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Rotobotix Flysky Fs-T6 Features

Rotobotix Flysky Fs-T6
The lowest Rotobotix Flysky Fs-T6 Price in India is ₹4,799 at Flipkart.
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Rotobotix Flysky Fs-T6 Reviews from YouTube

Features Of Flysky T6 Transmitter | FlySky Fs-t6 Review | Unbxing Of Fly-sky t6 Transmitter-Features
FlySky FS-T6 Radio Review
FlySky FS-T6 2.4ghz 6ch Computer Transmitter
Review: FlySky FS-T6 6CH Transmitter/RC Controller
Can I use for fpv drones
Range kitna hai?????
What is the range of this transmitter
isko apm.2.8 ke lye sitting karna partahe
Con you give t6 transmitter free it's out of my budget to purchase . I also liked and subscrib your video my adders is sikandar kampoo dhokal Pura near pipe factory Gwalior Madhya Pradesh
What is the range
Which is best i6 or t6
Long renge ke transmitters kon kon se h
Nice video with all necessary information. Thanks!
Very good video and description. One question, can the airplane be programmed, servo direction changed etc. without any computers? This is an important issue because there are some cheap RC systems out there that need a computer to program each model which I think is terribly inconvenient. Thanks, Happy new year and greetings from Colombia. EDUARDO
what is lcd model?
hey, what´s up? I´m gonna buy a radio for a drone, my opctions are the FlySky i6X and FlySky T6, which one would you recommend me?
what about the battery pack conversion you mentioned?
please someone have the software to change to 10 channels?
Is compatible with ppm ibus sbus???
I bought the fs-t6 from here, and it works great!
Thanks for the video! What batteries do you recommend using for the receiver? I'm planning on using this tx for "peanut" scale airplane control and the receivers look a little big for that application.
Can you fly fixed wing aircrafts on this thing or it just for helis and drones??
Wow, this is one useless video, it doesn't talk about binding, or range, or protocols, it doesn't even mention the number of channels!
Hi mate as a beginner which one do you prefer FlySky FS-T6 or FlySky FS-i6.i find out FlySky FS-T6 looks nice but performance wise, i dont know which one i should chose ..which one do u recon....?
I just bought one today, thanks!
good review. What range do you get? I have had 2 of these transmitters and the range is horrible. I have a toy grade quadcopter and it gets the same range. Do you have any issues with range?
Great review, you helped me decide im going to buy one. Thanks for the info.
Gd job bro..awsom review.. Where's ur plane in which u have installed the receiver... R u gonna upload a vid of ur plane too..?
How to read the switch in arduino. It tried it, but the values are not like a swizch i. e. 0 or 1.
What's about the maximum transmitting range, any experience?
could you do a video on the transmitter that best work with any helicopter thank you.
please someone have the software to change to 10 channels?
I do not recommend anyone buy one of these. I got one, and it destroyed two scratch-built airplanes due to loss of signal. Spend a bit more money and get something that actually works.
Is this DSM2 compatible? I have a Spektrum Dx61i that dies, and I have LOTS of Spektrum Rx's. I want a radio that will work with my Rx's.
Hi are there a type of antenna filters to this? Cause effecting my fpv video with interference.
Please can you tell me if the thottle stick is ratcheted or not. I'm used to ratcheting so I don't confuse the rudder with throttle imput. If no ratcheting, some TXs have kits or easy way to add the ratcheting. Thanks for any help.
What is The Use Of Toggle switch
can you use ppm with this
If I have one of these transmitters, and a quad copter kit that uses a PPM receiver, can I add PPM to the transmitter?
thanks for your informative video, please tell me what the output transmit power is in Watts ( or mWatts), thank you.
cppm compatible rx?
How far that one is work (distance ?)
can i use this for drone
Old video, but Im still gonna try. Any way to adjust speed of flaps without using the knob? New to this, but I want my flaps to move slower when hitting the switch.
I see you say it will work with a quadcopter, but is it made for a quadcopter? Will it work as well with a quad as a airplane? Does it work with all quadcopters or only some? Thanks
Could someone please recommend the best settings for a RC car type vehicle. 2 motors are used - one for each wheel.
I can thus mix two engine on an aircraft
I Want to need a cheap good longibity transmeter and reciver under 5000 r.s. ....................plz suggest and model no. and rang (meter)............................i want to build my first rc plane..............................and whats the DIFFERENT between high price Transmeter ( Spektram And Futeba) and CHeat Flysky Transmeter...................Plz Help me...I will be very glad
This controller has finally died. An electrical fault that means it wont turn on. I have tried it on the 12v power pack and the battery pack. Neither work. I noticed one of the electrical components was getting very hot when the switch was 'on'. It otherwise served faithfully for these 5 years without a single fault. Always showed good reliability and range. Has opened the door to a lot of gliding for me.Thanks.
Thanks for an informative video. As a pilot I have to respectfully say that your understanding of the cause and correction of adverse yaw is incorrect, however.
Hi Paul was thinking about this controller for a rc electric plane is the range good
Here is a link to the 206 page ! Thread on that transmitter. I got the name wrong if it's Fs i 6!
Far out Mate that was good value! I didn't know what crow or reflex were and all the rest but now I do. I like your presentation very relaxed without all the hand waving most of them do :-) did you know there is a later model fs6-i available that the community has hacked a new firmware giving telemetry and other features ?
Is the throttle stick ratcheted or can it be mod to ratchet? Thanks
Could a single channel be out? I have a new fly sky FS T4B for my sailboat. I use ch1 rudder ch2 sails. ch1 operates. ch 2 nothing so I switched up to see if the sail servo was the issue. Well it worked in ch 1. That tells me ch2 has issue. Any suggestions?
Can u fly quadcopter with this?
Sir, does this flies quadcopter??
FlySky FS-T6 Transmitter Can this also is a program to a boat I'm new at this Don't know too much about it your expertise would be appreciated
Hello again Paul. I Have purchased the fst6 radio and l have set up dual alerons on mix1. however I am at a loss on how to program my camber or reflex. any tips you might have would be appreciated.
Can TX 6CH FS-T6 use for boat?
Obrigado,sucesso para voce.
ola gostaria de saber qual é o alcançe do rádio flysky?
Hi paul, I have just purchased a Le Fish glider and would like to know if you think this would be a suitable TX. I am familiar withe glider its self and what it is capable of but im not that familiar with transmitters.
Hi Paul. Thanks for the review. Is there a way to reverse the throttle direction short of reversing the wiring between the ESC and motor? I'm aware of the "Reverse" function in the transmitter but this only reverses the stick throw direction. Thanks!
no puedo programar la radio siempre la programo  canal 6 y le doy ok cuando la apago  va siempre al  canal 3 que  que  puede ser gracias
Hey, i have tablet with a simulator on it and i was wondering if this would work on it so i can fly the planes and helicopters. Thanks in advance 
Great videos Paul, got me into gliding. I bought the FlySky FS-T6, way better than the standard transmitter that comes with the RTF planes. But after a few months of using it, I have found that it has some limitations. Main one being, that you can't asign a mix to a switch, or I couldn't find out how to do it. Which in my case caused a crash. Added a little down elevator to throttle as I didn't like how my Fms MOA, climbed so rapidly under full throttle.(tried changing CG beforehand). Was not thinking through the causes of the mix in lauching. Moa in 3 pieces :( . All fixable. I've ended up upgrading to a Spektrum DX7 which you can have 5 flying modes, Launch,Cruise,Thermal, Speed and Landing, and add mixes to each mode, and still asign more to other switches, (though a lot more expensive, was looking at a FrSky TARANIS) Just my 2 cents worth. Got a FMS FOX though looking at getting a ASW28 after watching your Vids, like the idea of having a fibreglass fuselage.
Nice vid my good man.I'm new to this, could you tell me can i use this on my computer as a simulator? Could I put dragon link for extra rang?. Many thanks.

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