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Buy Rokinon CV35-C 35mm T1.5 Aspherical Wide Angle Cine Lens (For Canon,Nikon) online at Amazon. Rokinon CV35-C 35mm T1.5 Aspherical Wide Angle Cine Lens (For Canon,Nikon) Rokinon CV35-C 35mm T1.5 Aspherical Wide Angle Cine Lens (For Canon,Nikon) ...
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Rokinon CV35-C 35mm T1.5 Aspherical Wide Angle Cine Lens (For Canon,Nikon) Features

  • 35mm fixed focal length; t/1.5-22 aperture range; Manual focus; Lens not zoomable
  • Features the same outstanding optical quality as the highly rated Rokinon 35mm f/1.4 lens
  • Features de-clicked aperture to reduce noise and to allow more specific manual aperture settings
  • Lens is follow focus compatible to enable the user to focus and use the aperture ring without interrupting video shooting
  • High-speed, single-focal-length, wide-angle lens
  • Ideal for shooting high-quality, dramatic landscapes and street scenes in low-light conditions
  • Full-metal body and a snap ring that enables photographers to pan focus with a distance indicator
  • Digital SLR Lens
Rokinon CV35-C 35mm T1.5 Aspherical Wide Angle Cine Lens (For Canon,Nikon) Rokinon CV35-C 35mm T1.5 Aspherical Wide Angle Cine Lens (For Canon,Nikon) Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Rokinon CV35-C 35mm T1.5 Aspherical Wide Angle Cine Lens (For Canon,Nikon) Price in India is ₹103,817 at Amazon.
Buy Rokinon CV35-C 35mm T1.5 Aspherical Wide Angle Cine Lens (For Canon,Nikon) online at Amazon.
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Rokinon CV35-C 35mm T1.5 Aspherical Wide Angle Cine Lens (For Canon,Nikon) Reviews from YouTube

Rokinon 35mm T1.5 Cine Lens | Review
Rokinon 35mm Cine DS Lens (MFT Mount) Worth it in Modern Cinematography? A Review
Rokinon 35mm Cine DS Lens... AMAZING
Rokinon Cine 35mm f/1.5 VS Canon 35mm f/1.4
There is no way this lens can be purchased cheap in Canada. They Mark it very high for brand new one $650 US dollars after tax.
I was considering this lens for interview style videos in a rather small room (I would stand maybe 2 meters from the subject). Would it be good used on a croped frame dslr (so it would act as a 50mm)?
Can I use it for full frame camera
Can you please write links for this lens and the ND filter thanks so much!
Thanks for this review
I want to ask you , is sigma 18-35 best lens for bmpcc6k or Rokinon Cine Ds primes or any other lens you can suggest. I am interested in1) Best overall image quality2) edge to edge Sharpness3) minimum Distortion at Wide angels4) which lens is more sharp at a constant usable aperture like 2.5, rokinon or sigma.I am beginner so I need some help . I want to buy a lens which can use the camera's full potential. Your reply would mean a lot to me
I paid double.
My absolute go-to lens
Nice review thank you
Beautiful review Thanks
Im thinking about asking for this for Christmas
Perfect channel! I like you!
Please note that when we mentioned Chromatic Aberration in this video, we should of *emphasized how minor it actually is* . While it is there, the amount present in this lens is SO minor that I would dare say *it would not hinder your shooting at all* . Especially if you primarily use this lens for filming and not stills. You can easily use this lens for professional shoots and we have many times.
Did you stop making videos
You guys are great and I love this video. I have this one coming today and Im planing to do a video with samples on an EOS R.
Does this lens size up to a 70mm as its MFT?
Hello! Please tell me is there a big difference between t1.5 and f1.4 version with gh5s?
This lens is heavy.
I own this lens and the 85mm as well for mft. Currently purchasing a Leica 25mm, would you say its worth selling the 35mm and use mainly the 25mm or are both worth keeping? Great video!
one of the best reviews i ever watched for this lens will buy it for BMP4K with EF mount + veltrox speed booster
would you say the 35mm size is the most useful size for the cinematography that you do? if you were to choose two other focal lengths and in order what would you choose?
Hi, I have a question. I have a GH5 with a speedbooster (EF mount). Should I go full Micro 4/3rds or get the EF version of this lens?
yup this is my next lens! thank you for the great review.
Hello thanks for this review! Do you think it's there any difference with the EF mount version using it with a regular adapter on the GH5?
Hi, just to know it, but this is a parfocal lens?
Great lens just got it a week ago
I want this lens but its more than my camera
Thank you for your video !! I am about to get my 1st mirrorless cam and I am educating myself on lenses. I have a question. Do you need an adapter to mount it on the Gh5 or it fits straight as it is?
Best video Ive found on this camera!
If it was spelled ROCKINON...then I would feel you.. But uh, that's not how you pronounce this lens lol..
Pitbull and Cline Dion are photographers :o
I have a G9 and want this lens, but I also have a voltrox speed booster. I think I'll get the EF mount and grab the extra light. I can also use it on any EF mount in the future.
I've owned a 85mm but I should have purchased this one for sure! Thanks!
they came out with a new version t1.3. Do you think is a better option for $50.00 more?
Nice review thanks )
"T" values are light transmission "F" values are aperture.It has nothing to do with being 'more precise"
Thank you for listing exactly what gear you used to shoot this video too! It is so helpful for people just starting out and trying to learn.
bro! when you reached for the camera at 10:53 that gave me the best indication of how much you can stay in focus with this lens.
Great Video! Question: What is the sweet spot in your opinion for the best range to stay in focus example 5.6 etc
hey! i've been watching a lot of your videos lately and your sony/rokinon footage is probably the best that I've seen on YouTube! great work!! I'm not sure if you'll see this or not but I'd really love your opinion! I'm a filmmaker recent grad on a budget and I just got a sony a7iii. I do documentary (usually solo), short films, and I really enjoy photography. I have the helios 44-2 58mm and I'm looking to get the 24-105mm f/4 as a general doc/photo/travel/all-around lens. I think I really want to get a 35mm prime with a nice low aperture but I've been debating whether to get the Sony FE 35mm 1.8 that has great autofocus/stabilization/etc versus this Rokinon 35. it's manual, heavier, but also cheaper and your sony videos with it are the closest I've seen to the kind of quality I want to have in my film work!! I was really curious what your thoughts/experience are, because I hesitate to get it because of the lack of stabilization and having to focus manually if im working solo and need to use a gimbal. how hard is that or do you typically shoot handheld? (but then how stable is handheld? I truthfully have some shaky hands) I'd really appreciate your thoughts!! thank you :)
bro I subscribe, really nice review quip it up I recently buy the 14 mm Rockinon and so far it's really greit
A sane review! finally! thank you!
They are amazing have the 35 and 50 mm!
Precise to a T. Love it!
nice review!although... hehe... sometimes putting the sony on the more standard profiles actually DO give you a better shot. there are heaps of examples.. (like night time etc) ... soooo... saying 'standard' is less quality than say slog etc... welllll.. .thats kinda wrong too!ive been using the sonys for so long that now i change profiles depending on the shot i need. i have the pp setttings on my quick function menu
you're a lifesaver for this video we're buying one
Which pro mist are you using here? 1/4?
Hey buddy, nice video. I have a question, would the CA go away if you stop down to T1.8, T2 or so?
real good review, sir!quick question i recently jumped to the bmpcc 4k from the a6500 for my video work.i have the sigma 18-35 at the moment, and planning to get my first cine ds lens from rokinon.would your recommend getting the 35mm first of the 50mm?i do mostly corporate, small business profiles, and events.
Do you think this would be a good lens to film cars?Great video btw
No way man! Chromatic aberration is never okay! It would be like saying herpes is actually a sign of being sexually experienced. No.
Is there a full frame version of this lenses? Im trying to get a Wideangle lens for my Sony a7III AF or MF which one do you recomend? imbetween 14mm or 16mm range the sharpest the better. thanks!
Would you say the rokinon cine lens line up is good for beginners? I wanna get a cine lens but don't wanna spend sooo much. Or would it be better getting like a 24-70 f2.8 lens?
See, Im tired of people telling me and others to just stick to the names you know....its obvious that there was hardly any difference.
Where can i buy the rokinon for 200 bucks?
Hey, I have the Same lens under another Brand called "walimex". Ive tested two of those lenses and always saw a color shift especially in the Center when i switch from f1. 5 to 2 Till 2.8. At 1.5 it Has a purple color at its Center that is going towards Green as soon as i stop down.Is this Happening only to me? I saw a lot of reviews and read comments on that lens and noone seemed to notice something like that
1.5 t stop is the same as 1.4 f stop
Nice!!!I love the audio on this video.What's the 'secret'?
Excellent video! It was super informative and high quality. Don't know how you don't have way more subs but you definitely earned one from me! Keep up the good work man!
Great video. Thanks.(Now, about that music choice of yours! :P )
What camera do you use
Very well done video bro! You deserve way more views and subscribers. Keep up the awesome content!
my first cine lens will be this 35mm rokinon. mostly due to the manual controls - imagery was very close between the canon and rokinon but I like to have fun and the rokinon seems to offer a little bit more.
There is no such thing as a $200 Rokinon lens especially a 35mm. It's about 700 dollars.That's the reason the comparison is so close.
Will Rokinon works well with Canon 80d?
I logged into this video just to inform that it is T1.5 not F1.5
rokinon it is
Wow how has this not had 10s of thousands of views?!?! Great video really helped me. I started doing more motion work as well as stills. I love manual focus even for photography. Been looking for something to accompany my carl zeiss distagon 50mm makro 2.0 (such a beautiful smooth focus ring) . As 35mm would'nt be my main focal length i want something with good quality & price value 3-500 range plus something i can use for video as well as stills. This lens looks like it! The build quality looks amazing for the price. Thanks again!Edit: subscribed and looks like you have some other interesting videos too! The bmpd 6 & resolve videos.. would love the bmpd 6 someday.. keep it up your channel deserves to grow rapid!!!
Dude. I like your review and I want a cup of coffee! Lol.
i think the rokinon had a sharper image
Thank you for this video Love the fact you did a sharpness test instead of following the 1,000 of video's on youtube walking around outside my Rokinon Cine 35mm T1.5 came in the mail today and yes your video save me some money cause of your sharpness test video thank you.
wouldn't it be more helpful to go outside and test out night/day shots using the lenses to compare the contrast with color. Instead your inside your room for 9 mins talking about the lens sharpness which helps in one aspect but cmon you really couldn't go outside?

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