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Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T815 online at Croma. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T815 . Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T815 available in Colours: White Gold

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T815 price at Croma - ₹35,994

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T815 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T815 available in Colours:
  • White
  • Gold

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Get some great deals on this Tab and newer ones
Idc i wont upgrade To nougat Im gonna be On Marshmallow forever
I have mine since 2016, still runs amazingly well, best 300€ ever spent on a piece of tech
Can you install linux and run app like inkscape/blender on tab s2?
Got mine up for sale for $ 2021..still using it and watching this video
Is this a pen I can use in this tab to take notes?
"Dinosaur". Merely 4 years old. I bought mine when it came out for 299. I would get an S4 today. You can find NEW ones for 239.
"you can't play games on it" I play games on this and they work perfectly
I use the predecessor Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (2014). I still use it daily. Still a beautiful wide Samsung AMOLED screen with stereo speakers. In fact, today (December 2020), I'm getting a software security update (Lineage OS)... The battery life is nowhere near as good anymore, but it's a $25 fix/replacement you can do at home.
Can u zoom in on youtube
I smashed mine on the bathroom floor recently after 5 years! So disappointed
Have the same one but very slow to charge.. went through 4 plug in chargers,. All so do my bnking on it! I run scan before an after, paying bills!! What is the traingle with a pin on the end??? Is there a battery in back?? What are the 2 little pin wheel dots on bottom an top! only 2 ,, tnks
I have a 9.7 LTE model, it works fine just some of yhe physical keys have worn out and don't always work
How do I view YouTube in fuĺl screen mode
LOS 16 + this is really good.
Still use my Tab S2, but I can definitely feel how much it struggles. I can only keep up to 3 apps running in the background, otherwise they get closed. Considering I like to switch frequently between many apps this is very annoying. The screen is also partially smashed in the top right corner and it's not worth it at all to get a replacement; only ones I could find were like $250. Also can't even trade it in for anything lol. Going to hold out until Black Friday or Cyber Monday and see if I can find a Tab S6 or Tab S7/S7+ for a decent enough deal. S5e is also tempting but if I'm going to get good value out of trade in, upgrading every three years is better value than the decreased price of the S5e over the S6.
Great tablet use it from 2017 love watching YouTube and movies from the tablet it's just amazing screen but i have issues with sound it's really not that loud that why i bought Bluetooth speaker and it's fine , the battery life is the big issue and the speed of charge.
Oh so it stays on android 7 forever
Still using my tab s2 in 2020
it beats the 2019 tab A in geekbench... the s2 multicore score is over 1k where the tab A is only about half that in the 500 range and for single core the A gets 230 or so where the s2 gets 275 plus... i mean for a 2015 tablet I would say that beating any 2019 tablet is a good thing...
Tab S1 is much better
its a good tablet for 2019?
If you want to see Oreo for the tab S3 check out this video -
I just picked up one on eBay for $125! Actually $112 with a 10% coupon. Score!
Does this support s pen?
How much cost sir 64gb.
سلام لطف زیرنویس داشت باشد چون سامسوگ توی تمام جهان است مخصوص ایران بیشتر
I have this tablet too. The tablet is so beatyfull
Its a fantastic tablet, just got nougat on mine. Awesomeness!
Can this tab make normal call's please
looking for something under 600 tala anyone have any idears im stuck with samsung due to softwere compatability
I wish tech companies would offer tablets without a camera. I have no need for a camera on a tablet whatsoever, it only takes space from other needed features.
What was the silver stand they were using in the video? Looks neat!
Ma friends tablet Edit : 1:47 Mr Momo-momo
I just ordered a gold version for my mom as a gift, it will come tomorrow, I hope Moma likes it :D
Practice your speech hun
iPad 2017
Internal memory 32 gb? Really?
Wo ist mein Papiere & Einkommen Politiker ?
what are the buttons at the back
I have that also
What's the difference between you and my camel ? my camel spits!!!!😀😂😂😂 just kidding man. Great video👍
This was my second tab ❤️❤️
i have the same tablet but mine sucks
Bro can i get it screen for replacement as it previous one damaged
witch model SM-T??? ?
What is the price of this
Nc video
I have one
So very nice thanks
It has finger print
Sir tablet main game khel sakte hai
Sir kinte rupees ka milega
I is made up of aluminium you dumbass
Hi, my iPad mini 2 just broke and I need something under $200 to replace it for mostly mobile gaming. It’s now 2019 and I’m wondering if this model is still worth getting or would the new Tab A 10.1” be better? The best I can afford in both is the 32GB so I know that the S2 has 3GB Ram and the Tab A only has 2GB but it’s a 2019 model, so can you please tell me which would be better? I just splurged on a Apple IPad Pro 12.9” for artwork but it’s too big to carry around the house for mobile gaming so I really just need something for that and like emails and web browsing. I’m disabled and home bound so I just need something light and portable to replace my iPad mini. I’m not very tech savvy so I really appreciate any help you can offer!! Thank you so much!!
I was watching this vid in my tab the exact same one!
Is it good for pubg plz reply
Can samsung galaxy s2 tablet be used as a phone?
Better edit video
Are you still using tab s2 in 2020
Does it support MHL/HDMI? Thanks
Man I conected the otg cable and my tab s2 didn't recognize anything! Even it didn't recognize the original chager after that! Please help!