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Buy Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (Soft Beige) online at Amazon. Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (Soft Beige) . Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (Soft Beige) available in Colours: ...

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Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (Soft Beige) price at Amazon - ₹1,117 ₹4,556

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Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (Soft Beige) Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (Soft Beige) available in Colours:
  • Beige

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 rimmel stay matte liquid mousse foundation soft beige
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Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation
Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation
Thanks! I needed a tutorial on this because I am using this foundation as part of my Uncle Fester Halloween costume, to hide bald cap etc.
Yeah that was waaaay to much product on your skin
Which shade of remel stay mate foundation you used in this video?
Which shade u use?
For fair tone
You have beautiful skin. Great video new sub by the way can’t wait to see more videos in the future happy holidays
You look 100 times beautiful without any makeup and foundation
i bought this foundation yesterday and I have question I don't want to wear it everyday and is it ok if I used it 2019 janurary is it going to expire
I just bought this foundation this past weekend and today is my second day wearing it. It's so good! It's one of the best drugstore foundations; it's in my top 3 along with Outlast 3in1 and the Covergirl matte bb cream!
What shade ??
Love it! Definitely worth trying!
da của chị đẹp quá
Seriously? If I had this (your) skin, I would never put makeup on it!
I thought you were already wearing the foundation. Your skin is flawless.
i really want to try this foundation but idk which color will match me
u used too much of it
And too much blush placed in the wrong place on your face. It goes higher up on your cheekbones, NOT the apples.
Girl, you used WAY too much product.
you're skin is already so nice and smooth. I use that foundation and it looks like you may have put on a bit too much of the foundation. i did the same thing when i first used it! lol
How long Duse it take
I used it and I bought Natural Beige. I also felt like I was wearing a mask when I put. The coverage is really good and it will get build up if you put to much on. I have oily skin. Next time I will use my fingers to put it on instead of a makeup sponge
I hate this foundation now this is in my dustbin 😂
Hi people 😊 can anyone tell me if this is oil free please. I need an oil free foundation to use with "my perfect eyes"
I use this product. I like that it wears good most of the day. I pair it with their stay matte primer and the setting spray. I have combo to dry skin. Agree on the dry patches but it does a really good job covering my acne but it is very thick for a mousse. But has better coverage than the Maybelline dream matte mouse.
Thank you for honest review.
I am in love with this foundation I have it in true beige too! the most awesome foundation I have ever tried! absolutely gorgeous! feels so light on my face and coverage is ugh unbelievable! I feel younger instantly like 5 years younger!! since it is mousse you need a little amount of the product! not cakey or flaky on my face! I have more of a dry skin but my T zone is oily my nose specifically! I highly recommend this one! I have tried tones of foundation some really textured my skin some are cakey some are dry some have no coverage! so watery so runny!! etc.! but this is heaven!
I have that same product
I think it just depends on how you apply it, personally I love this foundation! :) I use the matte primer as well ;D
Why dont you use beauyblwnder
You does look like mariah carey😇
Natural light was sooo helpful!! Thank u!!
I have always use foundations from Sephora and Macy's but I got this one and I love it more than clinique, lancome, dr. Brown, etc. and other $$$ brands. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't bother me.
Do not get this if you have dry skin it wont work
I hate this foundation, it's sooooo dry when applying it, it ain't smooth at all... The coverage is like sand and it's sooooo cakey. I would not recommend this shit product. I used it 3 times and never again. Such a bad product. I love their eye products btw.
I love this foundation!
This is definitely one of my favorites
I hate that foundation its pure cake!!!
You are so gorgeous!!
Im in love with this foundation. I didnt use that much foundation before i found this one. But this is just so good. Just dont use that much, and get a good blush and bronzer
hey!! I have a question. are you MAC NC 25? or which shade in MAC do you use?
I'd agree with everything. It is a very odd product. First it's very dry for me and looks like cake (maybe I used too much of it not sure), then my face starts to get very oily and in the end, when I wash my face it's insanely hard to wash off, like my face was covered in butter. I wanted to like this one but I can't. Also it leaves not a matte but ashy finish.
Worked amazing for me.
I buff this in with circular motions with my It Cosmetics Blurring Foundation brush and I love it. My skin is very oily. I don't use much, maybe a pea size. Thanks for your review! Xo
I have extremely oily acne prone skin and I got recommended this I agree it feels greasy putting it on but when it drys it's not
really?? it worked perfectly for mr..stayed matte for more than 7 hours n I have really oily skin
I love this product i have very oily skin and its very matte!! 
Sorry to hear that you weren't impressed with this foundation. I recently bought it and I really like it. I find that it gives me light-to-medium, buildable coverage. And, I like that it has absolutely no scent. Now, I have combo/oily skin +I live in a humid climate, so the usage of a setting powder over it is a must for me. I know that wearing this foundation alone will not leave my face completely matte all day. Which is why, I always make sure to set the foundation well with powder.
this is an amazing review, thanks!!!
I bough I today in the lightest color, and it's a perfect match. I love it
What shade are you wearing?
Thanks for the review. Please go straight to the point. For over two minutes the talk focused on it did not work.
I was going to try it But I have oily skin so not anymore >.< Thanks for the review :D
I just bought this last night, so this is my first day wearing it, but so far I really love it. I have drier skin, however, so it doesn't feel oily to me at all. My main thing is smoothing out my skin tone, so in terms of coverage it suits me well. I do think that, as with most foundations, it really depends on your needs and your skin type. For someone like me, it does a great job. I love mousse foundations, and have been looking high and low for a replacement for my beloved L'Oreal Magic Smooth that was discontinued last year (wah). This could be a contender?
your hair is to die for.
Looks fabulous for the first hour.... slides off my face right after that :(
This just launched in the states and I am dying to try it. I'm hoping it will perform similarly to my holy grail face product which is quite pricey (tarte tinted bb treatment).
I got it today and I love it . I still respect your opinion but I'm a person with really good skin xx
I am so happy found your channel! you are so lovely!
Your so sweet that's very nice if you thanks x
im just not a fan of it but i agree its a great price x
What color are you in for Maybelline fit me?
They have darker shades now...just picked up Caramel. I can't wait to try it. TFS!
I'm using that shade but it's too much pink for my skin cause I'm warm undertoned with medium shade :'(.. which shade should i use??
hi I bought this product after watching your review and I was very pleased with it.. thank you so much...😃
I'm a shade darker than you and I'm so glad that I found a poc trying this before I buy it.
Where are you from hun?!?! I hear an accent , a familiar accent but I don't want say it yet I want to hear it from you Are you from the Caribbean?!?!?!
This foundation looks great! Mine is coming next week:)
Thank you for this video ! It was very helpfull for me :)
I really do wish that they had more shades. I did a review on this foundation on my channel. I have a similar skin tone to you. I used the sand shade which is a shade up from the one that you got. Have you tried mixing any of them together? Somebody recommended that to me. I just might have to try! I love the shine control, I just wish I could find the proper shade.
6 shades I feel is quite bad for such a well-known brand BUT it offers a shade (light porcelain) that caters to pale people which most other high street brands don't and I really like that. :)
What is your shade in true match? Like w6
Thanks for sharing your review of this foundation. I recently started using this foundation and I really do like it. Now, I can say that this foundation doesn't provide full coverage, but I am totally OK with that. As, I really like the way it leaves my face looking flawless every time I use it. I have combo/oily skin+I live in a humid climate. I know that this foundation will not keep my face matte all day, if I wear it alone. So, I always make sure to set the foundation well every time.
Rimmel Is a UK company, tey go awe fully light.. Like to the fairest of fair. I'm in the US 8shdes. No enough, I think in a little darker ten you (tan/light-medium brown skin)
What is your shade for Mac?
Very helpfull video thank you!
I was expecting a demo :(
I am a fan of the stay matte powder but sadly i just couldn't get on with this foundation :( I even bought the 2 lightest shades & both were just too yellow/orange for my pale skin.After an hour it just felt horrible on my face & my t-zone was slightly oily :( I guess its always a case of different things work for different people.Great review hunni xxx
You look great as always, glowing and golden :-). Have you tried Bobbi Brown's long-wear makeup? Is matte with full coverage. It comes in 19 shades. I have normal/dry skin, this was too matte for me, so I took it back and got the luminous foundation. Also, there's Tarte clay, and Makeup Forever Mat Velvet. My sister has oily skin and she loves Lancome Teint Idole Ultra (spelling may be wrong), she doesn't use a primer and she says its long wear. Thanks for the review.
I would love to see a review on the Stay Matte Primer!
What lipstick did you use? It is stunning!