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Rhythm Band Solid Brass Cymbal : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments

Solid brass construction for perfect tonality when struck or crashed. Includes 1 cymbal with mallet. Size: 7'' Dia. Large wooden knobs allow for a good grip ...


Rhythm Band Finger Cymbals, Two Pair With Straps : Amazon.in ...

Lacquer coated with elastic finger straps. Set of 4 finger cymbals. Solid brass. › See more product details ...


Rhythm Band School Children Musical Instruments Brass Finger ...

These Rhythm Band Brass Cymbals with Knobs are crafted from the finest quality bell brass. Use them to produce crash effects when banged together.


Buy Rhythm Band SE732S 7" Cymbal with Knob and Mallet Online ...

Amazon.in: Buy Rhythm Band SE732S 7" Cymbal with Knob and Mallet online at low ... Single 7" brass cymbal with mallet and a large knob that is specifically ...


Rhythm Band Solid Brass Cymbal Features

  • Solid brass construction for perfect tonality when struck or crashed.
  • Includes 1 cymbal with mallet.
  • Size: 7'' Dia.
  • Large wooden knobs allow for a good grip and stay looking great for years.
  • Great gift for any child.
  • Key specs are not available.

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Rhythm Band Solid Brass Cymbal Reviews from YouTube

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Why would you waste so much money when you can buy 10 products or more for the same price. A decent drummer can tune their snare to the sound and a bit moongel is all that is needed for £6 perhaps add a dampener ring for £3 - less than a tenner and all bases are covered.
wow!!!:) Dunnett Titanium snare
How much
omg wtf is that
I'm a moon gel fan. Have them on all my shells except the kick of course. I love the idea of this though. Being able to add or subtract to it and removing it altogether quickly if wanted. More than anything, I want that snare!!!! Sounds and looks great.
Jesus, I don't think you needed any dampening on that dunnett.(hope I spelled it right) damn that thing sounds great.
Overpriced way of dampening a drum. I can literally dampen the whole kit for the price of one snareweight. I'm personally using the Aquarian t-Tab for my snare and for my needs, it's doing what it's supposed to do plus I can literally play on its surface. I'm not saying snareweight won't be effective, just that it's priced way too high.
am i the only person who likes overtones?
such a waste of money
Do they have those at guitar center?
why waste money buying this when your wallet works just as good if not better
Wanting one of these so bad. Seems like such an amazing product and build.
I like the fact that it lets your drum keep the tuning of the drum. bfsd kinda gives you one sound and only that sound. I feel like you can get a lot of different sounds without drastically changing the tuning of your snare. just my opinion tho. I may have no idea what I'm talking about 😂
I would use them all in a lot of situations! I think they're great. And that drum set is killer!
"they don't look or sound like any other hihats you've seen or heard" actually they look and sound pretty similar to a sabian prototype that greenbrier percussion sold a while ago, the "flower hats", just with a lot more bell.
That is a lot of amazingness. The hats, the ride and the drums plus the first staff demo was over the top amazing af
Seem like a cool second pair of hats for someone who plays weird instrumental music.
Amazing! I think these are perfect for a primary set up. Hi hat sounds and musicality has been stagnate for a century. These make any song more interesting than it could be on the bland and interchangeable brands of hi hats
Why do they have occult symbolism on them?
Imagining those 16" bronze hats working beautifully behind female voice. Every pop / rock recording studio should have a pair. Spectacular.
god those hi hats sound fantastic, id love to play them in an emo/slowcore/shoegaze/math rock context, that ride is also fantastic and the two sound great as a pair
This wasn’t really mentioned, (and the guys almost seemed a bit bummed out because the gear was so different) but I thought the sounds of those instruments brought out a unique, even more creative side to all of their playing styles. I thought it was some of the best drumming I’ve seen from those guys and it’s almost like they didn’t notice it. I thought they made the gear sound great.
I can appreciate the companies taking risks, but risk means it doesn’t always pay off. Cymbals are subjective and it’s not my sound and Yadayada, but these feel like a step in the wrong direction. First, brass is used for beginner cymbals for a reason. They work, they don’t do much else. Brass doesn’t have the same sound qualities as bronze and that definitely shows here. Second, I feel this was done because why not. Yes, trying something different is how we got so many of these innovations, but there are just as many misses as there are hits. The phrase I kept hearing was these are unique and unusual, and that’s it. There was nothing more to these besides the fact that they were different.
wtf is that bass drum IT SOUNDS AMAZING
Those hat's really has a crispy sound which I like...drums are freaking amazing 🔥
Damm kick drum is GOD like.. Can i get a sample of that from your session PLEASE! mixskywalker@gmail.com
Tom is by FAR their best player
Drums sound amazing, but I did not like the hi hats.
Imagine putting one of these hats as part of a stack
I love unique Cymbals. Brings out unique music.. i wish I'm rich enough to get those..
If Fred Flintstone had a drum kit.... these would have been his cymbals.
cool video
K's the best for me.
Mmmm.. K custom dark, Nice demo but how much eq is on that snare, is it really that dead
NOTHING ..beats the Paiste Signature series !!!!!
Sabian is like a poor man's Zildjian. They are garbage.
Im proud of where i live ( İstanbul )
Paiste signature full18 😍😍
1, 4, 5, 9, 10 are the top 5 IMO
Paiste Signatures all the way, for all my crash cymbals. (it is 100% worth the price)
The Sabian HHX Legacy takes the cake IMO.
Question, Im trying to surprise my gf with a crash she needs, but idk shit! Shes looking for something explosive... Idk what that means
I had a Sabian Duo crash 18" that I didn"t like so much. I bought it because I loved my 20" duo ride. I know it is stupid. I still have the ride and I'm looking for a crash. I may be tented by the Agop signature. It is the one impressed me most. Thank you for this video, really interesting and well done.
those sands surpised me
the tird !!!!! 3
Meinl pure alloy has really soothing tonal quality... And very useful video abt crash comparisons. 👍
Each has its Pros & Cons! I 'm just glad I got my Zildjians 15 years ago. My suggestion is buy one or 2 take 'em home and decide, provided the store allows full returns in 10-30 days
All these cymbals are great but I've become a Meinl guy and one day I need to save up for a complete set of Pure Alloys
Damn that Legacy crash is dark yet bright and explosive
What's love got to do with it
I liked that zildjian k custom dark... went to buy one and that 1 cymbal costs $350. Good lord!
I only play Vintage cymbals.
So well done as always brother, you guys at DCP always crushing!!!
Obsessed with the copper.
Sounds great I will wait for a used chandler blue kit to go on the market and it will happen and see if i can pick one up
3:26 ou mistake
Dear Santa for all those years you gyped me out of mini bikes this year a copper A&F kit please.
that drum fill at 3:43 sounded amazing!
they all sound the same
Still not as good as the St. Anger drum sound.👌
That Royal Brass kit! WOW! All of them really but dang!
I don’t like any of them when they solo the room sound...not sure its the drums or the mic
Based on looks, I was hoping the Sabian shells would sound the best but that wasn’t the case at all. That Raw Steel tho...killin it!! The richness of the toms and the full deep sound of the kick...MAN! They hit it out the park with that one. Had me thinking about selling a couple kits!😩😩
I think i liked the copper and brass ones best! Mind you the steel one was quite amazing also.
Shane, have you ever player Odery drums from Brazil?
The first kit sound better for me. Great sound.
Suddenly, every other drumkit represents a compromise... not sure I can make that compromise. I can only imagine what a 26x14 would sound like.
They all sound great but all look hideous.
I loved all of them
I would definetely sell all my drum sets to get just one of these, specially the Mahogany club one, delicious tones.
This video was worth the cost of my monthly internet bill
The last kit sounded best to me.

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