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Roland TD-30KV V-Drums V-Pro Series : Musical Instruments.


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The latest pad-sensing technology developed for V-Drums provides even and accurate pad triggering with excellent isolation between pads · Four dual-trigger ...


Roland TD-1DMK Electronic V-Drums include Stand, Black (Roland ...

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Roland Pad -

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Roland TD-30KV V-Pro V-Drums Set Features

  • Advanced sensing technology and SuperNATURAL sounds
  • Expressive and accurate playability produced by Behavior Modeling
  • Professional V-Edit mode for customizing sounds
  • Dedicated Ambience fader with room ambience and overhead mic simulation
  • USB memory port for data backup and audio playback (WAV/MP3)
  • Key specs are not available.

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Excellent review! I've been trying to figure out what the decent modern options are for second hand v-drums and this hit the tom on the head for me. ty ^_^
Use nylon tip drum sticks. That does the trick for me to help cymbals and the mesh heads last much longer. I even used them when I played acoustic drums in the past.
How do these pads compare to yamahas silicone pads?
Nice review... I am reletivly new to drumming, but I am already eyeing up my next kit . Looks like you have a good one there
Great job sir! I can tell you are a real drummer and not someone in sales
No more videos?
Very accurate video.You mentioned you refurbished/cleaned this td-30 KV kit.Have you any tutorial video on how to properly clean, disassemble, service, assemble, etc. this kit?If so, please drop us a link if it is online.
We set up a brand new Roland kv-30 with a double pedal and a huge monitor set up. Ive been playing over 35 years and have been on countless tours and studios, yes it is the best electronic kit. It was like playing the best sounding and best feeling kits every time you sat down on it. It never changed. I would make micro changes as far as mic placement and reverb adjustments and found I liked it dryer but it was endless to how well you can dial the sounds in. Its like no other electronic kit ive ever played. As a matter of a fact I didn't care for them and always you a couple pads for accent around my acoustic kit live. This kit is different. It is as serious as you are and as serious as you want to be.
Awesome review. I understand much more about my pads, the differences re: TD30/50 and the info on the refurb details on the triggers, is great, as a DIY (hate I cant buy parts from Roland now). Thx, also for stating the sounds do not match the TD50. Why in the world would they down grade output, etc features, if I understand this correctly = to the TD50 or the big kit expansions of more pads or no USB for kits saves & updates. The Silver cymbals have 1 issue : build up on frame edge inside that must be cleaned out periodically. The black cymbals/rim covers dont stain head, but the silver cymbals. Right on.
Dj un modle intressant, mais loin derrire la batterie ''GEWA G9 drums workstation'' .
Nice, cheers son ;-)
Alright now I just need 100,000 dollars
This is German humour at its best
Very nice drum i love this Set, hope to own it someday
I thought about purchasing a one but decided on the new TD27kv. But going to look at that MDS25 rack though...the rack that came with the TD27 seems tight...
Plugging the td30 to computer via usb (without mixer) is there a way to control the direct out volume? The recording picked up on my mac is extremely low
How much did u get it for?
Really fantastic video. Have owned a set since 2014, and while it probably hasn't seen the volume (or talent) of play yours has, my cymbals haven't worn that badly. Only use new sticks on it.
Hello, does anyone know how to only increase the volume of the metronome? In some modes it sounds very low.
I believe I can hear in the sound though of the highhats that the VH-13 seems to emulatue the sound when theyre close together (but not fully together yet) at a more realistic distance. But im just watching the video so maybe im wrong ^^ ... also if thats it its a very subtle difference ^^
i will get one for sure
Why dont these pricks play metal on these or punk not that you got to beat the shit out the kit but can they cope with blast beats and double bass I'm interested in getting one I have a real kit
great technology does not come cheap
Still the best module ever created, I have the 1, 17 and 27. None compare at all to the 30, the 1 has the best sounds believe it or not, far better than the 17 or 27.Edit: the 1 was a later release, it did not fall in line numerically as many who are newbies think.
Stop with the crazy pricing on these things
If you are a professional drummer and you are making a living at it or you just have a lot of money to spend they are worth it.
My td 17kvx is ABSOLUTELY ENOUGH for all what it takes by E-drums. This is deadly overpriced ...
I would still play real brilliant ziljhan symbols and use over head Mic's and use highs mids ev and cerwin Vega earthquake sub's with the kit
7.54 why do they always end up playing old porno music !?
This seems to sound better than the new d-50 kit to me. Will have to check it out a bit more.
No one sells this anymore :(
How loud/quiet are the pads when playing?
what kind snare did he use at 1:35?
Plis drop the price
The acoustic drum sounds are so fake sounding , its very expensive . Iam happy with my 2box Drumit Three Module.
So much tech just so you dont have to annoy the neighbours.
How much price of Roland 30KD V drum
This guys drumming is boring
wish I could afford one..
Could do away with all beep, bloop, timg, whiz drum kits.
I don't know why I'm watching this...I can't even afford a scarf.
Seriously...why isn't there a plain ol' list of instruments in the TD-30 manual? It seems the only option to scroll through the onboard list...which is incredibly SLOW, when you're trying to get a quick look at what you might want. Forget scrolling back and forth.
I have the td 30k it's the biggest piece of shirt I bought for 4 pounds you can barely make different set ups and if you add an extra tom you're fucked because the space is so small don't buy this piece of shit I can't speak for the other one but it's such a boring kit that can only be used in a classic set up and even then it feels shit fuck you roland
Hi, how can I apply the pitch band on the tom like in the video?
Why would you put out a promo / demo for a drum kit and then talk over the entire video. The features mean NOTHING if the kit sounds like crap. Let's hear the drums.
holly fuckyears later this shit is still expensive
I piss on this...
yeah Roland vdrums have lead the industry when it comes to electric drums because woman sues the hell out of every company that is in direct competition with them for bogus patent infringement claims. Yamaha, Hart dynamics, and most recently Alesis and their new flagship strike pro kit have all gone through court battles with Roland. The claims are bogus but Roland's pockets are deeper for the most and the other companies cant afford the long battles. So basically the Electronic drum market is in the USA is left stagnant with the only ones progressing is Roland. Other companies are left using old tech and designing cheap kits because they cant afford the court battles that always come when in direct competition with Roland. So if you want nice edrum kits today you are only left with two options. Yamaha and Roland. Yamaha seems to be sticking to their silicone pads which some people love, but I personally dont like them, and though their modules are nice they look like bricks, but for me their 900 series kits are the only ones worth having which will cost you upwards of 5 grand. Then you have the bully Roland. Nothing under their TD-25 is worth having unless you just have the kit for sound samples for DJ or something. There TD-25 is a descent price at 2500 bucks, but you dont get much for that 2500 bucks. You get a kit that has very little ability in the way of expansion. So if you want something nice you have to jump up into the their TD30 and now TD5o which are really nice kits but way over priced. All of rolands kits are over priced. They can do that because they control the market.So yeah here in the United States we drummers who cant have an acoustic set for one reason or another are not left with much. Alesis was bringing their Strike pro kit to the market which is a flagship model kit at half the price of rolands TD0-30, but Roland once again put a stop to that, because currently Alesis is being sued but roland for patent infringement and this high anticipated Strike pro kit by Alesis has yet to hit the market because of it. No one is even sure if they were still be able to release the kit. Thank Roland. You suck
I'd love to have this kit one day. The pads feel amazing....That drummer in the video looks like a doofus, though. They couldn't have gotten someone who looks a little more serious?
my boy just got this its sick
I've been playing the TD20 for 6 years. Roland will always have my business. I absolutely love my kit. It plays and feels like a real kit with the added bonus of preserving my hearing and not driving the neighbors insane.
Very bad commertial. There is some man talking through whole video. I want to hear the sound of them. Thats what matters for me.
ROLAND, so are the two kits identical except for the look ? or if not then what are the exact differences, I hear the hi-hats not the same, if that is so, than what is the exact difference in the hi-hat as far as how it plays, and what are the two prices, I want a kit for a home studio and practice, so I am thinking the 30K would do it for me, but if the difference is more than just cosmetic, then i want to know the exact differences, not just model numbers, thanks
Different sized and quality pads, different hi-hats etc.
What are the differences between the 30k and 30kv?
Bought one on eBay last week with an extra Tom and cymbal pad for 3000$. I don't know where everyone lives that they are able to compare that to the cost of a house.
Its so funny hearing theses drummers trying to come up with some creative way of saying how awesome these drums are, while trying not to sound like an infomercial. One thing they fail to mention, theyre way way overpriced also the floor Toms really sound machine gunny at times
"Why cant they just play some "real tom tom beats" like Gene Krupa" those toms sound awful. when I was learning, Sambas". African sounding grooves where all great for getting your toms to sound good, In rock or metal , they all fit, they just seem to "hitting everything" not much of a groove, does not sell the kit to me""
These samples sound horrible.
Brendan Buckley looks like Josh Dun
And 5 years later, it's still worth more than my car.
I bought a roland td 25kv and I went from an acoustic to electric. When I had my Acoustic kit, I hat 2 hi hats (my main one, and a permanently closed one that i could play while rocking the double bass) So i bought a second hi hat for my roland kit, but I cant have the second hit hat closed pertinently. It mimics the main hi hat. I asked Roland directly and they told me I cant have 2 hi hats with 1 closed and the other open, Can I have a second closed hi hat with the roland 30 and or the roland 50? or do you know if i can use the TM-2 to fix my problem? If you know please respond. Thanks
I wonder if I should just buy a TD12KX? or TD20KX? to save money and not miss out on much to save alot of $$$
Haters gonna hate; players gonna play.
sadly it probably cost as much as my car lol....
4.58 is that a Ghost Note Reference?
Oh my God, those sound horrible! What is wrong with these people? Have they all lost their hearing, or did Roland just pay them to say that nonsense?
these are nto real drums .. Why not try to sell on hype of playing samples, breaks and things like that instead of trying to make these drums sound as real as possible.
Sounds like more crappy eDrums. Next!
Use them to trigger Steven Slate Drums. Why Roland can't get their samples to sound as good as SSD4 is beyond me.
Absolutely shit house sounds on these kits.8k plus for machine gunning lol ,no thanks.The drummer playing the Rock And Roll intro shows how fake these Roland kits sound,poo.
oh those toms sound so awful. no matter how god they play and feel. the sound is so fucking machinegun...
I love these drums. Buying a drum kit like this for the average drummer is a huge investment. The one year warranty would scare me off making the investment. In fact, some of the parts only have 90 days. A product like this should have at least a 3 year warranty if not 5 years. I am sure that is not a big concern for well paid professionals, but it is an issue for me.
Talking about?

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