Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation (Light Porcelain)

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Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation (Light Porcelain)

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Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Review 010 Light Porcelain
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which shade did she use guys
Holy moly I think this is the oldest video of yours I’ve ever seen! Girl the brows! Haha I love your videos so much... years later and you are wearing the same robe again! Lol 2019 baby!
Did it break you out?
I love this rimmel foundation I have dry n oily skin and it seems to work perfectly fine
Watching in 2019!
2019 :p
Love the foundation
Can you do an updated review on this?!
2018 anyone?
Your eyebrows are freakin perfect in this video---
Looked up a review on this foundation and saw you had one. The way you film hasn't changed much in 4 years! Love it!
Your eyebrows are smokin here :)

My bestfriend in hs had super oily skin all around her face but this made her skin look sooo good and matte. I have oily skin mainly on my nose and after having multiple failed foundations I purchased the other day and am very satisfied.
I love this foundation but unfortunately all the light shades run pink af, which is no good for my yellow undertone skin 😧
when she put her hands near her face, you could totally see how much darker she was for the foundation, #PPS
i love that you do a review for like literally every foundation i could possibly imagine
Love watching old videos of you!
this is so weird i have neverrrr watched your old videos and it’s so weird lmao i love watching your videos cause you’re so acne positive and i feel you on such a heavy level please don’t ever stop making videos
I bought it at Target. I still use Stay Matte foundation in light porcelain and will until it runs out. It's pretty great but I'm gonna switch because Rimmel isn't cruelty free (something I recently discovered. I'm also REALLY darn pale but it was too pink for me. I also have SUPER dry skin so this foundation is frustrating in winter :/

That looks great on you :) your skin is flawless. A while back you posted a video on some Rimmel items that were on a great sale at walgreens and while there I stumbled across the stay matte foundation display which was also part of the sale, I think 40% off. I grabbed two but have yet to try them. I have very oily skin as well so I think I'll dig them out :) thanks for the review!
mine was 091 light ivory. its lighter then ivory.
I love this foundation! I was skeptical because of how thick it was but it goes on the skin so smooth and doesn't look caked on.
I have porcelain and it's perfect my favourite foundation
i use light porcelain which is the lighter shade than ivory and in matches me perfectly
Is it bad if I'm even paler than you 😶
Your eyes are so beautiful! Such a pretty green(: your so lucky haha!
I have the stay matte primer but I didn't know there was a foundation too lol
They now make one lighter it's called 'light porcelain'
Look on the Rimmel London website for the USA and the UK to compare: in the United States this foundation comes in a Light Porcelain shade and in the United Kingdom this foundation only comes in an Ivory shade. Don't know why that is but I hope this helps as to why you can't find the lightest shade available! 
Are you canadean ? :)
There is 010 light porcelain but that has a very pink undertone
I purchased this in 010 light porcelain!
This is the only foundation I can find that matches my skin (other than one that is $95 for 3 oz). The light porcelain is a tad darker than my skin but it is not enough to notice. I put a translucent powder over my face because I feel like I have to but with this foundation it is not needed. :D (I got mine at Walmart)
There are actually two later shades. One is porcelain and the next one up is like ivory. It's number 91, and mine is light ivory I think you should try it as well
New subscriber here! Thanks for the review :) my coworker is into youtbe and she said I looked like you so I had to check you out. I used to be blonde. The brown hair is new for me
What brush are you using?
The actually do have a lighter shade it called porcelain
I think the colour looks fine!
Please help, what is undertone in shade 100 Ivory?
what shade are you in mac foundation? i am an NC15 and am wondering if this shade or the paler shade would suit me better
Where do you find it?
I had to Scrub it off haha it’s good I got the wrong colour tho too white, my fav one atm is that one and superstay 24h it’s sweatproof and stuff it’s good and u really have to scrub to get it off which I like haha I hate foundation that easily come off
Hard to tell as the foundation wasnt suitable for your skin type.Good reviee video anyway. Sorry about the dumb guy who was rude to you. Karmas a bit..
The video was really good, but first of all - u shouldn't use foundation on your neck or ears. second one - stop touching your face - it will helps a lot :)
I’d have replied, “Peewee, the only way my skirt would come off in your bedroom is if Channing Tatum showed up!!!”. Then a smiled and rolled my eyes. These guys are betting you won’t say anything. Embarrassing them usually makes them think twice about doing it again.👍🏼
Hi, Kandy PLEASE do a wedding make up tutorial using affordable make up - from primer to setting spray!
Name online app foundation
Doesn't compare to loreal infallible matte this went into my pores broke down after a couple of hours absolutely horrible I can put loreal infallible matte on at eleven in the morning and it's still looking good at eleven at night the best drugstore foundation
Which product you have used before foundation??
Oh girl.... I Iaugh inside in such a situation even though it's actually sad. There's nothing you can do, such a man are empty and not worth of any reaction. Thank you for the review. Have a great day and let go 😘
Daai ou is n asshole!!!!!!!IN HIS DREAMS!!!!!!!
Jy lyk beautiful in swart girrrrrrrl ❤️❤️
Twist the strands you want to clip up and then clip them, looks super cute
A good honest review on the Matte Rimmel Foundation Kandy, I saw it the other day at Clicks and was tempted to buy it but I know my skin leans abit towards the dry side at times and judging by how it looks at the end of the day, I think I will be giving it a miss .Probably works best for short term wear , like for an evening out. Enjoyed the review ! Sorry to hear what happened to you whilst going to the mall, we live near a shopping centre and when my husband asked me one day why I wasn’t walking to the shops when I needed to get something at the Spar , I said “you must be crazy, when I walk along the road all I get is random cat calls from cars passing by and I don’t feel safe ”. I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt and wasn’t dressed up at all. It made me feel extremely uncomfortable. My husband was so shocked to hear this and completely then understood. It’s terrible that we live in a society like this and it’s not right and acceptable !! ☹️
Just a question why is it okey for men to say what they please and us woman just get told to "suck it up". It's not okey!
Thank you for your review! 😊 don't think I'll be purchasing this foundation though. I feel your anger, I absolutely hate it when men think they can do and say as they want! they have you questioning your outfit. Enough is enough!
Kandy. its a no from me for this foundation. If anything it should at least last a full work day, as for the comments from those men, I think we need to start saying something back and telling them how rude they are to say such things. If we dont fight back, things will not change. that was straight up sexual harassment.
I still can't believe what that guy said. It's so sad that as women we have to constantly be judged and treated like we are.
Maybe my way is not the best but I would tell him to go f@#% themselves pieces of s@&! Assholes. Rubbish. #rantover. Love the review though 😘
I'm so sorry that that happened to you! It's gotten to the point where disgusting men like that don't even surprise me anymore, especially within the culture in SA at the moment :( You did absolutely nothing wrong. Guys really need to realize what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, especially towards women.