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Buy Revlon Charlie Deodorant online at Amazon. Revlon Charlie Deodorant . Revlon Charlie Deodorant available in Colours: Blue

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Revlon Charlie Deodorant price at Amazon - ₹200 ₹200

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The lowest Revlon Charlie Deodorant Price in India is ₹200 ₹200 at Amazon.
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Revlon Charlie Deodorant Revlon Charlie Deodorant available in Colours:
  • Blue

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Revlon Charlie Deo Combo Red Blue Gold
Revlon Charlie Deo Combo, Red/Blue/Gold
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revlon charlie perfume charlie red perfume review
revlon charlie perfume! charlie red perfume review
thank you so much
Is it for boys or Girl's?
Charley black dastiab hy plz
Nice perfume review
Nice review about Charlie red. I experienced the same affections for it. I picked it up at Burlington for five bucks and was shocked about how complex it smells. It absolutely does not smell cheap. I love it.
My favorite my 2nd is blue
I am in South Africa... cant find Charlie red anywhere 😤
This was my first charlie red one
I am also using red Charlie its amazing and long lasting good to see that❤️😂😍👌👌
Nice.. me user charlie silver by revlon.. spain country made in spain
Catching up some your old reviews. Here my thoughts: C. Red is some how similar to maroussia but friendly version. C blue is to sharp to me, lot of aldehyds. C. Gold is some how similar to Dior dolce vita...🥰👌🥰
My ultimate Wish is still.hoping one-day I'll be able to buy Charlie Green..Chype perfume. And Charlie Pink. .I Love their Charlie Line and think they really missed the boat by never creating them... Surprised U liked Charlie Red...So many notes yet very heavy duty. Tried it alot but still gives me a headache.. Love the White..
Oh I think this lipsticks compares to your nails... what do you think about...
I hace Charlie gold in my collection and It is a lovely winter ambery perfume. It's warm and incredibly long lasting,It feels to me like a cross between Roberto cavalli parfum and Poeme by Lancome,but more lineal,of course,it's a bargain,so le's be fair! Many, expensive perfumes out there wish they would perform like long long lasting Revlon gold,si 4€.Charllie Red is my Next one,your review has justo convinced me👏👏❤️
Hahaha. My Charlie RED is nearly empty. I do have a backup of RED Eau Fraiche though. That should tell you something. ;) I like the BLUE too. GOLD I somedays like to wear, not often though, but that goes for almost everything.
Is het een goede blind buy? Ik zie dat t vaak bij action ligt maar zonder tester
Great !!! I've been wondering whether to get this or not so I will now, thank you !! I have Charlie Gold from years back and unfortunately its not great to my nose. Expensive bathroom spray. Which is sad because it has so much potential. But Im excited now to pick up the Charlie Red. Excellent !!!
I am so curious about this one now, its been many years since I tried the original but I dont recall liking or really disliking it. Btw, I am always happy to hear about hidden gems/cheapies that are great. I can happily treat myself at this price point on a whim. Thank you for the honest reviews.
I would toss those lipsticks. That doesn’t sound good at all. I love the review on Charlie Red. I am going to have to go get it for that price.
Ah, Charlie Red my signature in high school. Maybe I'll check it out again got really sick of it after years of wearing it.
Have you ever tried Ciara by Revlon?
I have the hold and love it...I put it in right after the shower
Love videos on the cheapies! It’s like finding a treasure 😀
My daughter wears Charlie Gold. It’s a very pretty warm amber floral. I’ve just bought her Charlie Blue which is more of a traditional chypre - a bit dry and mossy. Both are great.