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Rocket Science for the Rest of Us: Cutting-Edge Concepts Made Simple Book Reviews from YouTube

Rocket Science: How Rockets Work - A Short and Basic Explanation
Let’s learn Rocket science using Papers.| Tamil | LMES
Rocket Science 101: Engineering of Rockets
Use of Literally, Rocket science, End of the story etc.
We'd like to point out two technical errors in the video: 1 - at 2:56 The rocket doesn't go extremely fast right after liftoff. It passes through the densest parts of the atmosphere at relatively lower speeds and accelerates to much higher speeds after the drag from the layers of the atmosphere is minimized. 2 - at 3:26 The rocket doesn't liftoff from the ground due to the push it receives from the ground. It moves upwards because of the exhaust that's thrown downwards by the rocket (Newton's third law of motion), which results in the upward motion of the rocket.
This video answers most of my curiosity questions about rockets. Thanks!
I hate my science teacher so much omg why we have 14 pages of work and only in middle school
So tell me.. if the rocket is also spinning with the earth at 1032mph east to west at what point does it lose that speed once in orbit ?
Informative video with good animations and explanations of the concepts of how rockets work, thanks! However, the audio quality made it hard to listen to and understand.
Thank you for explaining, I want to learn rocket science and this is my first step
Rockets are interesting. They are not just the only way we know to practically travel in space. They are also the only way to reach such high speeds. Rocket engine is extremely inefficient from the start, but efficiency increases the faster it goes. An interesting thing about rocket engines is: while it consumes a constant amount of energy per unit time, the rocket's kinetic energy increases with the square of time. Eventually, the added kinetic energy will be higher than the consumed energy! No, it would be in opposition to the physical laws. In any case, the fuel will run out before it happens. As far as I understand it.
Great Explained
Very informative!! But also the longest 6 minutes everrrrrr
If the maximum speed created by a rocket's own thrust is only 6000 to 7000 mph, and "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction", wouldn't the speeds said to have been reached by the ISS, moon launches etc (up to 25,000 mph) exceed the rocket's maximum action of 7000 mph, making it an over-unity device ?
You know how gravity pulls us? What if they make technology that can react to planets gravity and pulls us super fast and far towards them while in a rocket ship.
Con avviato base nel casino quarenghicinquanta voli internazionali aeroporto a leggere le direct
Rockers ranger guidare numero 16
Thanks ❤️🙏
How is the rocket assembled from top to bottom?
fiRe PusH ROckeT uP
How can I get big bang kit
You are explain very nice than the teacher
they r fins. not wings. thanks for letting know.
சார் உங்க விளக்கம் அருமையாக இருந்தது ரொம்ப நன்றி
Center of pressure apdindrathu ena bro?
Center of mass ok weight a increase pananu but Center of pressure a epdi practikala pandrathu bro? Pinadi kondu poganunu solringa but epdi?
Guruva vanakkam🙏🏽
30 shots ellam eppadi stick fly aguthu sollunga.
மிகவும் அருமையாக விளக்கம்
Really awesome experiment
1:42 Space la air irukkadhe Pressure apa eppadi varum!!🤔🤔
Thumbnail super bro😂😂
indha video romba nallarundhuchu. yannakku space na ramba pidikkum
is that you meme indien
Bro fins add panna center of mass maratha?
Anna neega ena padichi irrukiga ena engineering annaa
2-D rocket using air blowler experiment la athuka apdi center of mass and center of pressure fit pannuniga?
Legends are watching in 2022
Love this, your humor is pretty funny lol
It's not rocket science
Why he look like the host of "Dirty Jobs" tho?
when it actually is rocket science
This shit bussin
Sir, I am very interested in your lecture and want to learn a lot from you so please make playlists of relevant chapters like calculus in calculus and trigonometry then functions all these things separated
Thank you very much this will help me definitely maybe I will thank you from Mars one day
This is amazing
This is great! Quite a hidden gem of a series!
@8:55 do you mean "Catalyst" ?
From coaching football to rocket science.
I imagine Elon Musk watching this with as serious a face as the guy. After the guy says, "Have you ever picked up a dead insect". Elon says, "yes... yes I have"
I was the 90.000th view wow
Please tell me if anyone’s here to actually learn something causeeeee I lost him 3 seconds into the video
So I guess for the vehicle you could use carbon fibre, it is very sturdy and light weight, for the amount you would need it would get pretty costly, plus I’m not too sure if the fibres can hold in/out air. I’m pretty sure they use carbon fibre in aircrafts but I’m not too sure about rockets, does anyone know?
It's not rocket science.
9:13 solid fuel burns top to bottom!
I'm here after SN10's successful soft landing.
Literally, you're very amazing teacher..
Literally your videos are so much informative.
Very nice Umesh sir
1) Literally, your all videos are fabulous. 2) to learn anything is not rocket science. it takes hard work. 3) I want to learn fluent English at any cost. end of the story.
Literally I am very happy .
Litterly, you are great sir.
End of the story😃
English is not rocket is easy
Literally this video is very helpful 😀
Very helpful 😀
Thank you..!! ☺
I am going to watch your all videos sir 🙏🙏🙏 thanks
Will you do sir?
Ase hi 10 -10 world dala kro roj sir ji
Nice sir ji
You are just mind-blowing sir
Very nice.

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