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Rnp Approach Procedures for Tma Belgrade Book Reviews from YouTube

RNP RNAV Approach on Airbus A320 explained | Approach on virtual simulator of A320 | Cochin airport
How to fly an RNP APPROACH with a BOEING 747? Explained by Captain Joe
RNP-AR Approach | REAL Airbus Pilot | RNP Tutorial | Part 2
what a great explanation about RNAV approaches ! thanks for sharing !
Another excellent tutorial Pilot Community ! Big THANK YOU !
hi hope ur doing fine i have just query regarding FSLAB i have window 10,i3 7th gen,12ram,1tb hdd,2gb nivida graphics cardmy question is with the above-mentioned configuration my laptop will support running FSLAB A320
Awesome brother
The required accuracy is 0,3 NM should be displayed automatically or entered manually overhead the FDP
Absolutely fantastic .. love the tutorial . Likes and subscribed . Waiting for more .. happy landings
Amazing work. Please make a video on jeppessen enroute charts, CANPA and CDFA.
Thank you for this video, nicely explained!!!
as far as i know, in Final App mode there is no blue arrow anymore... you should have had it in Alt Final mode engaged and earlier, but it was white for some reason...
Very helpful and practical
Good help , but my question is not RNAV APP is NPA ? For that you have to be fully configured before FAF ? in your case you were with flaps 2 gear down only was not it sould be flaps full gear down . Pls correct if am wrong
Nice work and well explainedBut in 1:26 you said if the temperature goes below 5 degrees you cannot do this approach but in fact you can do this approach with LNAV only if the temperatures goes below 5 degrees.Thanks and best luck
Nice to see somebody who is making time to share knowledge and experience , giving meaning to passion.This is one of the first, very few videos on youtube which overlay jeppesen chart , fcom over a live approach.Truly honoured."Correcting for reds" . Good old habits never die.
Wow,... Finally someone put video on RNP RNAV Approach.... Amazing
To the point
You are awsome . Greetings from PERU .
Read about it in chapter 1 of the AIM, but still wasnt too clear for me. This video helped a lot. Thanks!
Sorry, but I think that's partially wrong. You're right about RNP routes requiring onboard monitoring and alerting about navigation performance deviations, but both RNAV- and RNP-approved aircraft should maintain flight within the navigation specification for at least 95% of the time. That's a PBN requirement and, nowadays, RNAV and RNP are both encompassed by the PBN concept (ICAO Doc 9613 Third Edition).
What is GPS baro-aided?
excellent video
Nice job!!
Excellent video. Just one thing to add. LOC BC is also non-precision approach
Brilliantly explained thank you sir
Thanks goodness for this video. I finally have the answers I'm searching for without trawling through books and notes for hours! (CPL holder student pilot training for ME IR, who apparently has forgotten most of the Radio Navigation subject!) Thanks again!
Great presentation. Thanks
Thank you!
All your videos are great mate! Keep it up
Its really good one. Simple, clear, no tonns of unnecessary info. Thanks a lot!
Superb video, is helping a lot with the IFR ground school, but most importantly that it is staying in my mind
Never been prouder to have my Capt Joe REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT when I configure my VW Jetta for departure.
Gday Joe - great clip once agsin. I think I know the answer to this but is the reason the PF hands over to the PM at end of landing in all airline clips I have watched. I assume it is to do with performance based stress reduction and team work. I would like to hear your take on it.
Great video! Why do you hand over after landing? Is it an airline SOP that the FO doesn't taxi the B748, or a matter of FO time on type?
Great video!
just beautiful fantastikkkkkkkk
thank you captain joe, loved this video NICE
Mi stai aiutando a nn avere paura di volare...magari con te sarebbe bello
The best!!!
Why do you hand over the control to the captain after you landed ? Does that mean as a first officer you never get to taxi ?
This is gold
Wow very smooth landing.
Nice video, thanks.Couple of questions - as a fellow -8 operator - I noticed you shot this approach in Lnav/Vnav? Why not an IAN approach? So in FAC and GP.I dont think Ive ever seen an approach shot in Lnav/Vnav on a -8? In -400 yes. In -8 we do IAN approaches.The second question is about slowing down. Youre in Vnav - why are you selecting speed manually? If youre in Vnav you can close the speed window and just ask for flaps 1 and the speed will drop automatically to speed 1. You just need to verify it did.Once G/P captures (if you fly IAN approach - see my first question) the speed window will open up automatically (like for an ILS). So why do it all manually?Also, you say Flaps 5 speed 5 but set your speed 5 knots above it? Why? Our calls and procedures are Flaps 1 - Speed 1 and then let the speed bug drop on Flaps 1 speed, etc., etc.Not sure I understand the 5 knot extra buffer considering a flap buffer speed is already built in? The only time we use the 5 knot buffer is for Vref speed during landing (same as you).Anyways, thanks for the video, looking forward to hearing your perspective.Fly safe.
3 reds 1 white :) 747 loves PAPI ;)
Usefull for flight simulator.
7:30 "basically just flying the plane" begs the question of what you've been doing for the first seven minutes of video, or for that matter the last 12 hours from Dallas...... #snarkynewfan
great video
Very nice. One question do you arm the 'App" as you would in an ILS or as you would in an airbus (A321) ? thanks!
I often see a 747 in your colors at MMMX either a 400 or an 8. If ever you go there and see a yellow and red 757 parked nearby (usually spot 41) that just may be me. Happy landings! Love how Boeing keeps the profiles fairly similar across types, approach and landing checklists are exactly the same.
On airbus do you disengage a the Auto throttle at what altitude ?You're captain looks like trump
I used to drive under this bridge every morning to go to work. I absolutely loved seeing those massive 747 land above me every once in a while. One of the rare place where I didn't mind being stuck in the traffic jam. Maybe I've ssne Captain Joe landing without even knowing it :) That was a great video !!
Where can i find the required equiment list for all RNPs (10,5,4,2,1) ,kindly share if you have a document.
Excellent thanks
Thanks for this. You are a natural communicator and teacher - although the airline job probably pays more
Thanks again for this wonderful content. You are such a great instructor!
Man, these two videos on RNAV/RNP approaches were gold! Thank you, Cheers from CYUL
Guys, too few likes for such an amazing video. Please like and support the channel. Thanks V1 Simulations for this video!
Excellent again! Making more sense as time goes on! Thanks!
Dam, this is flight school on RNP-AR, awesome more detail, explanation than ever. Wow!! Keep them coming.Thanks.
hi V1 Really excellent tuts, do you also do MSFS2020?. thanks for your much appreciated work, Mike
A lot to unpack here, but what a fun looking approach with that coat hanger turn into final.
Really well made video. Most of our pilots and the aircraft we fly are authorised for RNP AR but we're still waiting for Operator approval. This seems to the future of airliner approaches at most airports especially for noise reasons. We allow AP to be used until 250ft AGL and FD can be used until touchdown for RNP AR. Some really good points made on this video.
Excellent recurrent for a retired airline pilot doing the occasional ferry flight, thank you!
Excellent! always wanted to know more about the RNAV vs RNP and RNP AR diffs. Thanks !
I found my guide through my dreams :)
These tutorials are simply superb V1. Thank you for taking the time to share and perfectly instruct us armchair pilots. Ive taken a huge break from XP but coming back these videos are just great.
Another awesome tutorial! What are you going to do for an encore?
My go to channel for lerning airbus systems and navigation stuff. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!
it's a pity and FF haven't extended the RNAV facility to their other aircraft in the fleet. I tried the B757-200 v2 (Professional) on the CYLW Rwy 34 RNAV approach and it failed to capture anything!
Once again, many thanks for a very informative tutorial.If you really want to test out an XP aircraft's performance in RNAV,, then try the RNAV approach to Rwy 34 at Kelowna, Canada (CYLW) !!

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