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  • On-the-ear Headset

The lowest Razer Kraken Pro Headset Price in India is ₹7,199 at TATACliq.
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Razer Kraken Pro Headset Specifications

Compatible Models Media player, Mobile Phone, Tablet
Connectivity 3.5 mm jack
Design On ear
Fit Over the head
Open or closed back Closed Back
Type Wired
Music control Volume Increase/Decrease
Noise cancellation Yes
Noise isolation Yes
Noise Reduction Yes
Box Contents Headphone, User Manual, Warranty Card
Brand Razer
Model Kraken Pro
Title Razer Kraken Pro
Warranty 1 Year
Microphone Yes
Driver type Dynamic Driver
Impedance 32 Ohms
Magnet Material Neodymium
Max frequency response 20000 Hz
Max power input 50 mW
Min frequency response 20 Hz
Physical Design
Cable length 1.2 Meter
Colours Black, Green
Foldable Design No
Plug type Gold-plated Stereo Mini
Weight 300 gm

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Does it cancel noise?
When I saw the thumbnail, I thought this was a pan called "Karen."
Razer > Eargasm!!
Hello! I have many questions for you and I hope you answer 1.Are these comfy? 2.Do they last 3. Sennheiser GSP 300 (87$) or this one (btw the Razer Kraken Pro V2 is on sale for like 50 $ for you guys in america) Note = I want to use these in my online classes so I want a cheap , long lasting , comfy headset with a good mic ofcourse. I don't really care about design and stuff
I wouldve liked it more if it didnt have braided wires, the sound quality isnt super good but its pretty decent
I'm a pubgm player, so is this gaming headphone good for me? Pls give your opinion and I really appreciate it.
Hs50 or kraken pro v2?
i wonder what the difference is between razer kraken tournament edition and razer kraken pro v2 difference am quite thinking about buying one of these two any advise?
Is razer kraken v2 pro analog good?
What version of the kraken have the feature where you can push the Microphone and it will mute
surround sound?
i fucking hate these headphones, they're heavy and huge but I can get over that since their sound quality is so much worse, it's horrible.
These are the best ever I have em for a year thay are so good would 100000000% advise them
Hi does this have the software like to enchance the sound?
Do this have noise cancelling ?
I only have 1 problem whit them... Whenever I mute the mic it makes a clicking sound that people in discord are also able to hear. (its pretty annoying...) was just wondering if anyone knew a solution to it...
It's very soft ear pads. So comfortable. Even though the padding on the top doesn't have much padding at all, it doesn't feel heavy and doesn't press against your scalp.
i have them 4 years and they work perfectly i love them razer did a great job
im using the head while watching this best headset ever
What a funny coincidence! I got that same headset about a month later and I hadn't even discovered your channel yet!
I bought these back in 2015 to replace my turtle beach x12's (2010), I still use the x12'sn the krakens give too much feedback into the headset, resulting into a echo, they're versatile, but the audio quality ain't great
Do the Razer Blackshark V2
Mine just broke...so sad right now.
the mic sucks man
Sterero o virtual sound 7.1?
Awful mic)
yeah so I've been using this headset for 3 years now, and I'd like to add that I'm pretty carefull with my computer gear. But in 3 years time the cable broke in 2 places, The inline control is half functional if I turn down the volume on it the audio starts to sound like shit and distorted, and it's also not comfortable for long gaming sessions after like an hour or 2 my ears start to hurt and I switch to my cheap earbuds that actually sound better only don't have a mic and cost $5 so yeah If you're still thinking about buying one of these... please just don't buy a hyperx or something my friend has a hyperx and they are amazing I used it for a day last week and it's amazing and it's cheaper than this garbage so yeah save the money and buy something else please... and the mic broke after a year of use so I had to buy a seperate usb mic for $60. Not a great experience...
Dude u need to have some manners
Ewwwwwww the mic😂😂🐳
Sound like we are on an airplane
I literally thought that you were JoshNissan wth
Is it wireless
fisher price microphone
jesus man, adjust your levels.
The headphone mic at 100% sounds like when ur at the airplane talking to ur passengers 😂😂😂it’s not that bad it’s just the mic is so close to his mouth lol Honestly speaking here 💚
I am using a razor kraken pro enyone else?
Is it surround sound?
Very interesting content
Hi! Came across your video because I am looking to purchase the cat ears. Would you be able to help me by providing the diameter of the cat ears huhu. or maybe the diameter of the razer headset area where you put the ears. I want to purchase them for my headset
When you talk about the gap on the back, Its like that for me as well which kind of bothers me a bit. If it didn't have that gap then It would be so much better in my opinion.
This is a great review man!! 😎👍 I love the HQ sound of the RΛZΞR headphone and mic.
is this the v2 ?
I love these. I bought these to start Streaming and they're great! They sound good, they're comfortable, and in my favourite colour! I love them so much, that it's on my logo!
I haven't even gotten round to watching the review yet, but after reading these comments, I hit the sub button.
Are they 7.1?
Please can you tell me that does it works on mobile phone
I’ve broken 2 krakens by now never gonna buy another one get tangled way to easily 1st one lasted about 1 and a half years but the second only lasted about half a year not happy
watching this while waiting for mine to be sent over to me note: will update once I receive it.
Can you remove / replace the cable connected to the headset cuz that is what happens to my old ones.
I know it’s pretty old video but the mic in this headset is rock solid It sounded better than his original mic to me with my headphones on :)
Broke my turtle beaches order these 🤨 definitely look forward to using them
How are you supposed to feel the cushion on the headband if you're wearing a cap😂💀
I own these, the sound quality sucks.
Using thx spacial audio I guess we can bass boost this baby and then it would feel immersive, I guess I myt be correct
So they come with an adaptet?
I’m definitely getting it! Everything they give you for that price? Immaculate! And it’s razer so looks and feels high tech! Excited to join the enthusiast tech a bit!
On my xbox the sound keeps cutting out could some one help me please, how could i fix it i bought them to replace old headset because i thought these were amazing but they feel awful, is the sonething im doing wrong
I just ordered this renewed on Amazon for 20 dollars, will update you when it gets here.
This headset can't connect to razer synapy since its not usb and the 7.1 surround sound is so heavy bass.Its suck like that since you can't change the bass from it since you can't connect to razer synapse.Bad headset overall 😐

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