Romoss PH50-488-01 10400mAh Power Bank

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Buy Romoss PH50-488-01 10400mAh Power Bank online at Amazon. 10400 mAh Micro USB 2 Port . Romoss PH50-488-01 10400mAh Power Bank available in Colours: White

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Amazon ₹1,950 ₹2,160
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Romoss PH50-488-01 10400mAh Power Bank price at Amazon - ₹1,950 ₹2,160

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The lowest Romoss PH50-488-01 10400mAh Power Bank Price in India is ₹2,160 ₹1,950 at Amazon.
Buy Romoss PH50-488-01 10400mAh Power Bank online at Amazon.
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  • 10400 mAh
  • Micro USB
  • 2 Port
Romoss PH50-488-01 10400mAh Power Bank available in Colours:
  • White

Romoss PH50-488-01 10400mAh Power Bank Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Romoss
Color White
feature High Capacity: Grade A Cell Used to assure you a highest quality and reliability. 10000mAh, 500+ recharge cycles over the life of the battery.Compact profile, sleek gloss exterior and intuitive design combine for comfortable palm-held use, 4 LEDs to indicate charge levels, enter power saving mode after 1 minutes.Charging while Discharging: Special design allows charges the device while being charged, Charge two smartphones or an iPad at full speed (USB Output 1: 5V 2.1A, USB Output 2: 5V 1.5A),
Manufacturer Romoss
Model PH50-488-01

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When you first bought it how many hours did you charged the powerbank??
How many hours do i have to charge it?
I just bought this i have to use it before i recharge the power bank?thank u and godbless
Can I ask? In 10400mah pwrbank how many phone that can full charge?
My romoss power bank won't turn on anymore. Any help??
Good day! How phone can be charge in this power bank?
I'm here because I just received mine 😊 and whant to know more about it
How long does the initial charging time?
Oh that is why haha I did not charge in the normal charge. Thanks! 😁
May romoss sence 4 is having problem of charging what should I do?
I don't need fast charging, like need reliable and smooth charging. Is this product is suitable for normal charging? Is this reliable product? -from Nepal.
How does the charging light works.Does it blinks one after another or all
Hi John, I bought Romoss 10400 just recently. Normal charge is alright but charging my cell phone on super charge is very slow. Is super charge not for cell phones and only for tablets?
I just bought this. Do I have to drain it first before I charge it? Thanks.
what was that
Do you recommend this power bank after 3 month ???
Does the powerbank automatically shuts down when mobile is fully charged?
how would I know when it's fully charged?
my powerbank also looks very similar but it has 2.0 fastcharge and also it costed 15euros
That’s good brand it romoss because it’s 3years already after input broken powerbank and im confused. then i heard about romoss that 😌
How many hours to charge the new romoss powerbank?
It is a fake romoss
Thats a fake romoss
its that goods?how about battery life?
when will i know it is fully self charged?
Romoss is a good brand
My carryon was stolen while traveling in New Zealand.  I needed something quickly and picked up the 10,000mAh version there. Been using it for a few months and am very happy with it.
Your Romoss that u are unboxing is a fake...
Got exactly the same thing but branded as a Power King Power Pack PH50 15000mAh. I am trying to find a manual for it though. Any ideas?
Hi , what is the different between  " sense 4 " and  " sense 6 " ? Can I use USB ++ with any device ?
Recently I bought a portable charger from Amazon, but the quality is not satisfying. i worry it may damage my phone after i read a passage about portable chargers. i realize that i know little about portable charger. I want to share it with you here, and you can see if there any help.
Can I change my romoss power bank battery with a vape battery
Dalawa fake😭
bakit sakin mabilis malowbat bago lang naman
hello po, binili ko po yung sakin sa official romoss store sa shopee. pag ganun po ba walang fake battery or may chance na may fake battery? thank you po
Patulong naman po diko mabuksam
Have you tried to purchase high quality 18650 batteries like from sony or samsung and then replace there in the powerbank.
yan yung buhangin na battery
Buti mga sayu nag chacharge.. sakin 24hrs kuna chinachargendi parin mag on...
How to connect all cell to it ?
At least 2 batt lang peke. Yung nabili ko eh 3 batt ang peke. Buhangin ang laman
May binili po ako sa shoppee alam ko nmn na fake plano ko kasi palitan ng mga battery Kong legit sa vape ☺️ and panu po kaya I parallel yung limang batt?
lods pwede ko ba palitan ng totoong battery yung dalawang fake na battery, hindi kaya mag short?
not always chinese made are fake, at least your chinese parent are not fake.
Maybe its spare batteries... 😀
Hi sir, tutorial naman po kayo kung paano magchange ng dummy battery into real 18650 battery. slamaat po.
Taena nadali ako kakabili ko lng 300 pesos pa, 10400 daw
try to open those batteries that are not'll get imported sand from china
Ung romoss sense 4 ko, dina ata nakakargahan. Ilang oras na naka charge isang bar parin sya..
Ganito nakuha ko okay bye bye 400 😥
I thought there would be a video showing how you drained the life of power bank with smartphones you charge. It would be nice if you show a video of it while your voice is in the background.
do you think it would be ok to replace this type of battery with a rechargeable battery as a replacement.?
the portable charger?
how many hours do I have to charge?
i cannot charge two devices at the same time (note 4 and s5). the powerbank restarts and turns itself off in a cycle
Nice review! Man, I love your voice! Anyway, I am just concerned about one thing: you mentioned that the powerbank itself is going to continue to charge the device. But that seems untrue, because the device itself won't accept any excessive charge. If it did, the battery would explode. The circuitry inside the device using Li-Ion, Li-Pol device won't accept more than it needs. How much of a drain are we talking about? I am curious. Thank you!
Liked your review a lot. Bought one today and wanted to know a bit more about it. An interesting thing to know for me would be how many mah you can actually get out of it, because you read 10.400 mah and you think right away that if your phone would have a 1040mah battery you could charge it 10 times. But this is not the way it works. My case (maybe a newer version) has on its sticker another specification which is "rated capacity: 6542mah" and with your review I was able to find out what that means. So you say that you charged your 5s from 10% or 20% 5 times. The 5s battery is 1560mah and if it was drained down on awarage to 15% your charged it 85%. 85% of 1560mah is 1326mah so you charged basically 6630mah of power itnto it. Same case with the ipad air, which has a 8827mah battery and 75% of that is 6620mah, so almost the same as before and also the same as the "rated capacity". So if you want to know in beforehand, or do the math on how many times you will be able to charge your device just use this formula. Another thought on a different topic, specially if you want to make more reviews about portable batteries, it would be useful if you buy a usb mah meter like this one (of ebay): This little thing showed me that almost everyone has a wrong idea about the output of these batteries and/or how much your device draws. An iphone 6 only draws about 900mah no matter what usb port you use, and as it charges is draws less and less power. The iphone 6 for instance is now hooked to an ipad mini charger rated at 2.1A and as it reaches about 60% of the charge it only draws 0.8A and at about 90% it will only draw like 0.3A or 0.2A, that just the way it charges. So you can't just connect your phone to the 2.1A port and expect it to charge at 2A. The only device i saw doing this was the ipad air. So, long story short, all of the specs are not as linear as they seem, and if you really want to know the capacity of a battery and how fast it will charge, you will have to take all of the above into consideration and probably really have to measure it. Congratulations to all the ones that had the patience to read this, but now you are a little smarter :p Great review!!
Wow. Nice voice!
Love your videos!