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Sans-Fox Raptor Knee Guard (Large) Features

  • Type: Skating Knee Guard
  • Ideal For: Women, Men
  • For: Skating
  • L Size
  • Left & Right Orientation
  • Guards
Sans-Fox Raptor Knee Guard (Large) Colours:
  • Black
  • Red

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Sans-Fox Raptor Knee Guard (Large) Specifications

Depth 6 inch
Height 15 inch
Width 5 inch
Ideal For Men, Women
Padding Foam
Size L
Type Knee Guard
In the Box
Number of Contents in Sales Package Pack of 1
Sales Package 2 Guard

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Sans-Fox Raptor Knee Guard (Large) Reviews from YouTube

Fox Raptor Knee/Shin Guard Review
Fox Titan Pro Motocross Knee Pad Review
Fox shin and knee pad- HERVE'S WORLD- episode 65
I guesse u used it for 1 yearso what's is ur thoughts right now?
Nice one mate
same m having.
I crashed at good speed and was saved by these guards
Oh I really mean it The plastic rivets broke and flew away and the cheap plastic got deeply grazed What could have happened to my knees god knows
Can i use for Stuntriding
Does the padding come off and on? Not fixed with the plastic?
i also had done unboxing without voice :D
The red scrapes on his knee came from the inside of the guard! If you are thinking about buying this product, that's all you need to know.
Ok I'm going to be honest with these, I can't grip my bike I almost lost it mid air
Hi! Thanx for sharing your experience Do you feel this model comfortable for walking? Thank you
i like the ending comment, "you will die". lol
*The knee pads look very sturdy ?щ      the plastic is very hard and durable. Looks well made. I highly recommend it.*
Hell yeah
Do you find them super uncomfortable? I have the same ones and ride dirt bikes and find them almost umwearable they feel so annoying. But they are kinda big on me. I have super skinny legs so that might be why
I use these for motocross riding, they are great! :P
How loose do you run the straps? I realize tight enough to be secure is probably uncomfortable but it sucks they moved on impact. I have the titan sport version which only have 2 straps leaving the knee cap guard flapping & insecure. I may upgrade to these
Sorry friend those are one size
no se mucho inglés si alguien me puede decir que es lo que explica se lo agradecería mucho.
Fox makes MTB gear
Ho much is it?
Qhat model are these
Awsome video man! What size are them? And how tall are you? Thx m8
they look awesome. i can't find them on sale anywhere, are they discontinued?
*Really good fit ?н      might be a bit put off that there is no strap on the top knee pad but once they are under a pair of pants it all makes sense. Fit well with motorcross boot, keeps everything in place. Comfortable.*
Who else is here because of Mission Impossible Fallout?
Giving all a good advice. If you have the chance wear them under your pants, in a case of an accident this will prevent them from sliding off their original position they are ment to be at.
Hey buddy can you wear that under a loose wrangler jeans .
쌍절곤으로 테스트를 굿 리얼 영상
"freak accidents happen any time" as he awkwardly cuts TOWARDS his body with an enormous knife
Victor from pubg season 8
Just remember, you don’t put them on like socks. You release where the red arrows are and rap them around the leg. I wear mine every time I get on my EUC even if it’s just to go around the block.
nice review dude
I brought this about a week ago and right away I hated them because I didn’t know how to put on, I thought it have to be a better way to get these on for my euc. So after examining them for 15 min I figured them out. Snap the tag where it says lift to open and man it went from 2 min to 15 sec.
M8 those are meant to go under your pants lol
Subscribed Thanks
So cool where did you buy those
Not enough African American mountain bikers!
Thank you for the great review bro. I like how you put them on to show how they work. These knee pads are approved with the nun chuck test :)
That's not how you put them on. Lift the plastic where there red arrow is - that undoes the side. It makes it 100 times better getting in and out. Make sure when you click back in you press down firmly to lock the sides in.

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