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Buy Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Stormy Pink) online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Stormy Pink) Colours: Pink
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Amazon Offers ₹1,075
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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Stormy Pink) Features

  • #011 Stormy Pink #1 Lip Brand* LiquiSilk formula seals in color and softness Available in four finishes: crème, matte, pearl, and sheer Formulated for superior comfor
  • Key specs are not available.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Stormy Pink) Colours:
  • Pink

The lowest Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Stormy Pink) Price in India is ₹1,075 at Amazon.
Buy Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Stormy Pink) online at Amazon.
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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Stormy Pink) Specifications

Technical Details
Color pink
Model 1415-11

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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Stormy Pink) Reviews from YouTube

*New* Revlon Stormy Pink Matte Lipstick Review
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 14 Colors Swatches on lips
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks Swatches | Matte, Creme
Revlon Lipstick : Super Lustrous and Moon Drops + Lip Swatches
If anyone is looking for a solid colour pay off, Revlon matte stormy pink is not the right lipstick for you. Otherwise, stormy pink is initially a bit sheerer and you can build colour to be more opaque which makes it very versatile because you can wear it different ways depending on your mood and the occasion. It is not poorly formulated. It is meant to be that way. Stormy pink was created in the 1950's and is still one of Revlon's popular colours. As is the nature of matte lipsticks, you have to have smooth lips in order for it to look good. If you have chapped, dry or peeling lips, it will really show with a matte lipstick so you have to exfoliate for even coverage. I love stormy pink. I love the colour and I love the flexibility that the formula gives me. Against my light/medium skin tone, it never looks too sheer. Even with a single swipe I have good pigment. I guess as with any cosmetic product, it all depends on your skin tone.
Anyone looking for this color in a higher end it's MAC PINK NOUVEAU
This lipstick is te rri ble!!!!!! I thought I had gotten a bad one so I bought a second one! The quality is horrible... soooo so patchy, sheer and flaky... makes your lips look dry and chapped! I hate it. I know I'm not the only one who hates it.
Mine applies streaky and patchy and just goes all over the place its a mess!!! And the color is so pretty so its extremely disappointing. Looking for a dupe in a high end brand for this
The one I have doesnt really show up unless I put a bunch of layers of it on but its still a fabulous color
Maybe uv got a bad one? Mines nothing like that. Its actually really pigmented n one of my fav go tos
I bought the color started using it and I love it it, really works on me I only apply once. wet n wild has matte lipsticks as well they work good :)
maybe it didn't work for u but i had this lipstick for the longest and i love it its really pigmented on my lips and it looks beautiful -_-
I have pink pout and it is no where near a dupe for pink Friday by Mac it's more of a dupe for snob by Mac
This lipstick, is SHEER,, write different from the other matte lipsticks they got... Try pink poute its a dupe for nicki minaj pink friday lipstick that was limited edition..
I have it too the color is beautiful but i had the same exact problem it applies like crap!!! It hard and streaky! But usually i love revlon lipsticks but this one isnt so great textire wise
Sorry I disagree. This is one of my favorite lipsticks, super pigmented and it even shows up on my already naturally pigmented lips. Its a beautiful blue toned pink and it status on my lips for a long time kinda like a stain. I'm really sorry that it didn't work out for you cuz I really really love mine!
Thanks for saving me some money hunny!
Actually, I love that it's not super pigmented. It makes it buildable for me, so I can swipe until I get it to the right level for my skin tone.. It also makes it easier for daily wear. I notice that if you use just 1 or two swipes it maybe enhances your lips instead of coloring them in. I just love this lipstick :)
i really love my stormy pink, mine is really pigmented... i wonder why the pigmentation differs):
After watching this video. I won't be buying this lipstick. I really hate having to bulid up on a lipstick which when I expect from the tube to be pigmented.
I went today in a store and swatched it, I was so disappointed! They all rave about it and it sucks.
I love the effect of this stick. Its exactly d way i wanted it to come out! Like classic dry effect-hence matte
It does look like a sheer lipstick but at the same time your lips are also highly pigmented . Sometimes that kind of hinders the full pigmentation pay off of a lipstick. You may have gotten a bad batch also. thanks for the video!! =)
So calming
Where we found these lipstic
Great video!! I’m going to get a few of these now.. I have several already.. thanks for this 😉
Black cherry that I bought looks more like va va violet in this video-vampy flat purple, beautiful but too cold for my face.
Thank you so much! 💓
This video is incredible in quality, thank you for getting right to the point, and your editing is phenomenal and tasteful and I love it
All colours are fabulous 👌
Koi bhy color achaa nahy hai ,👆👎👎👎👎😂
Black Cherry and Va Va Violet
Good idea to show how it looks on lips
is there anyone at Revlon or otherwise that can tell me which shades are in my "All- in one Pallette? It doesn't say the shade... (omg) it only states on the back "4 beautiful shades of lustrous lipstick."
Nice colours plz mera b channel he the imtahal show k name se ap is ko b dhake
They are not easily available n those available are very expensive
I bought a rose velvet and it's super nice!
Lanat ho tum pe namber to btati
Attractive colors
haoです。レブロンリップ大好き❤💕若い頃から大好き! 色が最高!塗りごこち最高! ぜ〜んぶほしい❤️💕😍
Great video. Thank you for no chit chat. Very organized. Great job!
But all the colours look different on her lips.
Unpopular opinion ? I think Revlon lipsticks are better than high end and other low end lipsticks. They are so smooth and beautiful and make your lips pop out even without a liner. I love them!
Funny, I thought I'd like Stormy Pink better based on other reviews but now that I've seen Pink in the Afternoon on you, I like it more. So different to see it on the lips than just swatched on the back of the hand.
I love Revlon. I started wearing l/s maybe 7 yrs ago lol I’m 34 but wear very minimal makeup 💄 well cherries in the snow was my first Revlon shade, 😍😍😍😍
Great video!💖💖💖
Excellent video Jessica , very informative , I love , love , my lipsticks , my mother was exactly the same , wouldn't go out without my lipstick on , but just like you I hate smelly lipsticks , thanks so much for sharing .
Peach me was my first lipstick.. it's very close to my heart.. my dad gave me some money to buy makeup.. i was only 13 then... 2001... Though the lipstick is long gone i still keep the case
In my quest for different and beautiful reds, I must get the Cherries in the Snow now!
Can you do an updated video of this!?
I love the shade stormy pink.
Can you do a updated video of revlon and loreal fall lipsticks.
The shade I have is called love is on and it is a beautiful blue based red
Cherries in the snow is my fav
you made me buy cherries in the snow lipstick.. It looks gorgeous on you lady.
Are the rumors that Pink in the Afternoon shade was close to what Audrey Hepburn used in Breakfast at Tiffany's true? The swatch here looks more pinkish than peach. On other sites I've researched, they're more peachy than pink. I'm confused 😢
Pinks look great on her...
gosh you're so pretty when you smile😍
I have the pink in the afternoon
I bought one shade of the Milani lipstick, and the smell was terrible. Haven't bought another, but I'm going to check them out again because of your video. Thank you!
My favorite shade is "Pink in the afternoon" because Audrey Hepburn wore this lipstick for the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's"😍
Napansin kolang more in pink sya at red
I love 💖.love that pink shade
I m in pakistan .lahore city
From where I can buy these
What's its original price
🌹 dew excellent 👌
Love that pink is a shade from the early 1950s 🤗
What’s name of first song
I'm so sad because I can't find my all-time favorite lipstick. It is from about 2000 REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick Roseglow 115 Frost. Please help ❤️ 🧡 💛
Love That Pink, Berry Haute, Black Cherry
Bwahaha you made a face after applying Rosedew and I thought it was the prettiest on you. :)
Great video. Very organized, very informative. Stayed on the subject. Great job. Thank you.
I got confused when you started talking about coral berry frosted and it has "a limit"?
All look good on you ❤️
Thank you for all that great info !
These colors are beautiful. I have bought the drugstore Revlon lipsticks and like so many they always are perfumey and taste awful to the point I usually look for new formulas, bought some high end Revlon Ultima II which they don't make anymore, I don't think. Merle Norman doesn't taste bad. I was wondering if Revlon lipsticks in the drugstore has changed before I buy any again. Can someone tell me if they still smell of perfume and taste bad? No one on any videos really ever talk about this. Am I the only one that finds some them disgusting and can't wear because of a bad taste? Thanks.
I swear is there a color that doesn't look good on you. I could maybe get away with like two of these colors. You just seem to get cuter with each one. Thank you for another swatch video. I'm always defeated by lipstick.
I love pearly ones on you,they suit you well.Seems you prefer lipsticks exactly like
How can Coralberry be so (relatively) dark on you, as it's almost a nude on me! :) (And a bit too bright to the boot, but then it is a True Spring lipstick.)
Could you please indicate the shades you like in the description box since you mentioned that some were a miss for you? Thanks

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