Blue Star CHFSD100D 102L Deep Freezer

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Brand:Blue Star
Product Code: 78240
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Buy Blue Star CHFSD100D 102L Deep Freezer online at Croma. 102 Liter Capacity Colours: Blue

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  • 102 Liter Capacity
  • Blue

Blue Star CHFSD100D 102L Deep Freezer Specifications

Capacity 102 Litres
Category Type
Model Number CHFSD100D
Demo Croma will coordinate with the Brand for the same
Dimension and Weigth
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 574 x 524 x 845
Dispenser Features
Ice and water dispenser NA
Water Dispenser NA
Electrical Features
Voltage (volts) 230
External Door Features
No. of doors 1
Type of Door Single Door
Brand Blue Star
Installation Croma will coordinate with the Brand for the same
Shelf Features
Egg Rack NA
Separator for vegetable and fruits NA

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UNBOXING New TINY Vanlife Fridge/Freezer! Avanti 1.4 Cubic Feet, Or IS IT?! Vlog #106
its brown= i vacume back=clean front=next week ill clean the inside with vinegar=plug it in to see if it works[and do my switch!!!! thanks hot water heater=frig=a/c and heat and lights take electicity
october 1, 2019 I have one i may start using it -i wanna see how much can shave off my electric bill thanks informative
How's this holding up?
Paul, ice is a really big business here in the Philippines. There are large numbers of families with no electric power and many with power that does not own a refrigerator. Here are a couple ideas I have seen that you may wish to try? Our supermarkets sell round plastic bags intended to make ice. Many little stores do this to sell. It is called tube ice, who would have guessed. Also, you may want to try some inexpensive square or rectangular plastic food storage containers to make ice. Leave a little air gap for expansion snap on the lid and stack them up. This will maximize the use of the space inside your freezer. Block ice will last much longer in your cooler.
congrats on your new fridge/freezer! ^5 .. huggles from Bama
Congratulations Paul way to go
Hope it works for you 🤗seems too small for me🤔 I am a woman & I would need more room always buying more than I need 😊 yeah keep us updated 😊
Yay! I haven't heard the excitement song in a while! 😊
Hi Paul, You have me very curious about the power consumption of this little unit. I found the EdgeStar model and the Energy guide listed 215 kwh per year. I found the same Avanti model number you purchased but the Energy guide stated 217 Kwh on another site. I know the Amazon page lists the same energy guide shown in your video. The EdgeStar lists 1.1 amps on their official site, which is about average for dorm styled fridges. The conversion on BatteryStuff dot com --- comes to 11.64 amps DC. The cycle rates of the compressor varies but if it is 50% then that is going to come to come to about 140 amps per day. I went through this debate for myself 2 years ago. Whether to get a top door or side door fridge/freezer. I settled on the top door AC/DC fridge/freezer because the power consumption was 25 amps per day. Like yours, it could be a fridge or a freezer, but not both. I eventually went to a dual model that is both a fridge and freezer with seperate compartments. On the hottest days, (90 degrees and above.) I use about 70 amps per day. On colder days, I use a lot less. (50 amps.) So, I am very curious how your real life power consumption test results come out and looking forward to your video on it.
For ice you should get a counter top ice maker. They are life changing. Lol
Daily power use in amps.: .22 kilowatts x 1000 = 220 watts A=W/V A= (220)/(12)=18.333 Amps = 18.333 daily estimate
I have the large edgestar chest cooler. 80qt 120V 24V/12V
Good morning Paul!, this is a great day for ice making, for it is going to be 92 degrees here in Shreveport, can't wait to see more blogs! Have a good day sweetie✌
Can you tell us just once more time the brand and cubic ft capacity? Lmao
Vanlife #freezeredition nice stuff bro
What's the brand and model again?? Just kidding, neat find! :) I think you could fit one or several frozen Pizzas in the top part and still use the bottom part to make ice... I don't know if it will make enough ice to keep a cooler at fridge temps... you may have to add a second unit at some point... ;)
Ice for the ICE TEA you make. Will be,awesome on hot days
What a cute, dinky little fridge/freezer!! Is the outer casing on the door plastic or metal?
UNBOXING New TINY Vanlife Fridge/Freezer! Avanti 1.4 Cubic Feet, Or IS IT?! Vlog #106 - I got a surprise delivery 4 days early! Join me while I open my new Freezer Fridge! THE FREEZER I GOT! Avanti VFR14PS-IS Dual Switchable Refrigerator/Freezer, 1.4 Cubic Feet I am also online with Etherium now! Click below to support with ETHER IG: @breadtrucker Twitter: @breadtrucker Facebook: Amazon wish list:
"he has a nice chest" five words I never thought I'd hear you say Paul... 😬 🦇