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Buy Razer RZ05-02450100-R3U1 Gaming Speakers online at TATACliq Amazon. Razer RZ05-02450100-R3U1 Gaming Speakers Razer RZ05-02450100-R3U1 Gaming Speakers Colours: Black
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Buy Razer RZ05-02450100-R3U1 Nommo 2.0 Gaming Speakers ...

Shop Razer RZ05-02450100-R3U1 Nommo 2.0 Gaming Speakers (Black) online at best price in India at Tata CLiQ. Choose from wide range of Speakers by Razer ...


Razer Nommo Chroma: Custom Woven 3" Glass Fiber Drivers ...

Razer Nommo - 2.0 Gaming Speakers (RZ05-02450100-R3G1) · 4.4 out of 5 stars 423 ... Item model number, ‎RZ05-02460100-R3U1. Speaker Surround Sound Channel ...


Razer RZ05-02450100-R3U1 Gaming Speakers Features

  • Full range 2.0 gaming speakers: Optimized drivers built for full range sound and extreme clarity
  • Custom 3 inch woven glass fiber drivers: Producting a tighter sound with higher frequencies, allowing you to hear disinct layers and audio details
  • Rear-facing bass ports: Deliver increased bass output for a fuller, richer range of audio
  • Bass knob with automatic gain control: Fine-tune the output perfectly - from ground-shaking bass to a low hum for late night sessions
  • System requirements: Pc/mac with a free usb port, razer synapse requirements: Windows7/mac os x 10.9 (or higher), internet connection: 100 mb of free hard disk space
Razer RZ05-02450100-R3U1 Gaming Speakers Razer RZ05-02450100-R3U1 Gaming Speakers Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Razer RZ05-02450100-R3U1 Gaming Speakers Price in India is ₹8,499 at Amazon.
Buy Razer RZ05-02450100-R3U1 Gaming Speakers online at TATACliq Amazon.
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Razer RZ05-02450100-R3U1 Gaming Speakers Reviews from YouTube

These Sound AMAZING - Razer Nommo Chroma Speakers Review!
Razer Nommo Speakers - REALLY Worth $150?
Razer Nommo Pro Review - Ultimate Gaming Speakers
Razer Nommo Chroma - The Best Gaming Speakers?
why do those speakers look enormous, this guy is like 2 feet tall?
Not sure, but the 90's aiwa speakers with integrated subs would probably be the best alternatives for these, just add rgb to them for little bit of bass
Do they like tilt or they just stay in that position?
Can you like tilt them to make them like hit your ear you know what I mean
this is bs bias review
The sound is aweful, sound no better then cheap PC speakers.
the problem is i need good speakers to listen to good speakers
Time to spend 150$
These speakers sound like ass I had them and got rid of them
the nommo chroma have an integrated subwoofer unlike the base model
Can these connect to a monitor?
the razer nommo looks cool but I will use my logitech speaker to safe money
RGB is cute. Sound.. mute the Nommos, listen to your phone instead!
Why were you pumped to check them out ... before this video ends it will probably contain lots of 'cool' 'awesome' 'guys' and of course pumped.
Wish there would be a white version
*My review:*I have had these since April 2020, everything he says here is TRUE. I especially related to the positional audio. Sounds more like 5.1 rather than stereo, without any additional software (synapse is totally optional). Although, one very disappointing aspect of them, at least for me, is the bass, but not in a NORMAL sense. Since day 1, whenever anything played any bass-centric, they got terribly distorted, but only the bass. It's kinda hard to describe, since they sound totally normal, but it sort of like makes a hollow sound. I used warranty to get a new pair, and they do the EXACT same thing. idk if I'm just unlucky, or if Frank got lucky with his, or (most likely), they made sure these ones he showed off worked, OR maybe they are just like that. Nonetheless, I DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND these if you think I'm just unlucky, or if you're not big into bass. Other than that, these are phenomenal. Great job Razer! (sucks about mine tho )
I'm dissapointed with the sound quality. They sound extremely boomy
Id probably go for these if the RGB _was_ more obnoxious and in your face. Not crazy but more than this.Thats the whole point of razer over whatever else.
The nommo chroma got a built in dac which the normal one doesn't have btw... so it's not only rgb for 50 bucks
What speakers do you use
Thanks for this review!! I just bought these after this video, theyre truly amazing considering their price and strange profile. I was mostly looking for desk speakers that werent huge but also werent terrible considering my monitors inbuilt speakers are awful
These should be a SoundBlaster product...they look like Blaster pistols from some funky sci-fi movie that was never released.
Logitech dude..razor sucks
I camp flog the right one and to the left one anything I can do
Do they like tilt or they just stay in that position?
It is better than the jbl flip 4?
can i use this on a ps4?
I use them , very satisfied but the cable management is crap!
6:20 I bet the sound comes from your phone not Nommos :)))) Damn they sound awful!!!
I bought them enthusiastically, the sound is bad.
Do they work with xbox
I'm really confused. You said the chromo version has a USB for sound input but I didn't see it on yours?
I switched my Bose companions for the razer nommo chroma , man what was I missing! These speakers are definatly worth the buck ! They sound amazing.
Two webcams that sounds nyc.for.150$
No razer speaker worth the money you spend,
Just bough these today...LOVE THEM!!!
What is the height and the lenght? Im afraid of not fitting on my desk
Can you use them just for music and TV? X
no, not at all.
i like ur review. u give proper description. im currently using EDIFIER M1380. i like that it has a dedicated amp and volume control with mute switch. not sure if i should switch to razer. thanks
Hey guys. Regarding the first comments on a sound test. The problem with a sound test is that it is essentially a test of whatever microphone I use, and whatever you're listening on. By definition it would mean any judgement based on that is seriously flawed (and I realise it's hugely popular to do that on YouTube, I'm really worried about people misinterpreting what they hear). I honestly don't mind taking the Yeti Pro out and doing some recordings, but what do you think about these concerns? :) Or any ideas about how to make any (future as well) sound tests as solid as possible?
and 2nd video without actual sound test, thx for wasting my time
for 500.00? fuck no
Thanks for the sound test, smh.
Nice video :)
where can i BUY
As a pair of pc speakers these are expensive no doubt, but the sound quality taken into account they are dirt cheap imo. I have a 10k dollar living room soundsystem, which sound better than these Razors for sure, but the price difference taken into account, the Razors offer the most value for currency invested by far. If you can afford them and value good sound, they will not disappoint.
so you say i lot, and don`t put the speakers to work! we already know about the design!! we want to know how about when is ON! PLAYING SOMETHING!
that HOMO RGB is terrible! todays gamers are colorblind
Whats the name of the game the women is playing
just got a pair used for 150
Leer eerst goed Engels uitspreken
When reviewing a sound system product always do a sound test for the viewers to know how it would perform. Other than that, its a good review.
Terrible review, consider testing them for a good while before commenting on the speakers and dont say price is quality because that is defenitely not the case
usa - 500 U$brazil - 4000R$
whats the table called ? looks nice
Dont know why everybody is complaining about the prize. 500 is pretty fine for good sound
I heard that this speaker is also the ancestor to all life and was born from the torn placenta of the one true god Amma. 4 out of 5 stars.
I was looking for a home theater speakers and I have alot of Razer products but I do t think this would work well for that. What do you guys think?
Jayzuz, they're bigger than I thought
Quick Update: The knobs for bass and volume turn indefinitely but the lights on the bottom of each side of the speaker show how high or low you've turned the bass or volume to. Sorry, just noticed it.
Thanks, just removed them from my list.
it's so funny how you can see the camera man by the reflection of the computers side pannel.
What is the best speaker for this price? I want a clear sound.Thanks for the video.
good thing this does not have lithium battery in it that would blow up on u hahamy razer laptop battery blew up on me.... my warranty expired so,,, its not covered wow
Please defecate on me
I love how the rgb function was completely unaddressed here.
Omg a singaporean girl gamer holy shit
Thanks for the review, really helped me see these speakers are to big for my setup lol.
her: they lacks surround sound...me: stares at the speakers sitting SIDE BY SIDE
I love razer products
Can the lighting be set separately between left and right speaker? Clockwise for left speaker and counter- clockwise for right speaker. Looks better that way instead of both clockwise or both counter- clockwise.
bubble rep. shipping and all thet. its wrepped up secuwwly. right speako.
Omg, she is soo cute!! And that accent
Can you use usb instead of 3.5mm
If you go into the synapse, you can change the pre-selected profile, for example 'gaming' or 'movie'. You will find that although they lack surround sound, selecting the relevant profile to the task you are doing will significantly increase the quality.Great video, nonetheless!
sounds like malaysian accent..
How Many Watts?
i seemed to have turn on the lights, but when i try to test them out, they arent connecting and the sound is coming from my own computer speakers. any help?
you probabaly wont read this but your review has a good quality but sadly you does not have many subscriber,dont give up

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