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प्रोडक्ट का मॉडल नंबर, ‎RB917W. रंग, ‎बहुरंग. प्रोडक्ट का वज़न, ‎136 g. निर्माता, ‎Rhythm Band ...


Rhythm Band RB917W Snare Drum Features

  • Features durability and great sound.
  • Non-toxic and safe for children
  • Enhance your musical fun!
  • Great choice for beginners
  • Clear
  • Drums

The lowest Rhythm Band RB917W Snare Drum Price in India is ₹2,715 at Amazon.
Buy Rhythm Band RB917W Snare Drum online at Amazon.
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Rhythm Band RB917W Snare Drum Reviews from YouTube

Natal Pure Stave snare drums hands-on demo for Rhythm Magazine
DPM - 1 - Beginning Snare Drum: Lessons (Grip and Basic Strokes)
CajonTab 10" with Snare - Demo and Review
PDP Black Wax snare drums hands-on demo for Rhythm Magazine
Did the Drums position and tuning change?
I dunno how anyone can judge a drum (or any musical instrument) based on a video demo.......there are just so many variables.
Sorry, don't want to sound bitchy but I'm a bit surprised at the quality of the demo performance and any pro drummer will tell you that playing cross stick on the hoop is best done with the butt end hanging over the hoop not the tip end. Also as Felix says, what is the point of comparing the different drum woods if you are going to tune them differently?
Drums sound chocked.
How is it possible to compare such different snares with different tunings ??? I can't make the difference, sorry...
The Walnut Is My Favorite ! 14"x 6.5.
Like the hi tuned
what are the over tones your talking about. thanks
bang belinya dimana
Deciding to join winter drumline and I've never played snare but I really want to.. im a sax player (: thanks this really helped
Thank you my friend.... I can give it to my students at school. Warm regards from Indonesia
great info Lee
its very useful to me coz am in school band and am the head girl so i have to concentrate on many things .thank u sooo much keep teaching us
where can i buy a pad
Great lessons keep up the great work I'm really nervous because tommorow I have a percussion interview for band in middle school wish me luck!!!
me parece interesante pero sugiero que debería los vídeos tener subtítulos en español para una mejor interpretación ya que todos no hablamos o entendemos el idioma
Great lesson.
The stroke part especially helped me. Thx!
I'm a life-long guitar player who recently (at the age of 44) decided to take up drums recreationally. I learned guitar by trial and error, making mistakes, playing incorrectly, never really having many formal lessons. When I decided to start learning drums, I vowed not to make those same stupid mistakes. Your videos have set me well on the correct path, I feel. Thank you for your uploads! They are very, very helpful.
> never too late 2 learn
hey it's such a good video! i'm starting getting fond of drums but i've never been before, and i wanted to know if it is possible to, like, learn to play drums without having it at home. i mean, i used to have guitar lessons and i needed to buy one, now i'm not into playing guitar like before and i never use it, so i wanted to know if i need to have drums also at the very start and how much do they cost?
This guy is amazing thank you so much!
Good video!
Thank Youuu Sooooo Muchhhhh!!!!
is it possible to do a dead stroke with rimshot?
What the world never knew it always needed.
I used to CNC, laser engrave, and sand those drums ;-)
Purchased this drum based on your review and have really been enjoying it. It’s perfect for travel and camping. My kids and I get out the fiddle, a dulcimer and two ukuleles and have tons of fun together—at home too, but then we usually add a piano. Thanks for tipping us off to this cool musical instrument.
This "snare drum" sounds almost as good as my washing machine and dryer combo!
Lol what a piece of crap.
Good thing he’s wearing a drummer T-shirt otherwise I would have never known lol.
I have one and am considering putting a mic on it for efficacy. Would that hurt the tone? Is there a proffered way to mic it? Thank you!
Very versatile..good drum and also a nice home for my pet mouse as long as I remember to keep the sound hole open..my mouse complained about hurting himself on the sharp corners though..great review again 😁😁😅
The price is ridiculous but it sounds good
Is there a specific way to play the cajon?
vs tama slp classic maple?
bottom tunung and to tuning ???
Jesus, could you think of a way to tune those snare's with more ring. Like why make the rim shots sound like shit shots. YOUR BETTER THAN THIS!!!!
These sound really great. I'd never think to crank a 7" deep drum like this, but it sounds killer here.

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