Traditionally the s series of iPhone are minor upgrades since they just look like predecessor (iPhone 6). The Apple iPhone 6s plus continue this tradition by bringing their improvements. The first new feature is iPhone 6s plus comes with a 5.5 inch display. And there are another software features like 3D touch and live photos.3D touch variant of the force technology,3D touch is nothing but a long press in simple terms it is a quick action, for example with mail we go to the inbox or create a new message but in 3D touch quickly you can post a status update as hi. So, 3D touch can save some time in few taps.
The new Apple iPhone 6s plus course ship with ios9, the new version of Apple mobile operating system.ios9 brings better battery life, smarter Siri if you are an apple music subscriber at Rs.120 per month in India. Its one of the best value deals going around you can even tell Siri which song you are in the mood for and hear your phone start belting it out in time. Siri now also works hands-free, in that your phone is constantly listening for you to say ‘Hey Siri’, so it can automatically invoke Siri without needing to press any buttons.
You can also invoke spotlights by swiping right from the first home screen. If you use apple built-in email client, you can enjoy certain other features. Many people include their phone number as part of the email. The ios9 scans this information’s if an individual call you, the name of the person who sends the email pops up right next to the numbers it also brings a new feature like WiFi assists. I. Earlier if you where on a WiFi network and the internet connection was bad, you’d have to switch off WiFi and move to mobile data now by this operating system automatically switches mobile data in case of problems in internet connections.


Other than 3D touch and faster touch ID, other improvements of the phone are the camera. The rear camera has 12 megapixels while the front now comes with 5 megapixels sensor. The rear camera can record 4k video a first for iOS devices. now in the latest model, optical image stabilization(OIS) on the plus now work with video as well as new feature includes live photos, you can 3D touch the image to see the complete live photos, complete with video as well as audio. It has the best camera because the picture has accurately captured the colors that you see in everyday life. The front camera has new features like retina flash turns display operating 3 times better than its normal brightness. Flash can use while capturing selfies in poor lightings conditions. It can make much clearer blur-free photos in darker.

Battery life:-

It is just like Apple iPhone 6. The Apple iPhone 6s plus battery can handle an entire day and a bit more. We can run over standard lab Video-playback test, putting the iPhone 6s plus in airplane mode and get, 10 hours and 30 mins of battery life.ios9 tests battery across devices, we didn’t find that operating system upgrade affected and standard lab-based battery playback test. Its impact comes into play over everyday use.


The s stands for speed,6s does it several ways like a faster A9 processor, double the RAM speedier wireless via improved WiFi antennas and access to Faster LTT data network and quicker touch ID sensors on the home button unlocking the iPhone from touch ID is now so fast.


Apple iPhone 6s plus were originally offered in models with 16GB,64GB, and 128GB of internal storage.
The good compare to iPhone 6 it has improved speed everywhere, new processor faster wireless quicker touch ID sensor, sturdier body, better front and rear cameras, and a bold new 3D touch pressure-sensitive display which offers new iOS shortcuts.
Now you might be the person who saves up to buy a new phone waiting for the right time to upgrade. If you’re the former, I’d say this: it’s an excellent time to buy iPhone 6s plus unless you have iPhone 6.
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