Sandisk Clip Sport Plus 16GB Bluetooth MP3 Player

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Sandisk Clip Sport Plus 16GB Bluetooth MP3 Player Colours:
  • Red
  • Blue

Sandisk Clip Sport Plus 16GB Bluetooth MP3 Player Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Brand SanDisk
Colour Screen No
Digital Storage Capacity 16 GB
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item model number SDMX28-016G-G46B
Item Weight 36 g
Memory Storage Capacity 16384 MB
Model SDMX28-016G-G46B
Model Year 2016
Product Dimensions 1.7 x 4.4 x 6.6 cm
Screen Size 1.44 Inches
Supported Audio Format MP3, AAC
Voltage 1.5 Volts

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SanDisk Clip Sport Plus 16GB MP3 Music Player SDMX28-016G-A46K (02-2019)
SanDisk Clip Sport Plus 16GB MP3 Music Player SDMX28-016G-A46K (02-2019)
Review:  SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player
Review: SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player
SanDisk Clip Sport Plus (Unboxing)
SanDisk Clip Sport Plus (Unboxing)
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This MP3 player is the most durable thing I ever had, it’s been 8 years and still running smooth. I use it for my running workouts so you can imagine how tough it is.
Surprise to hear Shakira!
What review? I FF to about 4 mins and he was showing something completely unrelated. Skip this.
The Jukebox has one ADDITION that the sandisk and all the others dont have, that is LINE IN which is golden. Why? You can record all your music for free off any speaker that has an earphone connection option
How much sir?
How much sir?
You nailed it
put me to sleep
Thanks ! Best review I've seen ever
List of preloaded songs?
No hate but cut ur finger nails 🤣🤣
This has to be one of the worst videos I’ve ever watched. That’s saying a lot. Thanks for wasting my time. I guess if you’re looking at cheap tech you get very sub par reviews. The only thing you said correctly was “I know nothing”. Cut those nasty fingernails.
i have a sansa, my most favorite music player, but doesn't have bluetooth. this one has it but doesn't have expandable memory
Received mine today. I dont know in which language it is, looks like Russian or something. Cant understand a word. Dont know what to do. Its already charged but I am gonna send it back anyway I guess. I dont want to deal with bullshit like this. I have better things to do. I am expecting a better one on tuesday. DON'T buy this people.
I had previous model - very good shit, the best for me - you have a CLIP, and it works about month w/o charging (1-2 h listening daily), headphones "socket" is 90 degrees which is good for players with a clip. But black color is not good, mine was pink.
That kid dosent deserve shit, cant even charge a mp3 player, and scratches it up mercilessly.
Does it has the option of fade volume crossover between songs?
hello, is the sound quality the same, better or worse than an ipod?
no micro SD slot what kind of shit is that
No expansion slot booooo
If they could only build car radio head units, boomboxes and home stereo receivers with a microSD slot and all the readout and Playlist navigation functionality of this SanDisk. For my SanDisk, you can use Amok on your windows PC to convert WMP playlists to M3U playlist folders this unit will support. Older SanDisks/Sansas synced WMP playlists directly but it was a slow process prone to failures. M3U is a universal playlist management format.
can anyone who has used this for up to an year comment on it? alot of complaints of it dying after a few months..
Can this unit sync playlists through Apple Music?
Is the sd memory expandable?
Türk olanlar beğensin
i wish it had that abc song order like the sony walkman so you dont just had to scroll down to look for that specific song
I regret buying
This thing is awesome. Had it for over 5 years, no problems and was dirt cheap. UI could be better but hey the handling is great, no pointless touchscreen, easy volume adjustment and the "clip" part is super useful for running.
Thanks, great video!
now tell us about the SHIT VOLUME !!!!!! The reason its got a great battery life is because there is no volume ! i just sent mine back ! it really was 100% SHIT , on FULL volume at the gym i could not hear a thing whilst using ANY of the machines .............. REALLY , DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP !
Glad this is not touch screen so perspiration gets in the way. I'd been looking for the right device for a very long time. This is it. It's small enough, easy to load music (easier than the Apple iPod to load music no more going to iTunes store). It also has a radio, has memory for podcasts - and Bluetooth also. And has a clip too & water resistant for the times if it rains when I run/jog. I should have bought one sooner but oh well. I'm impressed with it! Got mine on sale at Best Buy.
i still have the original one from like 2005. It still works but the battery at this point is basically dead. only lasts 30-45 min on full charge ;(
expensive as hell, its $40 in Tennessee
The volume controls are terrible, very stiff and awkward. Also, this mp3 player has twice deleted a whole whack of podcasts I had on it. I threw it out yesterday and am using the Sandisk Clip Jam instead, a great little reliable player.
I don't like it, it's way too fragile.
Nice. Gonna buy it. I'm sick of using my battery hungry phone as a MP3 player. I mean holy hell! What is wrong with smart phone manufacturers when you can't even get 3 to 4 hours of battery life before it almost completely drains your battery? 3 to 4 hour battery life for playing AUDIO??????????????????
Mine works well enough, though I just had to find a video on how to wake it after it locked up and wouldn't power on. But the interface is trash. The various features aren't intuitive and the bluetooth won't automatically connect to my car unless the device is on when I turn the vehicle. The shuffle resets every time it's turned off. I hate to say it, but the old ipod was way better.
I paid $43 at Target a month ago, and I only bought it, because I thought I lost my 16 GB Clip Sport Plus that also has Bluetooth on it, but I found it a week after I bought this one, now I have 2!
*Glad it's not touch screen, how many times you were running and the perspiration on your fingers made the volume go to MAX, scares* *the crap out of you.*
Does it record?
I really wish someone would show uploading CD music on that San disk on that device. I mean I dont iTunes anything I just want my music from my collection downloaded to it. I want to see the interface
@ 6:03 NEVER do this with a new device as you do not know it’s capabilities and it may well break. Also, the button which turn it on is the unmarked button in the centre. Hold this to power on/off
perect video . thank you so much . I bought it today . Can you please explane also about how can i use bloototh with my phone? thanks
another shitty review.. If you're doing a product review, do the review after you've owned it for a few months.. not fresh taking it out of the box
Wait you can’t see the time on it?
This is a good mp3 player how about the equalizer and the sound it is good and the bass also we want to know if has a powerful bass or you need s better headphone or Bluetooth headset like jbl beats.
i  bought the original clip and it has been the most amazing gadget ever! it!..  in fact I bought two at he time quite a few years ago..  they are so reliable, and a long battery life..better than the shuffle, as one can see the songs to select what you may want to hear...I think I might get this one, thanks for the run down...
Can you forward or rewind within a song?
Do you think we can connect airpods in this thing?
You tube has provided a home for the irretrievably narcissistic and self absorbed that have deluded themselves into believing that people want to hear them describe the box a product came in for a mind numbing 15 minutes.
teach me how to upload music? Please
This model would be good to use with a Kuriyakin sound bar on a motorcycle...
i'm thinking about buying one but, I read some reviews saying the bluetooth connection is not so good. I'm planning to use this with a bluetooth JBL speaker. Is it really bad or no problems? plz answer soon. thanks
Can I look at time while listening to music during a run? That will be helpful because I don't wanna bring a watch with me
Can we transfer music through bluetooth, is it expandable memory ,can we play radio trough bluetooth without wired ear buds can we play music vidios
does the screen turn off after a while when you're listening?
The Sandisk Clip Zip was the best MP3 player this company ever made, unfortunately it was discontinued in 2013 and after that it all went downhill.
Video editing is a lost technique
When it looks great and you want to buy it but it has bad reviews on Amazon...
How to connect this device to Lexus RX 350,please help.
Worked until 1 day past the eligible return date then went dead. The RESET function did nothing. Would not recommend this product.
I expected this 32G more expensive device would be at least as good as the older, less expensive ones. NO it's not. The volume is horrible.. the sound quality is very poor. I'm more than a little bit. disappointed.
I liked your calm relaxed presentation with pauses.
thank you, it helped me to confirm my purchase
im planning to get one of these.can anyone give me an honest opinion about the volume? how loud does it get comparing it to a smartphone? thx..
Can you choose what music?
Nice explanation...wanted to get an idea how light it is and how it clips. You covered both, plus more. Good job, and thank you!
Alas, it has some drawbacks, not having features of its predecessors: - folder play don't play by name - u need to use "fatsorter" on your PC to sort by name on this player before - no playback speed of music - after connecting player to computer it forgets the moment of playback
Is it possible to upload/download music from Itunes onto the mp3? Or do you need to convert the format first?
Is there a sound card already installed or do you need to buy one separately? Can you just plug it into your PC and download music from Youtube?
how similar is the clip sport plus? is it better or worse?
Not even a single image in 8 min video when playing??
I just got on today from Best buy and I can't get my MacBook or PC to recognize it! Can any buddy help!?!?!?
Very nice and detailed review. It helped me a lot :)
is it smaller than the sport plus
i have this mp3 player
Who cares how it's packed. Get to the point and review what it does. This was a total waste of time.
Its extremely difficult to create a playlist. Get the music on there is easy. But who wants to manual take each song to add to a playlist. I've tried looking it up online. There's no way how to
Nice MP3 player! Too bad SanDisk got rid of the micro SD feature. It looks like lots of companies are now in the trend to kill the micro SD, just like the headphone jacks on smart phones.
Can someone advice me I tried copy and pasting songs on the SanDisk and it's not working is it because I dont have a micro card inserted