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Renewable Energy: Power for a Sustainable Future Book Reviews from YouTube

Can 100% renewable energy power the world? - Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei
The Biggest Lie About Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future | KumsWind
Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future @SEA | Robin Pho | TEDxYouth@GIISSMARTCampus
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Completely neglected energy storage and the devastating impact of "transition" on all but the rich and the timeline under reasonable assumptions. Germany went all out on these and still only supply maybe half their power at double the cost of other countries like France that use nuclear. Enjoy your current gasoline costs? Now put that on electricity and the impact on all the goods and services you use. This may work someday but the forced march will have unimagined pain while leaving our adversaries like Russia and China polluting along while just giving lip service
The author leaves out critical information and false assumptions. Oh where to begin with this fantasy piece. Yes, the sun radiates energy all the time, but clouds and night time limit a solar panel collection to a few hours a day, with some days not even counted ( weather ). The author references " hydroelectric ", yet any dam or water project is tied down in 20+ years of lawsuits, environmental studies, etc, etc. America has not produce a mega dam in the last 70+ years. We could create a global energy grid. But, electric power lines are inefficient. After 500 miles, there is no electric current due to resistance in the electric wires. The author says we could lower the cost by developing more advanced technology. NO! We are already at 50%, 55% efficiency. We have windmills the size of the empire state building and solar panels using exotic materials with 15% to 20% efficiency. We just don't have a lot of extra efficiency to find. If we are going to talk about " future efficiency " then let's talk about super tinkerbell dust as an energy source. And after about 4 minutes of talking, the author goes on and on about a discussion about future tinkerbell dust innovations.
From what I see, investment from both governments and companies is severely lacking. Also, there should be a pollution and non-renewable tax against coal, oil (biodiesel doesn’t count) and natural gas to force companies to change to renewables or invest in renewables.
Ships are easy just make a nuclear ship
I think alternative sources of energy will become more acceptable and viable as fossil fuels become more scarce, and costly.
It’s unfortunate that renewable energy doesn’t work with currently available technology. For a really simple analysis see
summarising: Brazil could be the number 1 country, but that would be inconvenient for the Eur.... I mean, "densely populated regions", so we keep burning fossil fuels
It missed supernatural power.
Watch: Norway has 98-99 percent renewable energy: Watch: Sweden has the largest solar power model in the world:
These videos are awesome 😃 Tex-ED rocks 🙏🏽
Here is the argument for the other side.
The way to convert solar to chemical energy is Gold. No one Use gold for genarating at renewable energy cause it expensive. Please pin this comment
So my question is... If Tesla got to finish his invention with the electricity thing... Would that have save us from all these gass emissions and greenhouse effect?
renewable ? but its take up vast areas of lamd needed
Nuclear is the only option that can and does work now.
We are wasting too much energy. We need a completely different economic system.
Answer is no way.
joe mama
Bro top 5 dumbest videos that exist. "Tax the rich, it'll bring money" until about 2 years later when theyre rolling in money. But in china, not here. Collect 70% for a couple of years and then 0 for the rest. Great idea! Keep up the good work!
Deutschland is not an example of clean energy 😅 30% of electrical production is coal... 30% of Russian gaz... Nuclear power is best way for example in France. Except if we improve renewable energies and produced only in local
Hay dios mio!!! Se parte !!!🤣🤣🤣
I can't wait for this video to age poorly.
Transforming wind in electric energy perhaps could change the atmospheric circulation with a detrimental result on climate? Or not? I believe yes.
So, tax 'the rich', although they already pay the majority of taxes now, for a government initiative that 'may' yield sufficient energy to power a country of over 300 Million people who normally insist on keep their thermostats on 70 degrees or below. Ask Germany how expensive renewable energy is. Give me nuclear! Wind and solar will never be more than supplementary energy sources.
bull. solar, wind, geothermal cannot produce enough power. Have you ever actually gone to a wind farm? THey don't run all the time and are a huge eyesore and destroy the ecology. You can't capture all the wind, nor all the sunlight. -didn't I see that stupid idea in Highlander II? Besides, Oil companies want you to believe we are running out of oil. If these things are such great ideas, then they will work without gooberments trying to force it.
Good until "tax the rich". Then a moderately complicated issue was tackled down with swallow arguments, cherry-picked data, ignoring relevant issues (moral, for example)... It would have been better to stick with the science (descriptive) instead of going for the politics/moral (prescriptive) with so bad grounds :T
Y’all white passed right over the terrible exploitation of many African countries for lithium batteries.. that’s why they’re cheaper..
Hoodwinked in the Hothouse is a great read about the lies of false climate solutions!
Just so you know trump a shit ton of money towards nuclear reasch and development because it is the most efficient energy source by far
I think the rich need to be taxed more but if we over tax the rich they will just move to a different country
Look we need to refocus the view on solar and nuclear power because wud power is stupid. It takes to many to build them and they don’t make nearly enough power
One more step towards a one world 🌍 government. This is bad for all the world because of Bible prophecy and the one world 🌎🌍 government. Cheaper energy is beneficial for all people unless you leave God out of your life. Read prophecy and understand what God wants for you and then lift up the name of Jesus Christ first and then make your decision based on the word of God and not of humanism and world 🌎🌍 government Becoming part of a universal world government and economic system makes nations give up their sovereign right to the autonomy of that country or countries that join that one world union. Solar and wind and water power are not bad things of themselves, but when you talk about global unification you can be totally assured that you are giving up your rights to many things you now have and enjoy as rights.
Most of the lies have been told about the ability of renewable energy sources to meet all of our needs. Sick of the greens.
Let's see... repeat this nonsense today June 16, 2022 please!
These corporations paid no taxes in specific years because they had so many losses in previous years. They pay them now if they continued to be profitable
taxing the rich %75 is a bad idea. then there is no more incentive for people to strive to get rich. For amazon paying no tax, maybe they made a huge loss previously and they are just recoupping that cost. Its not good to cherry pick a point without looking at the reason why. maybe they reinvested those profit back to the business and created jobs ?
I suspect this video is just another big lie.
Dr Kumaravel you may be interested in one of the related webinars DrGoms
Good lucid presentation on SGET Sustainable Global Energy Transition DrGoms
Excellent Opening up off new verticals in RE-sector , best wishes Dr.Goms
I look forward to the day when the human species realizes that allowing money to make decisions for us, is stopping our true potential from manifesting. Money is an idea created thousands of years ago by those who crave control over the many. Nature has been around for countless billions of years, and it doesn't use money for a reason. IT DOESN'T WORK!

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