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Buy Redragon M612 Wireless Mouse online at Amazon. Redragon M612 Wireless Mouse
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Amazon Offers ₹399
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Redragon M612 Wireless Mouse Features

Redragon M612 Wireless Mouse

The lowest Redragon M612 Wireless Mouse Price in India is ₹399 at Amazon.
Buy Redragon M612 Wireless Mouse online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
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Please go through Redragon M612 Wireless Mouse full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

Redragon M612 Wireless Mouse Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Redragon
Hardware Platform Wireless
Item Height 30 Millimeters
Item model number M612
Item part number M612
Item Weight 41 g
Item Width 5.8 Centimeters
Manufacturer Redragon
Model M612
Product Dimensions 9 x 5.8 x 3 cm

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Redragon M612 Wireless Mouse Reviews from YouTube

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Awesome Buget Wireless Gaming Mouse - Redragon Shark M688 Review
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Review of Redragon M686 Vampire Elite wireless mouse
has anyone found the software for this mouse?
red dragon buttons are garbage especially their mouse wheel
Hello sir, i downloaded sa software but the 3 extra side button is set to default(shift, alt, and ctrl) how do you set it up to other button like a, b, c.
This is like the wireless copy of m805 hydra
Hi. Got this mouse for Christmas last year. But I have lost my reviever! Do I have to replace the mouse or do I have to get a new receiver and where do I get one. Thanks much appreciated. I also live in south africa.
compatible with windows 10 or no sir??
A better mouse for $11 would be the redragon m692 blade on Amazon
how long this mouse can survive with 2 Battery AA in mode eco/normal?
Can it do fast 360's at 1800 eDPI?
Own one. It is not an awesome gaming mouse, as the reviewer states it is an acceptable non-pro gaming mouse. But I think titling this as "awesome gaming mouse" is misleading. It is however, a nice looking and acceptable desktop mouse. Build quality is good, visually cool, programmable buttons only useful for side, middle ones awkward. Gaming is useless, the response is horrible and the precision is way off. I spent some time sucking at my FPS games before realizing it wasnt me after I swopped back to my ancient logitech. Do not buy this for gaming that requires precision. RTS or open world exploring type games will be fine, precise FPS really really really bad though.
Buget hahahhaha
what is the polling rate?
is jy afrikaans?
Блин, и тут манагер макросов не показан, сравнить бы с оскаром от а4тех.
The central wheel she has lateral move? Thanks
how about build quality ??
if you try to learn how to program AutoHotKey, you don't really need the software. it is pretty easy to code.. and it is fun! :D
cant wait to use the shhhcaaawwl wheel, LOL
You are from South Africa. Please. Try to put the price in Rand as well.
Hope your channel keeps growing! Just found your reviews. Very well edited, very relevant for the audience that you are trying to reach. Keep it up.
Don't listen to him. I had an amazing experience with this mouse.
Yo i'm glad you're no bias even though you're a fan of redragon i respect the review but it is to late i already bought it i should've seen this video earlier
It's a decent mouse, not great, but its decent. Its basically an office mouse but I wanted a wireless mouse. I watched your review, but its pretty ok. I am upgrading to the Viper Ultimate
can someone tell me where to download the software for this mouse?
dude. i just bought this mouse for gaming. and i see this. i have made the worst mistake ever
i actually have this mouse and i have none of the issues you are talking about. maybe you got a lemon cause i love this mouse
Well is it better than a logitech m217? LOL
Did you change the dpi? And where is the rgb?
its not a bad mouse ur sens is at f***ing 0.00001
I bought the mouse and it is fine I checked and it consistently got 20 19 milansicons of delay so idk what you a talking about and I did the same thing you did in the video and it kept tracking.
To Make Things Clear: - IT'S NOT GREAT for competitive gaming that requires fast response times and no lag or spin out (CS:GO, StarCraft, Warzone, Battlefield, Gears of War, RPG) - IT IS GOOD for (School Work, Documents / Office, Browsing, Minecraft, Roblox) For A Budget Wireless Mouse (Which at this point, it shouldn't be marketed as a "GAMING" mouse) Maybe I got a lemon but who knows really If Redragon wants to send me another unit I will be happy to make an updated video
Is This True Pleaseeee Say No I Just Bought This
Stop smashing the mouse on your mousepad like a fucking caveman. The mouse works fine you dip shit. I own one, works fine, no delay. Hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon, this guy is just an idiot.
Thank you for saving me I was about to waste my money
Had a wired gaming mouse then tried this cheap wireless mouse and I see no difference in my performance. Still kill nubs in CS:GO and now Valorant. Still top warrior in mordhau. Still play Dota 2 the same. The position of the top of my desktop and the mouse is less than 1 feet for the most part. The PC is right under my desk and under my mouse pad so that might make the performance a lot better. I do a bit better due to not having wire drag.
I need help so i orderd the mous it was great and when i was done i turnd it off to put the mous away i took out the usb and put it in the Box and the mous then when i whanted to play again the mous dosent work like the cursor whont move then 1 day later i try again then it works but o do the same thing i put it away use it later and dosent work pls help this is like the last mous im getting until christmse so pls help
What about the tracking? Is it good enough for working in Word and selecting texts?
I don't think the delay is the real problem with this mouse. it is the terrible sensor in the mouse, the whole 2400dpi promise is a lie, feels like they took a 120dpi sensor and just multiplied the sensitivity, can't even select play on videos or moving between tabs without missing. P.S the mouse was sold on a promise that the battery life is over a year, that's also a lie, barely holds more than a 1-2 months even on eco setting
I have this mouse it works fine for me
Anybody knows where I can get software for the M652? Checked on their website and it isn't in the list.
Hello again! So I recently got the mouse that I ordered, and I didn’t know that it was a Redragon m801 sniper. I thought I got the vampire elite but I guess I didn’t. The sniper is still a great mouse and it fits my hand perfectly! I have one question though, how do I make my scroll button change colors?
What's the latency on this mice? I'm planning to buy this to complete my wireless set- up.
Does this work with laptop?
This review is INSANELY good. informative, detailed, positive and well written. Rock. On.
Hey dude can you make a vid on what tasks that you can kill in task manager ples
You seem like such a cool teacher
Imma get a lot of redragon products, all of the things I’ll be getting will be listed below. Redragon Anvil 2.0 speakers Redragon k580 pro Redragon vampire elite(in this video) Redragon m801 Redragon p009 mouse pad Hopefully I don’t have any problems with these beast products. :))
We can tell he's a Redragon fan like me
So your a teacher then. So thats why your reviews are awesome and detailed
Does the wire get loose and pull out on its own overtime?
Is the mouse heavy?

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