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Risks and Benefits of Nuclear Energy: 0 (Nuclear Development) Book Reviews from YouTube

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Thank you sir
Nuclear power plant classification and explain very need lecture sir
Vedio main knowledge kam aur advitisment jayada hai
He is just reading the text from a book and writeing the same he don't know the concept by heart
Ur english accent is not proper which makes it difficult to understand
nice sir
Keep it up
Great mam
Mam any task 2 which may students feel difficulty with ideas .
Mam ur way of english speaking is so good I also want to speak like u
Kyuuu. Hilllaaa daaallaaaaa
Itnaaaa musshhhkkkiillll.
Nice man
Thnkuuu so much mam you're best teacher
Watch our latest video here: vedio sir
Well explained
Sir how to make project of nuclear energy
Noo I don't like nuclear Becoz i have saw disaster in ukrain
Because nuclear energy make more electricity than coil
No it is harmful for environment
No it is harmful for environment
Nice explaining bro full support
Beautifully explained,keep doing
Sir nuclear car is possible?
I am in support
[ E = mc2 = 1 (3 108) 2 joules = 20 1012kilocals = 20 trillion kilocals .] If that would be true, then powerful states around the world would not compete for oil in the deserts of Arabia. If one ton of Uranium of some- ton ‘Little Boy’ bomb could take part in the so-called nuclear re- action, then some million of square miles of the world would burn, instead of only 1.7 square miles of Hiroshima. It not at all possible to give supply of electricity to the people from so-called nuclear fuels at a cost lower than fossil-fuel electricity for the reasons stated above. However, it is possible to give ontological lectures on nuclear fission/fusion or to earn immense money from so-called nuclear projects.
Nucler power is one hell of the way to boil water.
Copy cat
Ur video is simply the Hindi version of
Im not sure why but im astonished at the fact that this video was posted months before bitcoin stocks became a thing (at least thats what im seein on this one stock website lmao), and yet the bitcoin icon is there at 2:27. For reference, from the time of this video to now, bitcoin has grown over 160x in value lmao
MAGNETIC WAVEFORM TECHNOLOGY will soon be here. Won't need nuclear power anymore.
My cousin was the head nuclear engineer at our local nuclear plant. He was very smart and a Harvard graduate. Whatever he said was taken to be true. He would always tell us how safe nuclear energy was so we trusted him. Then Three Mile Island happened and he was called in to help resolve the issue. He never told us nuclear energy was safe again.
who else is here from school
I say nuclear is a very good source of power that the earth desperately needs but, because of the media contorting and misunderstanding of the process people are just therefore to afraid to go with the chances of "What if" somethjng goes wrong. But nuclear power doesn't seem to far fetched if we embraced it however
Emissions of radioactive carbon-14 and noble gasses xenon and krypton are regular occurrences at nuclear generation and processing facilities, so why you gotta lie? Nuclear energy is not clean nor green, but it is one hell of a way to boil water. Nuclear power plants emit greenhouse gases (I just putting timestamp for my project so I can copy the link from the timestamp, don't mind me. :))
Thank you for making this video because its important to know about the nuclear energy is being process. Nuclear energy is important to save electricity and its safest way to have a wonderful environment
Can you send the speech of this video which you spoke so it would be useful for my debate competition in English
Who else hears Scrap Mechanic warehouse music?
Humanity’s rejection of Nuclear power was a massive mistake, and the environment has payed dearly for it as we continue to rely on fossil fuels for our electricity
Nice I guess
Nicely explained.
Nuclear fission generates byproducts that are not just the most toxic material we manufacture (plutonium) but they are highly radioactive. We have at this time NO IDEA what to do with these radio active by products. We encase them in concrete and bury them underground as a problem for our children. More Nuclear generation more waste products. Cancer rates around Nuclear plants ARE higher than in other places. We do not at current times make enough use of tidal power, Wind power or geothermal energy - Why not, they DON'T produce any by products. Nuclear Fusion - Now that may be a solution BUT we can't at this time make it work well enough to use it
Thank you so much for this optimistic piece about nuclear power. I just wanted to add more about the positive effects. In the worst case scenarios of a massive earthquake and tidal wave with Fukushima no one died of radiation poisoning. But rather from the overreaction of the government not allowing people to return to their homes. A lot of people could have returned to their homes with very few mitigating factors. With Chernobyl, the RBMK reactors primary design was to create plutonium for nuclear weapons. Electricity was just a byproduct. The accident occurred because of the reckless ambitions of the lead engineer on duty. The deaths were created by the Soviet government not being upfront about the disaster. Just hundreds of feet away was reactor number three and then reactor number two and one. They kept running for about another 15 years. In both these scenarios today there is tourism including people that are walking right up to the reactor for a limited amount of time. Everyone knows that the news sells fear and anger. The news is part of the problem with keeping this truly green energy source from being deployed. There are forces that want to make nuclear power so expensive it can never be bilt. Principle among them are oil companies. The deaths and expense of global warming with its extreme weather is obvious and plays out everyday. I'm excited about generation 4 reactors. They're about six different designs and they have about six different characteristics. Some of the best characteristics are -They're considered walk away safe. -They burn more nuclear waste than they create. -The waste is considered hazardous for far less time. -They're non-proliferation so they can't be used for nuclear weapons. - The designs are small and can be as common as a hospital. They take up the footprint of about a Walmart. A truly local power grid to accompany wind and solar. This is truly the future that's going to power our electric cars and trucks. Some of the byproducts of nuclear power is creating hydrogen. This could power our airplanes, trains and ships. I look forward to clean skies without smog or inversion layers. I would much rather live next door to a nuclear power plant then a power plant admitting CO2 gas in other poisons and toxins.
one of the best and concise videos on this topic so far!
*3 MAJOR PLANETARY EVENTS - GLOBAL DISASTER - that will mean that those areas of the earth are now EXTINCT due to nuclear energy* *I think you have to ask that you have to store nuclear waste for a long time wow, why not put the years in numbers? Average 250,000 years* *New research has shown that Nuclear is not good for C02 - building of the nuclear plant, decommissioning need to be be considered and storage - thousands of years - CO2 still there* *Then, there is space nuclear power plants will not be usable for thousands of years . Storage facilities need to be 40 times DEEPER than the London underground - that is quite A BIG space volume, if you are going downwards* *Reliability of Nuclear Power stations have been shut down multiple times due to water cooling shortage - warm weather and fish clogging the water inlets * * Death due to Fukushima is WRONG, the deaths due to evacations is quite large, stress and suicide from people having to move from their homes, etc. due to Nuclear accident due to a number of accidents. Reason, they did not build a tidal wall big enough, and another Japanese Nuclear Plant north of Fukushima oganakawi did and did not have an issue. here for school or just me
Love how this tool mentions direct and immediate fatality as the major reason people fear nuclear tech, when it is long term contamination, deformity, pervasive disease, shortening of life and diminishing of life's quality that people rightly and reasonably fear. the degree of irreversibility and unacceptable length of irreversible contamination far exceeds that of other pervasively used technologies, and exceeds our own and many species abilities to adapt to it while viable. This stupid shill advocates, as do all brainless advocates of nuclear energy, the technology based of false presumption that ideal, peacetime, typical conditions are the only extant ones. We simply cannot afford to have a technology in use whose failure under exceptional but probabalistically inevitable circumstances so irreversibly and terribly compromises human and animal well-being. No fossil fuel comes close to the degree of irreversibility in the extent of its contamination. As for climate change: as human populations might at least subsist at lower levels that are eventually healthy in a warmed world. this is not so with a world full of nuclear waste after exceptional circumstances come to pass - like hurricanes, earthquakes, war, plague and/or state or economic collapse - cause more unforgiving meltdowns or even explosions. Not to mention the pollution from mounting nuclear waste. what happens when the vastly resourced regimes and orders that currently oversee these processes already with much negligence and already imperfectly cease one day to exist all together?! Even if for but a few years, a state collapse is a rare, but statistically inevitable crisis that will highly augment the dangers of meltdown and waste leakage into all kinds of essential ecosystems, food and water supplies. Had Rome powered its might with nuclear energy, woe indeed to the world should Barbarian hordes draw near! In the 1970s, graded gears, an invention previously believed to have surfaced in Europe during the high Middle Ages (1200s), were discovered in a predecessor to the astrolabe aboard a sunken Greek merchant vessel dating from the first century B.C./B.C.E. This was a typical merchant ship from its period and thus its surprise technology was not exceptional for its time. Nonetheless, 1000 years: that is how long it took to recuperate a once utilized and standard technology! In other words, once the chaos of state collapse sets in, you can throw your idealistic notions of nuclear "normalcy," and "oversight" out the window. What would have happened had the Greco-Roman powers possessed nuclear generators In all our sophistication and prosperity, we've already seen the greatest powers of the last century each grapple with unforeseen nuclear failure: Chernobyl, the 3 Mile Island, Fukushima (and these are just the highlights and say nothing of the rotting soviet subs or many precariously stowed reserves of depleted fuel rods). Each disaster occurred when the supervising power in question was at peacetime, had armies of experts and dispatch crews at its immediate disposal, exercised an effective monopoly on force, had access to a highly developed infrastructure, and maintained a manageable external debt, if not an enviable one (true even for the Soviet Union in 1986). But what happens _when that isn't the case_? What happens in the next war? What happens during the next state collapse of a nuclear-powered power? The Soviet Union's member states underwent a very rocky, arduous, but nonetheless *managed* transition into their current form. What happens when that's not so? What happens during the next, unexpected earthquake, hurricane or plague just because the electricity to cooling pumps or their rusted half-auctioned backup pumps dies, or when this happens to a reactor whose shell manifests cracks due to negligence, ballistics, torrents, techtonics or just two of these at once The probability of that happening over the coming course of human history at a single major nuclear facility is nothing short of certain, so long as they are left in operation.

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