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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Cherry Blossom) Features

  • #028 Cherry Blossom
  • #1 Lip Brand
  • Non caking and lightweight formula for superior comfort
  • Formulated with vitamin E and avocado oil to seal in moisture
  • Micro-fine pigments for high impact and long-lasting color
  • Key specs are not available.

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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Cherry Blossom) Specifications

Lipstick Traits
Finish Gloss
Organic No
Quantity 4.2 g

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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Cherry Blossom) Reviews from YouTube

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[Drugstore Legends] Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks Review
Unpopular opinion ? I think Revlon lipsticks are better than high end and other low end lipsticks. They are so smooth and beautiful and make your lips pop out even without a liner. I love them!
Funny, I thought I'd like Stormy Pink better based on other reviews but now that I've seen Pink in the Afternoon on you, I like it more. So different to see it on the lips than just swatched on the back of the hand.
I love Revlon. I started wearing l/s maybe 7 yrs ago lol I’m 34 but wear very minimal makeup well cherries in the snow was my first Revlon shade,
Great video!
Excellent video Jessica , very informative , I love , love , my lipsticks , my mother was exactly the same , wouldn't go out without my lipstick on , but just like you I hate smelly lipsticks , thanks so much for sharing .
Peach me was my first lipstick it's very close to my heart my dad gave me some money to buy makeup i was only 13 then. 2001. Though the lipstick is long gone i still keep the case
In my quest for different and beautiful reds, I must get the Cherries in the Snow now!
Can you do an updated video of this!?
I love the shade stormy pink.
Can you do a updated video of revlon and loreal fall lipsticks.
The shade I have is called love is on and it is a beautiful blue based red
Cherries in the snow is my fav
you made me buy cherries in the snow lipstick It looks gorgeous on you lady.
Are the rumors that Pink in the Afternoon shade was close to what Audrey Hepburn used in Breakfast at Tiffany's true? The swatch here looks more pinkish than peach. On other sites I've researched, they're more peachy than pink. I'm confused
Pinks look great on her.
gosh you're so pretty when you smile
I have the pink in the afternoon
I bought one shade of the Milani lipstick, and the smell was terrible. Haven't bought another, but I'm going to check them out again because of your video. Thank you!
My favorite shade is "Pink in the afternoon" because Audrey Hepburn wore this lipstick for the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
My god rum raisin looks totally different on my lips
Realy red very beautiful color
Thanks sis. Great video. Please keep it coming
I think the pigmentation is awful because u applied million times to come out the colour on lips.A big no from my side
I am medium tone I live complexion and I have trouble finding colors and shades of pink the complement my skin tone. But shades in red and brown look good.
I like Revlon
Hican u do more revlon lustrous lipstick swatchesREVLON
New channel supporter and I enjoyed watching this video. High five! I look forward to browsing your channel in the near future! I hope you subscribe back! Have a wonderful day HUGS
You kinda remind me of Dulce Candy, back in like 2008
ชอบใช้คะ ไม่ทำให้ปากดำคลำ้และผิวปากไม่แห้ง ใช้ดีมากเลยคะ
Lipstick is my secret passion. I love how it makes my face look brighter ☺️. Russian Red by Mac is my current favorite. The first one I ever wore was Revlons Moon Drops Million Dollar Red, that one looked so pretty.
hey, can you please share the link for really red shade, I have been searching for it but it's not there in any beauty shop. I that shade it just looks perfect on you I desperately want to buy that!
Finally there's another girl with my same dark lips☺️☺️☺️ I find it soooooo hard to find lipsticks that look nice on me. I always have to wear a nude lip liner just so that the color comes through.
Very, very pretty!
Great video & review :) new subscriber :) I would love it if you could check out my channel and we can support each other
Such pretty colors. I love the Really Red on you
Can someone confirm if the red shade at 4:11 is called "Wine It Over"? I can't seem to find it.
I like Gold Pearl Plum. Will also buy it. Thanks for this video.
I very2 love revlon super lustrous. I use since 2005
Maybelline's city heat bricks collection shade no 02 Madison red is exactly similar to Toast of New York
I have used about a 100 or more Revlon lipsticks in my life. They always do lips well.
Wine with Everything, Pink in the Afternoon, Toast of New York. All Classics. I am definitely going to get the ones you tried on.
My fave Revlon lipstick is Rose Velvet in the creme finish. I wanted to grab that wine shade. Looks so good!
I have three of the Revlon matte lipsticks with the brushed silver casing when they first came out, a brick red one, vampy dark wine colored one and a delicate pink. You can tell which ones are the new matte lipsticks from Revlon also by the packaging- they have a black packaging that is slightly Matte and on the lid at the top of the lipstick there isn't the little see through window where you can see the color of the bullet like on the regular super lustrous lipsticks. thank goodness all the super lustrous Revlon lipsticks got rid of the awful fragrance they used to have in the 80s and the 90s when I first started wearing lipstick. It was awful, and I'm not even affected by scents. I just found an old stash of lipsticks from the 90s of the Revlon super lustrous, and the scent was very heavy I forgot about that. Please tell me what color lipstick you're wearing in the video it is lovely.
The Revlon lipstick collection was colourfully informative.I liked the detailed info.
Champagne On Ice didn't fit for me either the shade made me look washed up.
I feel the same way about lipstick shades not only to go well with our skin tone but to also compliment our hair color too. One in particular is a sheer shade is Peach Parfait and wasn't feeling the shade at all so I exchanged it for Blushing Nude which I like better. To each it's own.
I have both Blushed, and Smoky Rose and loved them both. I agree Blushed is great for an everyday look same with Smoky Rose, and Blushing Nude.
I had a color similar to Black Cherry. The shade was Black Berry when I was 19. It got discontinued. It's been a while since I touched a Revlon Lipstick.
Pink Cloud is too much over the top. Mauve It Over looks better on you.
Toast Of New York is one of my all time favorites since I first purchase it in 1995 when I was a high school sophomore. That shade put Claudia Schiffer on the map along with Naturally Nude which that shade has been discontinued. Toast Of NY came out in 1984 and still iconic.
what color are you using in this video?
I love these because they have shades that have been around for decades. All the ones I own are reds. Really red (matte), Rich girl red (sheer), Certainly red (cream), Ravish me red (cream), and Love that red (cream). I believe the last three have been around since the 50's or 60's and I think that's awesome. I love retro red lipsticks.
Starts at about 3 mins
Your review videos are always so thorough. I love your honesty about the product .keep going strong dear . U r amazing
I absolutely LOVE Toast of New York, it's a piece of the 90s I will always keep in my collection. I love Really Red (matte), and my nudes, Bare Affair (cream), and Mink (cream).

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