Guitar (Black) with Clip-On Tuner and Accessory Bundle ... प्रोडक्ट का पार्ट नंबर, ‎schecter 2060 _B.


Schecter Omen-6 2060 Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Features

  • Bolt-on construction and basswood body
  • Maple neck's tone is highly reflective, and focuses more energy onto the body wood
  • Rosewood fingerboard produces rich sound, absorbing stray overtones into the oily pores
  • Schecter Diamond Plus pickups made for crunchy rhythms and blistering leads
  • Tune-O-Matic bridge with a Schecter 'String Thru' body tail for added string tension
  • Key specs are not available.
Schecter Omen-6 2060 Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Schecter Omen-6 2060 Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Price in India is ₹27,900 at Amazon.
Buy Schecter Omen-6 2060 Electric Guitar (6 Strings) online at Amazon.
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Schecter Omen-6 2060 Electric Guitar (6 Strings) Reviews from YouTube

Is the Schecter Omen 6 a Good Guitar???
Schecter's Budget Friendly Shredder! - Omen Extreme - Demo / Review
Schecter Omen review
อ โอ๋ รีวิวกีตาร์ Schecter Omen 6 Guitar Drive Sound
45! that is a crazy steal whenever i looks for these there sealing second hand for 500$
What were u playin at like 6:55. Im new to guitar and tht just sounds entertaining to ply😂
are you sure the guitar you bought is a omen? apart from the truss rod cover it looks like a c-6?
ok guitar... I have one since 2011... just replaced the pickups... and did a fret polishing once
Привет. У меня тоже schecter omen 6 только белого цвета, но также звенят струны. Попробую твой способ избавления от данного недостатка. Спасибо за видео.
$45... holy! what a steal!
MAN you Are Underated
Price has gone up to $450 across the web. Thanks a LOT Max!! 😂
Beast guitar equipped.
Beautiful guitar pickup are hot
A max nice playing
Nice playing! This Indonesian-made guitar is outstanding value for money! (The same goes for the ones made in South Korea.)
Well, if there is nothing wrong with this guitar - and I can find no youtube channel saying there is - then why do people spend more on other guitars?
I love schecters always great guitars and basses quality for reasonable prices on all there guitars not like those other companies that give you nothing when u pay less like squire or epaphone that give you what u pay or less but a good guitar like they have pride
Stop holding guitars like that. This is why you see neck pocket cracks. Dumb.
what's the action like on this guitar? thanks
I have the seven string version of this (omen extreme 7) in cherry red and it is an absolute monster, I love the weight and the sound. Playability is awesome thanks to the very thin neck
Although I own many guitars including Schecter USA custom shop I will highly recommend this guitar as I also own one too
what settings do you use to get it to sound like this please? i’m struggling! I want that rock sound!!
What settings did you use for that heavy crunchy ton I loved it 🤘😃
I have this guitar, it's a 2017 in red but same quilt top, and a Floyd Rose. Bought it ever did gently used for $350. I was a newb and didn't appreciate the guitar, the tone options, how nice it is. The V fret inlays are just beautiful, and they even have one in the first fret. Even as a newb I don't need an inlay to tell me where fret one is, but when I have all my guitars lined up and the one with the F1 inlay just stands out like a man in a child's world or something. Everything about the guitar is great, it's got 5 layer, (ply?) binding around the body and the headstock, single ply binding around the neck, one push pull control to turn the humbuckers into single coil sound, and mine is again equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo device. I LOVE my Schecter, hands down, the best guitar I own.
Just bought one (see thru Black finish)and should arrive tomorrow! I'm stoked!
Great review Max. As always. I'm about to buy one of these. And what a fantastic tone you got. Is it just the Schecter and the Blackstar? Or anything in between? Would really like to know since it is exactly the tone I'm looking for. ;-) Thanks in advance.
I’m getting this thing and I wanted to watch a video on it before. This will be in my room soon. Although I’m getting Floyd Rose version.
Nice video, I just ordered one of these because of your video, it will be my first Schecter, I got the ocean blue finish, I have heard nothing but good things about these guitars especially for the price range... Thanks for helping me make my decision... God Speed
i recently got the same guitar in black cherry :)) its so nice
This guitar is just stunning i have it with a floyd and oh boy it is just crazy. It was difficult to get because they don't sell it in Germany but I got it. The only concern about it are they sometimes are just too much output
Very beautiful guitar good for money
Once the Floyd nut is locked down a string tree is a chocolate ashtray !
1:11 I hope you didn't wind up the string like that....
You need an omen EXTREME
What does coil split mean?
Great Review. I picked this Guitar up last spring. Had it professionally set up. Just got it out again to finish tuning. Lol. Let em stretch. Anyways, Seams quality built and I may replace the bridge pickup like I always usually do. Have a good one.
On reverb a guy is asking for like 450 for this guitar and it’s used idk should I go for it because in my country it’s not available. Pls reply ur opinion.
Better still, if you meet a guitar the supports you & your music, ditch the wife, keep the guitar. Your will be much happier.
I got this guitar yesterday and am so happy with my purchase, with it being my second decent electric guitar. Only problem is the floyd rose, screw keeps coming loose from the base but can’t tighten it because it’s inaccessible from the cavity. Looks like I’m gonna have to take of the floyd completely whenever I change the strings, something I’m not looking forward to haha
I want to know if the Schecter Omen bad because its used or not because I really want the Schecter Omen and I don't have to fell bummed refunding it at the store I bought it at
Bullshit that guitar is" great you just don`t know how to play it dumb ass. I had to give mine up and one of a bunch that i`m on the hunt for
My wife is very supportive also. She bought me mine for Christmas. I love schecter guitars rock on . I have the omen extreme 6.
Hello. So is it better to buy Banshee Extreme 6 then Omen Extreme 6? As first electric guitar.
I'm going to be trying one of these, tomorrow. I'm assuming they are newer models. I'm afraid they're going to need to be metaled out, to sound good, though. I'm not a metal guy, but the aesthetics on these, are beautiful. Nice playing, btw.
I tried one out last month, and felt exactly the same. One of those times when you play for a while, and realise you're frowning because something's not right. The seller was asking 300€ ($339) which was way too much. I see he's lowered it to 250€ ($282) now, but I still feel like 200€ ($226) would be a more appropriate offer. I don't even think I would want it at that price though - pretty to look at, but what's the point if you aren't compelled to pick it up and play it? I was thinking of going back and trying it again just to make sure, but I don't think I'll bother. I played a 1994 Aria Pro II Excel the other day, which I might be able to swing for 150€ ($170). It felt and sounded more lively and wild, and was much more fun to play. It didn't look nearly as nice as the Schecter though.
You're so modest, Joe!
Very, very nice!!!! Watch out Jack Thammarat! Best Regards. REWATCH: Damn man. You need an agent. Jaw on floor. BR!
looks like hes gone through a few strings haha
don't understand a word he is saying but I watched the whole thing...
My Omen doesn't do this.
it's really kung fu
Shredded sound
nice mesa bro
Demonstrate by uhh... came out of nowhere guitar prodigy, when I was looking for a guitar to practice And my man showed me the right one
Schecter needs to ofer this guy a job!
WoW!!!! I mean WoW....Shred on dude!!!!
Freaking awesome!!!😎😎
ตัวนี้ราคาเท่าไหร่ครับ ผลิตทีไหน
this guy is great!
Он продал душу?!
Very nice
damn man you're incredible!
bloody alien hahah you are awesome man !!!!!

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