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Buy Rhythm Band Mini Pan Steel Drum online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Rhythm Band Mini Pan Steel Drum Colours: Steel
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Mini Pan Steel Drum . shop for Rhythm Band products in India ...

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rhythm band Mini pan Steel Drum : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments

rhythm band Mini pan Steel Drum : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


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  • Key specs are not available.
Rhythm Band Mini Pan Steel Drum Colours:
  • Steel

The lowest Rhythm Band Mini Pan Steel Drum Price in India is ₹37,396 at Amazon.
Buy Rhythm Band Mini Pan Steel Drum online at Amazon.
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Rhythm Band Mini Pan Steel Drum Reviews from YouTube

Jambie Jam Steel Pan - Demo
HAPI DRUM and AQUADRUM - Comparison
Steel Drum Comparison (Hapi, Kaizen, RAV, handpan
Pan in A Minor - Steel Drums - Steel Pan - Steel Rhythm Steel Drum Band - Lord Kitchener
I just wanted to hear the steal pan without other instruments in the background. So this was nice cause that was hard to find.
I didn't know Mr. Clean played the steel pan
How often do you have to get this pan tuned? Does it cost the same as a full sized steel pan?
this is addicting! love it! Thank you for the wonderful videos ❤️
Today is my first day with a steel pan. Any suggestions on tutorials besides this one? You helped me get started but I'd love more!
Soooooooo neat Kalani love this steal pan drum cool!!!!!!
if you want to learn a bit more, like playing with a group and what not come by and visit electric city steel pans in scranton pa. it’s nice to meat new people and teach eachother! check it out on facebook.
This is such a great sound!!! You make it look effortless and easy to play. Been playing with the idea of getting one for quite some time now. Absolutely love this sound....
find a real TRINI MAN to build you , your own real Pan
the word "jumbie" means spirit or ghost bck home in T&T
Wow! AMAZING tones, resonances, and reverb. Doesn't even sounds like an instrument if you close your eyes.
I personally know Shelly and Steve who founded Panyard. They left years ago and so Panyard now imports all their pans now. I’m a professional steel pan player, I get payed to play, who plays the tenor, not lead, and double seconds. Mannette didn’t invent the steel pan, he either created the double
If you hit anywhere except those indents does it make a sound or no
Nepali drums. It's great and variation of sound is ranged in a single drum is awesome.
Try nepali drums 😀
Being from Trinidad 🇹🇹 Tobago,I must compliment your accuracy on the basic history of the steelpan. On behalf of T&T thank you for sharing with the world.
Hi Kalani, 5:25 I was introduced to the 'steel pan' about 47 years ago by a street musician from Trinidad and Tobago. His accent was so thick it sounded like he was saying "still pon." After about five attempts, I figured he was saying "steel pan." 😖
Thanks for the info, on the name of the company.
why do you make me want to buy every percussion instrument 😩
Teacher, you have a warm manly voice, nice. 😁 Hapi sounds better 🤭 of coz. Yellow drum is bright and gay to behold.....
I am a serious fan of the World Drum Club. I recently ordered a steel hand pan drum from China.
Have a Meinl tongue drum that kills both of these in terms of sound.
AQUADRUM sounds more metallic to my lugholes
I guess these drums aren't really made to play a song but just random hitting
Hapi summit's mom's an intentional instrument, while aqua sounds like someone's playing around with a transom object that makes a "fun" sound. Aqua is tinny. Hapi is melodic.
Finally, someone who actually knows how to play drums showing what these can do.
The question Everybody has in their mind.... How much are they???
Great! going to share this...
Hy I do prefer the aquadrum profound sound hapi more compact
I just ordered a aquadrum today. I never played any percussive instrument, so its going to be an adventure :D
Nice technique
As someone new to this and who came here from a hand-pan video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0O6SFM48Fc this seems like a poor man's version of a hand-pan. That seems a bit rude, I understand. Is it the the same basic principal in terms of getting the thing to make a sound? These look as though they are cylindrical with squared off 'horse shoe' shapes cut out of the material, which I guess is steel. How much would a person need to understand of musical theory in order to make a reasonable go of learning to play one to a level that's worth bothering with? (to a level that sounds like music). Thanks a lot.
black one is better no contest in my oppinion. cant wait for the small copper one i ordered from hapi! :3
I bet the HAPI Drum would make me happier with my flutes. Thank you for the comment about the NAFs. I looked at these a month ago and could not decide so haven’t purchased yet. Would it be advantageous to buy a tuneable drum for the NAFs? Maybe down the road as it would be too advanced for me at this time I think. 🤔 Days later: oh boy, I got the HAPI Drum! I’m so HAPI! Thanks for the review! 👏🏻
O prefer scale mystic
neither compare to a hang/handpan .. the sound is abrasive .. but it gets the same idea across for like what 1/16th the price?
I REALLY like the yellow one
Hello, I'm a handpan player and I suggest that the handpan is not a good quality and maybe it should be changed. I personally love MAG Instruments from Hungary.
Sounds wonderful
Your playing reminds me of Indian classical instruments
hi, how can i get the white drum? help pls
Wow! The difference in tone. Thanks for this informative video. You are a delight to listen to!
Is there something with playing these drum that causes men to grow dreadlocks? Thanks for the video
I want to smoke a bowl with this guy and get lost in the woods
This music is soothing to listen to when you have a loss.
Very nice! Thank you very much
This guy has a blackbelt in being a hippie. ;-) Liked the medium size ones the best.
hey man very informative video! I was wondering if you could steer me in the right direction. I really want to have a custom handpan in the scale of an Alice in chains song, called Down in a Hole. my late best friend had just passed and we would jam to that song as kids (i know ironic the name) but what pan sonically would compliment that song? weather its a certain style, maker, ect. and what would the scale be? I appreciate your time. thanks in advance
Hapi makes one called an Omni, which has been my favorite from the Hapi company. I have tried their Mini, UFO, and Slim
these are such beautiful looking and sounding instruments!
Dude with filthy matted hair mentioning "sound healing". I'm not sure what I expected. lol
Thank you for the helpful video.
Многие в России сомневаются о нашем будущем. Когда есть люди, творящие такие инструменты, можно смело сказать: у нас светлое будущее!
Oh...My...God>>> A.V.F. I almost spit out my coffee!
Can I say something from my heart? You were the first video I saw about handspans, you were so kind and helpful, and now, look at me. Making songs is all I want to do now! It’s a big thanks to you, and I feel in your debt.
The handpan part sounded so good i started dancing 😭❤️
Thanks so much for watching again!!! We have a huge list of songs we plan to record for you, but would love to hear your suggestions! We hope to get tons of videos done once it warms up a bit!! 😎
Watching from Orlando Florida, great music
Aahh, you make my heart ache. Evoked a memory of Kitchener on stage, performing this song. Well done!
Your pan music makes me feel like I'm taking a vacation in the Caribbean, sitting in an Adirondack chair with a rum drink (or margarita) in my hand. I can listen to your music all day, it is so peaceful. I think Buffet, Marley and Toots & the Maytals music sounds great on pans.
Hi from Muskoka, Ontario, Canada aka God's Country. Love all your tunes. Can you add "Dance with my Father" by Luther Vandross? Thx, and stay well!
Damm love the sound hey from Denmark "København" love you ;)
loving this
love the sounds, I enjoy your music. Listening in Southern California.
Nice!! here from 🇹🇹😍
Hi from Svendborg in Denmark - your sound always remember me, when I was a very young engineer cadet in Maersk Line, we came to Trinidad, and I heard the steel drums for the first time - wow...
Ouff. J'ai cru que vous aviez disparues en 2021 Chouette..cette prise de parole en fin de video.....(°+°)
This is one of your best yet! Really cheering us up in Oxford, England,!
is a solar powered bass?
You guys need to play with a lot more ENERGENY.
Thank you for the video. Performing in the open like that must make recording Extra difficult. To answer your question, I'm in Maine - Temp is minus 2 Windchill is minus 17 and waiting for a snowstorm. I'd rather be in the Caribbean... Thank you again for a delightful few minutes!
I don’t know how the electric bass player pulled of using electricity I didn’t see a generator or extension cord anywhere another great video my only question where is n b I was curious as to what beach your on. Thanks
OMG...love this tune....you guys are awesome...what a great way to start my weekend, especially when we’re getting ready for a nor’easter snow storm......thanks for bringing such beautiful tune....it stays in the mind and will be dancing to it....my wife is looking at me like I’m crazy...
Always enjoy listening from Delaware.
Watching from Ontario Canada,, It's cold here!
Makes me long for warmer weather instead of snow today in Wyoming! Great job as usual! Thanks!

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