Razer Man O War Bluetooth Headset

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Razer Man O'War Bluetooth Headset price at Amazon - ₹15,999

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Razer Man O'War Bluetooth Headset price at Flipkart - ₹15,999

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Razer Man O'War Bluetooth Headset

Razer Man O'War Bluetooth Headset Specifications

Weight 375 g
Audio Controls Adjust Mic Level, Volume Level, Mute
Boom Microphone Yes
Connector Plating Wireless USB Transceiver
Deep Bass Yes
Designed For Laptop, Gaming Console
Headphone Maximum Frequency Response 20000 Hz
Headphone Sensitivity 112 (Power On)
Headset Frequency Response 20 - 20000 Hz
Inline Remote No
Maximum Power Input 30 mW
Microphone Placement Design Unidirectional
Sales Package Main Unit, Manual
System Requirements PC / Mac with USB Port, PlayStation 4, Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Mac OS X (10.9 and Higher), Internet Connection for Driver Installation, At Least 100 MB of Free Hard Disk Space
Wireless Connection Type Bluetooth
Product Details
Effective Range 12
Headphone Driver Size 50 mm
Headphone Impedance 32 Ohm
Headset Power Source Battery
Magnet Type Neodymium
Minimum Frequency Response 100 - 10000 Hz
Other Features Wireless 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound for Pinpoint Precision, Lag Free Wireless Performance Audio, Retractable Digital Mic for Uncompromised Vocal Clarity, Inner Ear Cup Diameter: 60 mm, Quick Action Controls on the Ear Cups for On-the-Fly Audio Adjustments, Mute LED Indicator on the Microphone Boom
Other Power Features Battery Life: Upto 14 hours with Razer Chroma Lighting / 20 hours without Razer Chroma Lighting
Sensitivity -38 dB (Power On)

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u can bass bost it with razer synapse 2 and much more
Its no to tight its not to loose and it feels good ???
They are very basey
Is That Good For Xbox
I got one of these in 2018. It broke today, clean in half on the headband. I could not DIY it back to health 8 months after getting it, a bit of the plastic that holds the extendable part of the earmuff broke so that the earmuff would fall all the way through and i fixed it with super glue 4 months after that it happened on the other side I fixed it with superglue though this particular fix prevented me from adjusting it completely. 2 years 3 months was the total functioning lifespan of this headset, and it only lasted 8 months till the first part broke It is rather fragile
So do these have an aux port? Also what does it use to be wireless, is it bluetooth or what?
The USB is stuck in the headset where the storage thing is...
Its 2020 and this is the best wireless headset I have ever used and I've had the G935, G533, G430, Cloud II's and the VOID Elite wireless. The Cloud II's are the best but is wired and these are second.
These came out 3 years ago 😲
Is there anyway I can connect this to my phone for gaming?
work with synapse 3?
Can you do a man o war vs nari ultimate because I dont know which one to buy
Which should i get arctis 7 or this?
Would the mic work for gaming on a smartphone like the ROG phone 2?
Is this lag free on ps4? Because some bluetooth headset lags on ps4
Im late as hell but i ordered these because i want a wireless headset because my cloud 2's are a bit old but they still work no problem. Just an upgrade...
They are now 45 dollars
THis is trash
can this be used on ps4 ?
I've owned two pairs of these and they both broke in about a year because the cheap plastic snapped.
*A NOTE TO PEOPLE ASKING QUESTIONS BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO!* I put so much effort into putting the detail into these videos, to make sure 99% of questions are answered within in. So with that being said, WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE YOU COMMENT. The amount of people asking questions that have the answers within the first minute of the video is ridiculous. Constantly answering questions from people too lazy to watch 30 seconds of video is infuriating, and I'm going to start deleting them if it continues. *Please* watch the video, before you comment.
This looks like the Astro Gaming A40's.
One of the Razer's failure products, not long after the release, the product was shut down and taken back from the market due to massive flaw in the headset crown bridge which is very fragile and breaks among 98% of consumers.
My mom is buy it
Can I use it on my Xbox by aux cable?
Would you recommend this or the Razer Thresher?
Does it work with ps4
dont buy this piece of shit.., i got a one & only used it for about a year suddenly the usb dongle is not working, when ever i connect it with pc it recognise as avnera not as razer man o'war!!, and i looked for solutions everywhere, even connected razer support ,they say that the usb dongle is broken!!,i took good care of my headset & im pretty sure nothing happend to my dongle, many mano war users having this issue and so far there is not a solution... save your money.. dont buy this piece of crap..., it looks amazing but trust me, u gonna waste ur money buying this...
The Razer man o war 7.1 wireless isn’t a thing but the Razer man o war wireless is
hello still possible to buy??
I missed the wirless adapter, how can i use my headset? can you help me?
Can it use with phone ? i see Razer ManO’War 7.1 v2 USB can use with phone. and for Gamin which better ( USB vs wireless)
Does this work for the Xbox one?
Nice review!👍
To all the people who wrote the stupid questions in the comments, watch the *full video* or read the product page please.
I think this will be a good replacement for my turtle beach Stealth 600
I wish someone told me my head had to be 3x the size of my body to comfortably wear this headset 😂
Will this work on my Walkman cassette player?
the amount of the stupid questions are killing me 😂💔
Do you need a pc to change the color settings?
how do u charge it
after 6 months of use. The top half of headset snapped in half rendering it useless. While my logitech g430 is still usable 3 years of usage.
Does it work on Xbox?
no, the driver cage is also plastic(the outer shell that has the mesh, and the clear razer logo) at least it is on the kraken 7.1 v2
do these work on xbox one x along with pc?
Piece of shìt flimsy plastic headset. Terrible build quality and it's not durable. You have to be extremely careful to not break it. And like many other people, there were charging issues. The sound quality is so-so, the mic is actually rather good imo, and it's comfortable to have on, but it's just not worth it.. when you can get better headphones for the same price nowadays.
shoulda watched this before I got it, cuz they broke like you said.
Does this work for an Xbox one? Plz answer
I had my Man O War snap in half while I was taking them off :/
Would’ve bought it if not for the headband.
I'm looking for a wireless headset that will work with my Razer Blade and my Xbox One S. Can anyone tell me if this headset will do the job? Bonus points if it works with Galaxy S6.
Wait... r u aussie?
razer thresher or man o war wireless?
Does this work for Xbox one??
Skype in 2016...
Don't buy. Mic is good, but the part of the head band to which padding is attached breaks off. That's a common issue, Google it.
Marha krumpli
Do not buy the Razer Man O' War Wireless Headset. Top cushion broke off after only 3 months, made cheap. I assume they have a bunch of returns due to this because of the flimsy plastic and they said they didn't have any to repair the headset and didn't know when they would get any more, they also didn't have any headsets to replace the ones I have, so I'm stuck without a headset, you can't use them without a cushion, it's very painful. The only thing they would do is give me a Razor website only refund. Now one of my requirements for buying the headset is that it had to be wireless and they do not have any more wireless headsets so I'm stuck with these or with a wired headset which I do not want. The cushion on top the head is attached by 4 little plastic clips that is supposed to hold the weight of the headset which is a bit heavy, extremely bad design flaw, the plastic is not very strong. The sound quality was good but it would break up a bit. With a price tag of about $150 I expect better and even though I am very gentle with my equipment I felt like just holding them they may break due to the flimsy plastic. Do not buy Razer Man O' War Wireless Headset or I'm sure you will regret it, they are build not to last, there made very cheap.
I read your description and I got a set from the newer batch and they are certainly built better.The top bit is much better, and the creaking and cracking isn't there anymore too.
Kraken v2 7.1 vs man o war
why is my razer man o war mic so damn horrible? ive tried everything to fix it and its so damn terrible
*awesome sound, great flexibility🔘⚪>**JustU.Faith/Razer-Headset?講** and just awesome for gaming would recommend these headphones kick ass.*
Its my first gaming headset and the worst i could pick.. the fake leather started degrading all over my face ears and eventually house in about 10 months, umm what else oh and the top pillars 4 little toothpicks broke in about 4 months of normal use and the only way that those 4 broken toothpicks dont pierce my skull is wrapping the top with plastic bubbles!
best review thank you
honest opinion = Too big for my head, had to wrap up some sponge material at the top to have the smallest level. 2nd of all installation on PC through bluetooth is a pain. there are no explanation videos on youtube on how to connect the headset to the PC. i thought this was the video. i was wrong.
If this is not fake after all you cant see him talking then these would be the best wireless headset
idk how this review and randomfrankp's review have completely different mic tests.
in Brazil, it costs 1,300,00 ... i´m felling sad and poor
my mic sounds so much worse than that how do i fix it pls help
This shit sounds clear as hell. ITS ONLY $49 ON AMAZON!!
How to turn on and off the rgb lightd
I bought this for $300
i have a problem when ever i use it it turns off automatically, HELP
Can I connect it on my phone for music? Need to know before I buy them
are these better than the kraken pro v2 becouse the mic doesnt work for me why
?how to disable automatic sleepmode
just to be clear with the kraken vs pros I noticed you can hear yourself through the mic. Can you with these?
Can i work on settings with laptop or I must with PC