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Satellites (Cool Science) Book Reviews from YouTube

Book reviews | Three popular science books you should read (and one you shouldn't)
Textbook Review / Analysis | Class -8 Science NCERT Textbook Review | SCERT Delhi | B.Ed assignment
Textbook Review / Analysis | Class -7 Science Textbook Review | SCERT Delhi | B.Ed assignment
Science and Technology by Ravi P Agrahari | Book Review by Nadeem Raja | UPSC
சிறப்பா சொல்லிருக்கீங்க. வாழ்த்துகள்.
I don’t like consuming Richard Dawkins media because he is so intent in his athiesm. As a Christian, I find it hard to remove that bias..
I understand what you mean with Richard Dawkins, but to be fair, most of his career, he has been talking to quite dumb people (not all, but a good number). I kind of get the feeling that he's fed up with hearing and having to debate the same bad arguments over and over again, and as such comes across a bit arrogant at times. Most of the people he is trying to teach are those who only really respond to the harsh nature of the way he argues, not unlike how Christopher Hitchens argued. He really kind of has to repeat himself several times, because many of his readers are not going to read his book twice, and aren't going to get the information the first time it is presented. I don't think his book(s) are really aimed at people who are eager to learn, but rather at those who are eager to argue against him, or those who want to challenge the people wanting to argue against Dawkins. That's just my thoughts on it anyway. Thank you for the other book recommendations! I just put them on my 'to read' list! 💖 -Ava
Check out Matt ridleys books
Why didn't u mention Selfish gene, saying Richard Dawkins is arrogent , seriously!!
thanx :-)
I think you do Richard Dawkins a tremendous disservice. If you have only tried The Greatest Show On Earth then you have done yourself a disservice. As a scientist, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society. As an author, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. Neither a mean feat. With the publication in the 1970s of The Selfish Gene, he created a sensation by refocusing evolution on the genetic level. Such was the impact, he reached well outside the scientific field to a general public. He has written many excellent works of popular science. In my lifetime I have read hundreds of popular science books and would not hesitate to recommend any of his works at the very apex of the genre.
Thanks to scientifics books we can keep expanding our curiosity....💪🏾
Loved your channel i am on mission to find and subscribe different domain expert scientist 😅😄.
7:10 For me : so that I could show off a bit
I dont really like to read, but I really like science, (chem and microbiology in particular.....) so I guess I will try to read some of them :)
'this is the way you're going to reach the people who don't agree with you' I'm pretty sure he had emails and conversations with plenty of people who converted. And I bet less 'aggressive' science communicators can say the same. Horses for courses, some people need the carrot, some need the stick.
Would you recommend Storm in a teacup, Helen czerny
I think Stephen fry got most of the material for Q I from Bryson s Short history.
Huge bookworm here! I get asked all the time if I had any book recommendations for aspiring scientists. I can't wait to read Ben Goldacre's Bad Science - it sounds very interesting!
I want to know science so I’ll be the next senku 🧐😏
Your number
UGH YOU CAN'T SHUT UP Clockwork is better than you!
Wow...So pathetic....*Unlikes*
Thanks mam 😊
Thank you so much for sharing this. It helped a lot.
Iska pdf mil sakta hai kya please
Also a verry talented teacher Ravi Sir .. Currently studying science & tec on unacademy plus
Best book for UPSC CSE
Objective science and technology book review ??
Nice Book 👍👍
Hindi medium walo k liye ni h kya available 🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Very costly for the poor.
Nice book👍👍👍👍❤️
5th edition aa gay's hi brothers ND sister
Ye sir se live padhne ka moka MIL raha hi
Science I have in that book, it's introduction and first 12 page are absent, so plz help
Thankyou boss
Sir th tata ki book hai kya science & tec ki upsc k liy, Iske last m 1500 question hai kya?
Read krna seekho bhai
Hi I recently bought 4th edition of this book. The book claims that it has corona diary. But I cannot find it. Please can anyone help
Ye Toh third edition h Lekin iski fourth edition bhi aa gyi h
Ravi agrahar best hai k nhi ye batawo bhai plzz koe ho to
Thank you so much 😊
Are puri video mai review kha h😟
Thank you.🙏♥️
Class 5 ka hai

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