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The lowest Redesign of a Multi-Deck Rotary Mower for Wider Cutting Width Book Price in India is ₹4,522 at Amazon.
Buy Redesign of a Multi-Deck Rotary Mower for Wider Cutting Width Book online at Amazon.
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Redesign of a Multi-Deck Rotary Mower for Wider Cutting Width Book Reviews from YouTube

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Reel mowers are traditional mower. Especially the ones with the oak handle grip lol
In England we call it a cylinder mower !
What I gathered: probably need to hit the lawn with a rotary starting out. Maybe after a day or 2, come back at it with the reel mower. After that, keep up with the reel and hit it with the rotary if too much time has passed. I don’t know that I could keep up with every other day or the fertilizer for that matter. I think my wife would be more apt to manual mow if she knew it wouldn’t be a big burden in a labor sense. I’d like a lower cut lawn without crowning and this seems to be the only affordable DIY.
*This mower....... changed my life **Bestfor.Garden** also recommend I never thought I would see the day when I would ever make the switch to electric yard tools. But this was one of my best decisions yet. My old 15+ year old gas mower snapped its pull string while trying to get it to fire up and instead of fixing it, I chose to upgrade instead.*
Maintenance for lawn machines?
The common problem with reel mower is: it would not cut clean. You will see a few un-cut grasses sticking out like a sour thumb behind the track. Whereas a rotary blade will cut a specific point on the lawn many times resulting in uniform cut. The scissor cutting action of reel mowers is over-emphasized, any mower (even a manual scythe) with sharp blade will shear grass cleanly. I've examinedreel mower structure carefully, these are my findings: To have the so-called scissor cutting action, the reel blades are twisted. To conform to the cylindrical surface, the blades are installed perpendicular to the axle (or cylindrical surface) resulting in the bevel angle nearly 90 degrees. That is a very dull edge. Image if your knife has such dull edge, how it is going to cut? So grass (or your test paper) is ground by two pieces of steel, not scissor cutting. The twisted blades make it very difficult for home owners to sharpen the blade. Back lapping won't do much good. Most home owners don't want to spend money to bring it to the shop to have the bevel edge ground to 90 degrees. So after a few years, these reel mowers would be thrown away. I have collected 3 of those. I use a mill file to sharpen the blade edge to smaller bevel angle, and convert them to non-contact. It'll cut grass with speed like a weed trimmer. My next project is to build a reel cylinder with straight blades, and get rid of that bed-knife so the mower will not be jammed by twigs.
I am new to grass. I just seeded tall fescue, now is time to mow, but I can't find a mower that list height cut over 3'', and the recommended height for tall fescue is 3.5''. Do you know of a mower that can be set to 3.5?
I have just started to get interested in having a great looking lawn mind you I am 51, at your age it was really low on the priority list. But videos like yours contain invaluable knowledge and experience. Thankyou! Your lawn looks great.
Excellent!! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you for the video sir.
Every other day? I'll stick to around 2" grass height for now.
What is a good reel mower.
Any advice when you have a hill? I seem to scalp when going on hills
Which reel mower do you recommend for zeon zoysia ? I want to cut lower but unable with rotary mower.
A very well-done informational video. A beautiful lawn that obviously is perfectly maintained. It`s a real art to manage a healthy lawn like this one. Much appreciated from up here in Canada! Thanks for this video.
Now once every other day? Artificial turf bro 😄
I’ve been watching your videos and in the past 4 months my yard has become beautiful! I’ve been applying your ideas to my back yard and it’s stunning, I’ve left the front mainly alone since I didn’t want to destroy it and get an HOA fine lol
I cut around the bottom skirt of my rotary mower , extra 3" drop. Allowing to cut at 1"
I can not understand the instructions for sharpening the blades so I have to keep buying a new reel mower.
Thank you for the video . I wish this mower had come out a little sooner . If so,I would not have had to build the trailer mower I did on my page. I’d love to try 2 of these 95” units together , if I could fund a pair of them , I would have a 17ft mower. I like the job you did with the anti scalp system as you know that’s so important with a wide fixed deck mower.
I think now that toro owns you that there should be a giveaway and the winner gets one attachment of their choosing. Toro can afford it and it would be great promotional material.
Love Love the Ventrac........
Great video Ventrac, another awesome Real World Work video!
I miss Aaron.
Unfortunately my 72 inch finish mower caught the Coronavirus. Could you please send me this bad boy to fill the void.
Sshhhh! Be veerry veerry quiet, we are Ventrac mowing!
These videos are awesome. Are you guys gonna do a Real World Work video with the new boom mower?
inutile pauvre sol ...
vari nishe
want to buy
I had do that,6 months before, but nobody tell me nothing
please, how can I contact to have one of these, thanks
tired contacting this company for business, got no reply
why was the field leveled like that? Was it for rice, wheat, ??
Why don't you send an inquiry via product page of GobizKorea? Go to GobizKorea and search for the company with product name or company name. The name of company is WOONGJIN MACHINERY CO., LTD.
Could let me know the name of the manufacturer of this puddler cum leveler alongwith the website.
Could you use that as a field referbisher?
I'm pretty sure this is a rice field. You wouldn't let it dry out. These folks are feeding thousands of people with this technology.
I could not do that on any of my fields. They would become like concrete when they dried out!
Vielleicht ein wenig :DD
Don’t flatter yourself with hooking up to pto spline. It has never slid that easy on mine even new.. don’t get me wrong I love my 1025 but that design on the shaft and cover sucks
That must be easiest pto hook up in history. Not realistic.
I have the 1025R and the RC2048. To be clear should the rear wheel of the cutter be adjusted to touch the ground and support the cutter's weight while in use?
Not sure about the Frontier cutters,but I have a MX5 with maybe 20 hours on it,bottom seal went out and and now my gearbox sounds like has gravel in it.Taking to the Dealer this week to see if Deere will stand behind their product??Hate that it does a great job
get rid of that annoying music
The cutter is set up differently in the first part of the video versus the second. Initially the lift arm pins are installed in the lower holes of the rotary cutter frame. Then the video switches to showing the same cutter in use, but the lift arm pins are installed in the upper holes in the frame. Why? Which of the two setups is correct?

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