Samsung MIC-09 In Ear Headsets

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Samsung MIC-09 In Ear Headsets

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Samsung IG935 Earphone Review + Giveaway | Compared with the current AKG tuned ones
Sennheiser CX 180 Street 2 The Perfect Budget Earphones?
these or apple headphones
I just bought those, tried them and honestly, their sound is pretty weak and just don't buy them. You can get kickass Panasonic earphones for the same price or others for less. Basically they suck.
U have no idea about sound or u have 5$fake Chinese akg. There's no comparison with akg earbuds...i have both akg and Samsung s5 one and s7 one..akg one i got with s8 is millions time better. Akg one is even better than many 100/150$ earbuds...u have no clue mate.
Very nice review! My opinion about the old Samsung default one and the ig935 is exactly the same as yours.
I hope I win
I bought these cause i forgot them in the pocket of my jeans and then i found them after washing my jeans😂lol
Incidental you reviewed the AKG headphones which I was going to do next, so thank you! I need to replace my AKG earbuds because I broke them and someone is selling the IG earbuds. I'm wondering if you would look for a different brand all together or get the IG ones. Replacement AKG headphones are 99$.
I had to buy those because someone stole the AKG ones I got with my Galaxy S8 😢 they were the best earbuds I ever owned 😭 EDIT: The reason why current Samsung earbuds are so similar is because Samsung bought AKG last year, they didn't just buy them for audio tuning, but to use their assets to create great Samsung branded audio devices :)
i got this free with j1 2016
I have bought these Samsung ig935 earphones and it is damn good new look!!
Are they fit good with the ear?
Best Review I wanted it.... 👍
I need this as my old one are damaged
Nice.... good job!
Somehow there's a problem playing back the video. (Playback ID: XLzVU_KpHYiVVhl_)
My reviews of other headphones / earphones and audio gear
Bakwas band kar....about batav sale
Base comes and goes instantly...this makes it a great earphone..
Very poor earphones No bass at all Irritates if listen for long hours
Listening with cx 180😍
Thanks so much Sir, ordered. I trust your word on music quality, can't wait to experience it
Suggest some best earphones with mic
Thank you Ranjeet! I saw your review and then bought these earphones from Amazon.... It was really great advice and I'm extremely grateful to you for this. Respect.
Is it better than mi dual driver in sound quality?
Sir my father listing old slow song which earphones you prefer
Dear Ranjit, I have been following you and subscribed for quite a few years. Please suggest me which model of Sennheiser earphone with mic would give me the same quality of sound. I require to use it for talking as well, but can't compromise on sound as a music lover. Should I go for cx 275 S ?
Whats the difference between old one and these street 2s?
Extremely good earphone, used for more than 2 yrs, good bass, mid, lows.
Isse se ghatiya earphones Maine kabi nhi dekha
I was using around 2 years, It felts like quality of the price tag, fr me thz z best 1👍
You won't like other earphones once you used this ..... really great product .
hearing with my sennhieser cx 180🥰🥰
One day i forgot to remove my earphone from my pocket..n that pant was gone in Washing earphones was completely wet,i thought that it will not work..but after 3 months also it is working with proper sound,bass is the best budget earphones🔥✌️
4:58 ' I have lot of headphones Guys' Give me one 😍
Sir I have purchased this today and the sound clarity is great but sir the bass is totally negligible plz tell me what to do.