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Recent Advances in Celestial and Space Mechanics: 23 (Mathematics for Industry) Book Reviews from YouTube

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The Mathematics of our Universe
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Classical Mechanics: Lecture 1
Pretty much got this vid shoved in my face every refresh
There is a verse in Holy Quran Chapter 59 Al-Hashr (The Exile) verse 23 with most number of God's names (Attributes) i.e. 8 names.He is Allah, other than whom there is no deity, 1 the Sovereign,2 the Pure, 3 the Perfection, 4 the Grantor of Security, 5 the Overseer, 6 the Exalted in Might, 7 the Compeller, 8 the Superior. Exalted is Allah above whatever they associate with Him.On the above verse we have lot of prime number facts as listed below:1) 59 is a prime number2) 23 is a prime number3) This verse has 19 words in Arabic 19 is another prime number.4) 8th prime number is 195) Concatenate 59, 23 we get 5923 a prime number6) Sum of the digits 5+9+2+3 = 19 a prime number7) Add 8 to 23 we get 31 a prime number.8. Add 8 to 59 we get 67 another prime number.9) Concatenate 8 with 23 we get 823 a prime number.10) Concatenate 8 with 59 we get 859 a prime number.11) Add 59, 23 and 19 we get 101 another prime number.12) Add 58, 23, 19 and 8 we get 109 another prime number.13) Sum of first 8 numbers is 8*9/2=36. See this matches with (surah no-verse no) 59-23=36.
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Just cut the string and unwind it. No more knot.
The police have aversion for truth. Maybe next year kid.
Do you want to talk/learn about God and Jesus? God and Jesus both love you and can help you with whatever you may be going through!
Quantum Entangled Twisted Tubules:When we draw a sine wave on a blackboard, we are representing spatial curvature. Does a photon transfer spatial curvature from one location to another? Wrap a piece of wire around a pencil and it can produce a 3D coil of wire, much like a spring. When viewed from the side it can look like a two-dimensional sine wave. You could coil the wire with either a right-hand twist, or with a left-hand twist. Could Planck's Constant be proportional to the twist cycles. A photon with a higher frequency has more energy. (More spatial curvature). What if gluons are actually made up of these twisted tubes which become entangled with other tubes to produce quarks. (In the same way twisted electrical extension cords can become entangled.) Therefore, the gluons are actually a part of the quarks. Mesons are made up of two entangled tubes (Quarks/Gluons), while protons and neutrons would be made up of three entangled tubes. (Quarks/Gluons) The "Color Force" would be related to the XYZ coordinates (orientation) of entanglement. "Asymptotic Freedom", and "flux tubes" make sense based on this concept. Neutrinos would be made up of a twisted torus (like a twisted donut) within this model. Gravity is a result of a very small curvature imbalance within atoms. (This is why the force of gravity is so small.) Instead of attempting to explain matter as "particles", this concept attempts to explain matter more in the manner of our current understanding of the space-time curvature of gravity. If an electron has qualities of both a particle and a wave, it cannot be either one. It must be something else. Therefore, a "particle" is actually a structure which stores spatial curvature. Can an electron-positron pair (which are made up of opposite directions of twist) annihilate each other by unwinding into each other producing Gamma Ray photons.Does an electron travel through space like a threaded nut traveling down a threaded rod, with each twist cycle proportional to Plancks Constant? Does it wind up on one end, while unwinding on the other end? Is this related to the Higgs field? Does this help explain the strange spin of many subatomic particles? Does the 720 degree rotation of a 1/2 spin particle require at least one extra dimension?Alpha decay occurs when the two protons and two neutrons (which are bound together by entangled tubes), become un-entangled from the rest of the nucleons. Beta decay occurs when the tube of a down quark/gluon in a neutron becomes overtwisted and breaks producing a twisted torus (neutrino) and an up quark, and the ejected electron. The phenomenon of Supercoiling involving twist and writhe cycles may reveal how overtwisted quarks can produce these new particles. The conversion of twists into writhes, and vice-versa, is an interesting process.Gamma photons are produced when a tube unwinds producing electromagnetic waves.
Wow the knot girl is so arrogant haha
What's the connection between knots and 3-4 dimensional spaces (as doc Piccirillo says, that link is fundamental)? As a Physics Bachelor's student i don't get where those problems become important to be understood, since most of the times we just avoid singularities in problems. Aren't the knot problems all about singularities and diffeomorphisms?
Let's break the code of the universe so we can bring in teleportation, immortality after that
Sounds like London Everybody Walking around over and over Same Pattern Until somebody gets A Epiphany" Then they all celebrate! hahaha
i just imagine calc 3 to these people is like pie on a sunday.
X33 d3g
So there you go what's next you genius is out of figured that out probably divided by 360 out of manual or possibly 365 by 24x7
What is the relation between the mentioned Math's proofs database and Stephen Wolfram's Mathematica?
In math, oh, to be young.
I believe that mathematics is the only knowledge which gave birth to computer and 4th industrial revolution AI. it will definitely find ways for perpetually for mankind. Azeem Baloch Ph .D in law
I hope to make a breakthrough one day
The video makes it seem like it is a fishermans knot that people struggles to understand mathematically and the video does it no justice. I still don't know what thte knot is if it is not in 4d i bet i have solved it in a fishing line some time(random movement till something is right).
I actually understood some of this shit. Mind blown.
Please share my two brief videos with other people. Thank you!
I'm supposed to be learning geometry right now but this is more entertaining.
Great video.
After a year of study my I offer neutron decay topology. Time is a compact dimension only as long as is necessary to manifest change. One single Planck second. This is the thickness of the membrane of the manifold. We exist on one side and the antimatter universe is on the other. An inflow/divergence here is an outflow/convergence from there. Clockwise here is counterclockwise there. The larger form isSurface(cos(u/2)cos(v/2),cos(u/2)sin(v/2),sin(u)/2,u,0,4pi,v,0,2pi)Notice 2 full rotations, 4pi, are required to complete the surface. Electron half spin and baryon asymmetry are artifacts of this topology.The top half , one full rotation, is the fall of hydrogen into galaxies etc then to enent horizon at node. The place where all vectors meet. The bottom half, a full rotation, is the decay of an individual neutron in deep void of space.Neutron decay cosmology. Inevitable. Geometry requires.
17:54 its 6.25 or 75
I hate that youll explain this to my girlfriend better than I will but i'll save time and show her anyway. claims she wants to go beyond just coding. gotta go real slow. a series of videos about strong engineers and geek girls would be cool.
Very nice video, if you are not a teacher you should be, I learn alot from your videos, you inspire me to keep learning, thank you
good stuff and i still remember the math. guess ill sub
Love from Karachi Pakistan
Use this everywhere as relationship and solve and cloud and other things every a Quantum level everything
I understood everything until the term came and maybe its because Im German or because I honestly cant make a visual picture of terms so therefore I get confused why we even use these terms and if its really the easiest way to calculate things.Maybe another few times watching this will get me clearance, hope for me, please lmao
Flat earther
My shaver
why don't we consider time as the zeroth dimension? it seems to be a necessary figure for movement in any spacial dimension, first along a line, second across a plane, and third through our space.
Think of a computer it takes time for it to reach the next point so time is like think of aol when ur computer use to boot up it takes time to receive data our space time is like very very hard to explain time and space is imagine your a program or in a program then you need to buffer so now take that program and think of the universe it's 123456789 it's 101010101010 it's just 1sand 0s so you can like a game go back to a point that was played at a different time or in our case a different galaxy.that we lived in for instance ur doing the same thing u are now in a galaxy that ur shirt is red or green or blue or something small is different in every galaxy.infantly but the story comes down to is it's all one program.who ever god is he or she is a great or perfect programer.light is just the energy source that keeps the program on like ur phone or computer charger that's what happens when u plug it in.i believe some of the smartest people on earth seid the chances of this world being base reality is 1 in billions....
Sheesh man, I knew this stuff back in Kindergarten? What a waste
you sound about 11, and i can imagine you reading this from wikipedia.
This image is basically an entire universe. They look like marbles. From here, you can discover anything about this universe and more.
Thanku so much ma'am for wonderful class you tube channel for previous year question papers... video
Mam your explanation is brilliant. I have subscribed your channel. I study in B. A. 1st year at IGNOU. Is it helpful for me Please reply
Mam, kindly upload solutions of third sem in the telegram channel too.
Mam please ch 11 calculus complete krvado app pe
Mam ji aapse request hai please ye chapter complete kara dena....

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