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REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick, Plum Velour, Shine Finish. byREVLON. Color: Plum VelourSize: 3.7 g (Pack of 1)Change ... 2 people found this helpful.


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Revlon Shine Lipstick (Plum Velour) (Pack of 2) Features

  • Exclusive LiquiSilk formula
  • *pack of 2
  • Silky-smooth, creamy texture
  • This Product is Shipped from USA within 7 to 14 days of reciept of order.
  • Key specs are not available.

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Revlon Shine Lipstick (Plum Velour) (Pack of 2) Reviews from YouTube

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick | Review & Swatches
OMG! New Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipsticks Lip Swatches & Review
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REVLON Super Lustrous GLASS SHINE Lipsticks: LIP SWATCHES & Review
My god rum raisin looks totally different on my lips
Realy red very beautiful color
Thanks sis. Great video. Please keep it coming
I think the pigmentation is awful because u applied million times to come out the colour on lips.A big no from my side
I am medium tone I live complexion and I have trouble finding colors and shades of pink the complement my skin tone. But shades in red and brown look good.
I like Revlon
Hi!!can u do more revlon lustrous lipstick swatchesREVLON
New channel supporter and I enjoyed watching this video... High five!!! I look forward to browsing your channel in the near future! I hope you subscribe back! Have a wonderful day HUGS !!!!
You kinda remind me of Dulce Candy, back in like 2008
Lipstick is my secret passion. I love how it makes my face look brighter . Russian Red by Mac is my current favorite. The first one I ever wore was Revlons Moon Drops Million Dollar Red, that one looked so pretty.
hey, can you please share the link for really red shade, I have been searching for it but it's not there in any beauty shop.I that shade it just looks perfect on you I desperately want to buy that!
Finally there's another girl with my same dark lips I find it soooooo hard to find lipsticks that look nice on me. I always have to wear a nude lip liner just so that the color comes through.
Very, very pretty!
Great video & review :) new subscriber :) I would love it if you could check out my channel and we can support each other
Such pretty colors. I love the Really Red on you
As of today, Breonna Taylors killers still haven't been charged or even fired.Sign the petition: Call Kentucky law makers: look exactly what I was hoping,color shine hydration ,Im ordering from amazon the only thing I needed to be sure before ordering them was if they are fully sealed which Im happy you said they areIm ordering fire and ice and dazzle me pink
Why arent yall youtubers dropping the names of lippies in description pretty swatches tho
Ive just only heard about these. Might have to give them a go. They do seem like a similar formula to the YSL volupt and the Chanel coco shine (which I both own). I also have some of the LOral shine lipsticks which are lovely. They are similar but the LOral has a very chemical type taste and its not as buttery as YSL. Im a sucker for packing. I will go buy some as they are half price and see how these go
I got a 3 count box set of YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks which included shades 9 (nude), 12 (coral), and 83 (red) for $66. Considering they retail for $38 each, I thought that was a cost effective way to give them a try. These Revlon lipsticks sound like they are very much like the YSL in that they feel moisturizing and look glossy. The coral and red shades leave behind a hint of stain. I'm really loving the YSL, price not withstanding, so I could not help but give these a try. Taking advantage of the Cyber Monday deal, I selected 4 shades at a whopping $3.05 each. I probably should have got them all, but I don't really need that many lipsticks. haha. I now wish I made it an even 5 and ordered Rum Raisin. I swear you look like Vanessa Hudgens' twin.
Love these so much. Gaga for them I got 19o f them. Completely addictive.
I wish they included spf in them, so I can skip applying spf lip balm first.
Fire and ice and cherries in the snow are shades from the early 1950s!
As a beginner to wearing makeup, this looks great to try!
Thank you so much!
Thanks for showing the bare lip!! Its so helpful
I own 3 shades and I want more
Great video. I might have to pick up a few shades. Love the nailpolish color. What color/brand is it? Its my type of color.
I picked up Beaming Strawberry and Dewy Peach and I LOVE these already ! Great find! Thank you!
Is the formula so soft, that the lipstick may lean into the side of the tube, or break?
Hi Miranda! I've always loved your videos and your enthusiasm! Thank you for giving me a shout out, that made my day! So cool. I also enjoyed your review of the lipsticks I bought Glazed Mauve.
I bought two of these this morning when I did my grocery shopping. I ones I got are more neutral. Haven't tried then on yet. I didn't see the colorless one. I aould wanted that one just to pop in my purse!
My tip for the labels: they typically come off in one go for me if you use the label itself. Instead of tossing the label right away, stick it back onto the gummy/sticky area, rub it then peel it off again. The sticker will remove the gummy parts fairly easy (at least for me it did)
I got 3 of them and that's really all I've been using now. And I have a lot of lip products.
I have 6 of these. I think the best are the bright corals/pinks/reds. The nudes were blah to me. I think the Loreal ones last longer on the lips, but they were streaky to me. I really like the bright shades, and I wear them almost every day.
I enjoy watching your video
Enjoy your weekend.
Looking bold. Kj the lipstick queen.
I expected that sparkling honey to have more pigment. The shade looked really pretty.
hey hey miss lady notification squad lets get into this
yessss queen. always an inspiration
Thanks very much. A really comprehensive swatch and review. I'm getting Love is On after your review. I need a glossy, blue toned red to top my mattes and this is it.
Tha best review of revlon lipstick
Your shade description is on point. :) I love this formula sooo much! I got rum raisin and yesterday I got sparkling honey(grey-ish brown, but still is beautiful). I couldn't see nude illuminator or toasting glasses in the store :(. Glossed up rose is also pretty.
I love these. I don't twist up the lip stick very high do it's not really that messy on the tube. It is a little but I don't care. They are so pretty and feel so comfortable on the lips.
Really not a wide lipstick user I prefer lip liner for that natural look. But I love these, they give a nice bitter feel without that sticky lip gloss feel. They also give a nice color but not to heavy. I do wish they would not do the messy stickers though. Or use ones that dont leave such a residue behind. I do use GOOgone on three of them to get all of it off.
I find that these are good alternatives to the fenty beauty slip shine sheer lipstick! The formula for this is more "melty" but I find it to be more pigmented.
I love this. I got the fire and ice shade and dewy peach.
This is by far the best make up channel
i wanted to buy the chanel lipsticks very similar to this but these are just like them but cant beat the price. i bought the nude illuminator one and its even kinda similar to the very popular chanel boy color but with a hint more pink/more overall color i think. love it
I wish they bring the lip butters back lol
These are really good, I just got glassy pink
Very excited about these! Ive been over matte for awhile now
I think your lip product reviews are absolutely perfect. They show every aspect of color, consistency, wear, texture, depth, and tube extrusion. Well done. I love your reviews.
Black cherry nude illuminator glossy ruby are what Im gonna get
Thanks so much for this thorough review and swatches on this lipstick. I have glossed up rose which is a perfect "my lips but better" shade for day to day and now that I have seen all the shades I want to pick up some of the fun ones too. Thanks again!
Black Cherries reminds me a lot of Clinique's classic "Black Honey" shade, universally flattering for most skin tones. There are some really lovely tones in these and I do miss some former Revlon lip products as mentioned in other comments; seems like their Skin Lights series of products was ahead of its time.
Would you say that Glaring Red is like a hot coral?
If they change the horrible sticker situation I would buy a couple of these!
Your videos are so incredibly helpful!
Are these like the ysl rouche Lips?

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