Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Eau de Parfum

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Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Eau de Parfum

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My Roberto Cavalli Perfume Collection | Sexiest Perfume Designer
My Roberto Cavalli Perfume Collection | Sexiest Perfume Designer
Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum Review
Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum Review
Great video! I have never heard of this collection until today!
I purchased my first Roberto Cavalli perfume after watching your video. The first one you reviewed...waiting for it in the mail now. I am interested in Florence too, but I want to check out the first coming. Thanks for the review!
Love it Great video Thanks for sharing
My number one I ♥Roberto cavalli perfumes
I'm here to check RC Florence Hahahaha I loved it when you said these perfumes are made for Queens 😂💓💓💓
Love your videos!🙋🇳🇴 I think you need to try the "Nero Assoluto" too. Completely different, winter fragrance I would say, but is delicious!🤩 Vanilla, orchid, ebony...warm and woody, sensual and alluring...almost reminds me of Tom Ford "Noir pour femme". Love love love it😄
Im thinking about buying the Paradiso it good good...or just ok good, but I can go without it? I already have the Mother Cavalli and Gemma Paradiso....
I haven't seen anyone reviewing Roberto Cavalli perfume. I was gifted Gemma Di Paradiso. I am confused whether I like it or not. But Oh My God!! It lasts longggggg. Probably the most long lasting perfume I have.
Hi Amber! I love your personality darling!! I’m so behind on Roberto Cavalli fragrances😭. Great presentation and description of your collection!! New subbie 💕💕💕💕
I bought gemma di paradiso and fell in love instantly so I just ordered paradiso and paradiso azure. I'm so excited
Hi, I have Just Cavalli (amazing and one of my favorites as well) and Florence Amber (amber and honey mix) and it is absolutely delicious, my next pick will probably be the Paradiso Assoluto (red bottle) I have tried it twice already and I just can't get it out of my head but hearing from you that the other 'Paradiso' scents are better...
Omg Don’t ever ever leave us this long lol I was just watching your old videos too,
More videos please 😊
Hello girl! Nice to see you again 🤗
Girl I am so happy to see you again. Nice take care
Great video!!!!
Not a extra wing, Amber dwl. Yea youve been that Roberto Cavali girl. you made me bought 2 of them before..I'll give the light bottle summery paridiso a try.
nice collection
Once again ENCORE! ENCORE! for the Cavalli. I thought i was the only one in the world that knows and loves his line and he my little secret, but hell u have the WHOLE collection so *CRUNCH*!! I will take several seats and let u take the wheel!! 😆
Chile, yass! Amber Chantell you are a doll. Thank u for loving Cavalli perfumes! Thank u for not following the bandwagon and following your own nose. Im sure you probably have tested the original Just Cavalli Her from 2004? It cost a fortune now but back in the day i got it for $20 now its like almost $200. It was so unique then they came out with the new one u displayed like in 2013. Also sample the Just Cavalli Pink so good. I also love the mens line (just cavalli him, roberto cavvalli black). Addendum:i HAVE to get Gemma paradiso.
good review,thanks for sharing! I R T F ,tnx too
One of my all time favorite perfume, really beautiful, strong, elegant, and very, very sexyyy, for winter... It reminds me of my ex, and old good times (lol), love it! <3
this is one of my favorites. so mysterious and smoky.
I blindly bought this and im on my second bottle now.
My Favorite Fragrance
Do you recommend to blind buy it? It looks interesting
I’ll chek that one out!!!
Great video! 😘 I tried this last year and loved it but was in a hurry so I didn't purchase it that day. I finally went to buy a bottle 2 weeks ago but it was so different on me this time, not in a good way! I wonder if it has been reformulated 😕
Yes, this sounds so amazing! I’ll add her to my list of pickups:))
I'm ordering this one, I love Cavalli and these notes are right up my alley. I do the same with decants for my faves, it's the best trick.
I bought this bottle blindly from Shoppers last weekend. I scoured 4 stores looking for it. Watching your video where you purchased 4 @ $19.99 and I thought I should try a couple. I LOVE IT..... I went and bought a second bottle yesterday for a backup. I have many in my collection that i have paid plenty for that don’t make me smile like this one. Thanks for the heads up on their fragrance sales. The other one I purchased was Burberry Brit Rythm and it is very nice too.
Yea👏👏👏 Thank you for doing this video for us .I loved this review NOW I'm about to go hunting for it.. & i do like all the notes you named for this sent!!!!your a doll ❤❤I Love wild! LOL
Cool video. Haven't heard of this frag. I'll DEFINITELY go check it out to see if it's one i want to grab for some girl friends. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it!