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REO 700 Watt SMPS with 5 Sata (Total Output Power 300W)

Power your computer with this reo atx-700w power supply, it supports single pci express, supports five serial ata and features over voltage protection and ...


REO 700 वॉट SMPS 5 Sata के साथ (कुल आउटपुट पावर 300W) : Amazon ...

इस Reo atx-700w पावर सप्लाई के साथ अपने कंप्यूटर को पावर दें, यह सिंगल pci एक्सप्रेस को सपोर्ट ...


Reo ATX-700W Power Supply Features

  • Total power : 300W, current : 4A max 230VAC, connectors : 5 SATA, 4 IDE, 1 floppy, 1 4-pin, 1 6-pin
  • Fan : 12cm/1600 RPM low noise fan, voltage: 90-132vac / 180-264vac
  • Input : frequency: 47-53hz, current: 4a max 230vac, male + i/o, over voltage protection: +12v,+5v,+3.3v, over current protection: +12v,+5v,+3.3v
  • Output : power good signal: 100-500ms, power fail signal: 1 ms min, hold up time: 17 ms min
  • Dc output : ~+5v / +3.3v / +12v / -12v / +5vsb, max output : 10a / 14a /16a / 0.5a / 2.0a
  • Key specs are not available.

The lowest Reo ATX-700W Power Supply Price in India is ₹2,500 at Amazon.
Buy Reo ATX-700W Power Supply online at Amazon Shopclues.
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Reo ATX-700W Power Supply Specifications

Technical Details
Additional Features Power Cable : 1.5 Meter With 0.2 Thickness Copper Cable, On/Off Switch : Yes, Weight/With Power Cable : 1 KG, Dimensions:Size(L*W*H) : 100*125*63mm, Package Includes:Reo ATX-700W 20+4-pin ATX Power Supply,Power cord, Product Requirements:Available power outlet,ATX case,ATX motherboard
Brand REO
Item model number ATX-700W
Item Weight 998 g
Model ATX-700W
Package Dimensions 21.6 x 16.9 x 9.4 cm
Product Dimensions 21.6 x 16.9 x 9.4 cm

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Reo ATX-700W Power Supply Reviews from YouTube

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Why people buy expensive power supply? Corsair RM750i 750-Watt Power Supply review.
when i was a teenager, my HDD gone 7 time cpu 3 time ,then in 2013 i got corsair vs550 ,it stoped wworking in 6months then they replaced it.from 2014 to 2020 i was using that smps without any problem ,never failed my HDD or CPU ,now 6 months ago my GPU stoped working , GPU had warrnty so i got another gpu from warranty.Now that GPU stoped working with same problem.Now it is remembering me 2013 ,It is the PSU problem ,it is time to change PSU ,i had corsair vs550 ,now i am thinking to buy Cooler Master MWE 550 ,but people are saying bad about that in Amazon.My budget is 3-4K inr.Now i am thinking between Cooler Master MWE 550 vs Corsair cv550 ,please give some advice ,and never get cheap PSU
geniun software ke upr Video Banao
is sabse acha ups lagalo, power supply ke marketing me zyada dhyan mat dena ache company ke value series aur ek ups lelo, speaking from experience
Watching this on my 20 year old psu.
Bhai antec atom v450 is ok to buy
IG mujhe movies dekhna hota hai. Main konsa smps lu under 1k.
This is such a good video. I see all around youtube and Indian PC forums. People buy Antec atoms or like dumb cheap PSU. Power Supplies is the most important part of a computer. Do your research. Go to linustechtips PSUTierList and if you are building an iGPU system then go to Tier D, if you are building a decently cheap system then go to Tier C, if you are building a good system then go to Tier B, if you are building a great system and want the crem de la crem the top of the top then go to Tier A.
I got a Thermaltake TR2 S 500W and use it for the i5-7400 and 1660Ti combo
ig the asian linus
ig bhaiya mera computer ek saal se kharab hai ek din maine test karne ke liye board me plug dala or jaise hi switch on kia to psu(bestec) se awaz aayi fattttttttt or wo dhuan dhuan ho gaya smps me.. should i change psu or go to the service center
Sir sab to acha hai lekin bus zotac ka tee shirt fek do sabse ghatiya compani hai yea kyu ghatiya hai ek bar mere channel ko open krke mere video dekh lenge to apko pata chal jayega
My CPU died because of a stupid zebronics power supply short circuit.
Corsair Vs 450w white Vs Cooler master 450MWE white
My father is using *₹500* psu from _10 years_ 😂😂
Hey IG, does it matter if I get a modular or non modular one ? Reason: I'm building a new PC after a decade & would like the most optimal solution for the PC. My choice (as per the power needs of the rig) is Thermaltake TR2 550V.
mene toh ek dum local PSU liya tha 5 Years Ho gya still Working Fine
450 watt power supply par 20 user i3 3rd Gen me use kar sakta hu institute ke liye
Japonissoooo powaaaa
Get the latest in PC hardware news here: GN Wireframe Mouse Mat in stock & shipping now:
Hi Corsair AX1600i 1600W Titanium or Seasonic PRIME TX 1000 ? Which one has better components and efficiency ?
Does a PSU with More watts use more cost more when using electricity? Even if components same for 850w PSU vs 1600w PSU
Its pretty obvious what the most impotant aspect of choosing a power supply is: Wether it has black cables or ketsup-and-mustard cables
How many watts do you think I would need for a rx580 and a amd fx 6300
What gets me is in just 15 days Amazon has just kicked the price up from £83.18 to £98.68 for the Cool master Gold 750 v2. What the H*ll!
Are the Corsair AX1500i and AX1600i still the only digital PSUs out there? My 7 year old AX1200i died today.
This video could be 3 minutes long and get the same info across
i got a kenweiipc 1300watts psu 80+ gold for mining i put it on my system i3 8100 gtx 1050 it runs fine LoL
@Gamers Nexus, can you give us a recommendation for how to lock down our CPU's Power consumption to a specific Wattage so that our 3090 (in my case, and Be Quiet 750W PSU) won't shut down the PC. In my case I see my GPU's max power draw is 378 Watt, and if I open additional power settings and reduce max power to 99% for CPU, my I9-9900K draws around 55Watts max which goes well. But If I turn CPU power setting to 100% it draws a whopping 165 Watts which crashes the system in a min. Can you advice how can I lock my CPU to 90 watts while getting some extra juice by Overclocking a bit.
I see people say everyone needs at least 650watt psu. I recently bought Antec NeoEco 550M V2 which is 550watt psu bronze certified with effiency up to 88% .....I know it would run any gpu including RTX 3060 TI but my question is.......Would it be able to run Core I5 8400 + RTX 3060 TI smoothly without any problem at its full load ?
If you cpu+gpu cost over 700 together get a 750-1000w supply and you’re good for 5-10 years. Enjoy
Ik I’m late but I need to know bye 3days if my 1000w that I’m buying will take care of this gpu Gigabyte GV-N1030OC-2GI Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 OC 2G Graphics Card
So I added an MSI 3090 Suprim X to my gaming pc, my 750W PSU did not like it.......... my 750W PSU is now a paperweight.
750w seasonic gold is it enough for i7 10700k + rtx 3080?
you gonna need 2000 watts to power the kentucky fried chicken warmer cpu gpu grill
1600 watts
ok so i my current pc has a 500 watt power supply and I would like to get a new gpu but adding any new kind of gpu would make my watt need very close to 500, for example adding a 3070 would make my watt requirement 480. Is this ok to do or do i need to update my power supply too?
Me who has a 1300W PSU: Yikes.
1:34 low cost but high performance just like this tumbler that you can buy in our LTT store..
Great Advert for Corsair.....Mine was noisy from new.
CORSAIR design there products to fail
So I can just buy the biggest power supply and that’ll work?
really need help! what power supply should i get? these are the parts CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor (£179.97 @ CCL Computers) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition 42 CFM CPU Cooler (£29.99 @ Amazon UK) Motherboard: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard (£89.99 @ CCL Computers) Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory (£79.47 @ Amazon UK) Storage: Seagate Barracuda Compute 2 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive (£48.58 @ CCL Computers) Video Card: Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 4 GB GAMING Video Card Case: NZXT H510 ATX Mid Tower Case (£73.99 @ CCL Computers) Total: £751.99
I got a pre built cyberpower gaming pc, and it is great. But the monitor keeps on blacking out every few minutes, the pc won't turn on sometimes. It's really annoying and I think I need a new power supply. The pc does turn on when I mess with the cords (Connected to the power supply thats why i think i need a new one). But right now it was just not turning on no matter what.
2 years later I'm wishing I got a fully modular
This guy has turned in to an absolute douche canoe in 2021.
Searches for power supply reviews because he needs to replace Corsair PSU because Corsair store is completely unresponsive to all customer support requests trying to buy a simple PCI-E power cable.... first video sponsored by Corsair lol
hi guys linus sebastian here for flex tape.
linus is this a sponsor?
this seems somewhat biased
fuck your cx600m
Bought a Corsair CV 450 Bronze and every time I post my build on let’s say a forum or a discord server they tend to shit on my PSU. I don’t get why, they can’t answer me too. I mean it does the job.
Linus is throwing vengeance ram on us!!
som kid called linus tech tip is copeing yu sabastian
Psu ma 2 1 =e- GPU (sd flash car da) 1=otcp display ko e external monitor lai Bhai bhai bhai (motherboard)
I actually heard that having too much power decreases performance, so it's best to get just a little over total wattage used. Can you make video on this?
multiple graphics cards, that sentence didn't age well at all
I have a 550W Cooler Master PSU. What about you guys ?
bhai dukandaar ne 1080p gaming for GTA V KE naam pe gt 710 pakda dia mann kr raha h saale ke ghar mai bam phek du 😭😭😭 sirf 9 fps milye h war thunder pe
Hi sir, kya rm 750i power supply msi b550 tomahawk pe lag jayegi??? Or any suggestions for b550 required power supply.
Blue jacket rip😂😂
I want to sell my PC components :- Corsair Rm1000x PSU. Bought in Jan 2018. Bill Box And all wires available. Price: Rs.11000 Asus Z270 P Bought in Jan 2018. Very good condition. Price:- Rs. 6000 Corsair Vengeance 8gb Ram 2400Mhz. DDR 4 Bought in Jan 2018 Price:- Rs.2000 Celeron G3900 Bought in Jan 2018. Price: 2000 Contact:
Hello ig suggest me sfx psu for 2060 super and Ryzen5 3600
Bro SMPS and psu mein difference kya hai
Pankhe chalenge hi nahi to jam nahi hoga
😂pankhe chalte nahi he 😂me dar gays
I have gigabyte P650B 80+ bronze Is it good ?
good promotion
I want to do Custom cables sleeved Cables in NZXT H510 ELITE (white cables) what PSU Should i afford?
main budge gamer
ap kya pagal hain kya!!!!
What about Corsair TX 750m 80 plus gold?
IG u never talked about corsair txm series(80+ gold). is it good or bad ?
Really sir i can not connect RGB Splitter to the CV450 smps please help me sir
Sir please tell me how to connect RGB FAN though CV450 SMPS with MOLEX connector?????
Bhi price kya hai

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