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Amazon Offers ₹6,999
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Razer Abyssus Mouse Features

  • 3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Infrared Sensor
  • 3 Buttons tuned for ultra-responsive feedback
  • Hardware toggles for DPI and polling rate
  • Seven-foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord
  • PC with USB port
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Three independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • USB Mouse

The lowest Razer Abyssus Mouse Price in India is ₹6,999 at Amazon.
Buy Razer Abyssus Mouse online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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Razer Abyssus Mouse Specifications

Additional Features
16-bit Ultra-wide Data Path, Always-On Mode, Ultra-large Buttons, Ambidextrous Design
General Specifications
Acceleration (g) 15 g
Brand Razer
Buttons 3
Color Black
Height (mm) 40 mm
Inches per sec 60 - 120
Interface USB
Length (mm) 115 mm
Model Abyssus
OS Supported Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X (v10.4 and Above)
Platform PC
Polling (Hz) 1000 Hz
Sensor Data Path True 16-bit
Weight (g) 72 g
Width (mm) 63 mm

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Razer Abyssus Essential Gaming Mouse (2018) Review - £50 for what?
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Razer Abyssus V2 Review (VS Abyssus 2014)
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this is the best rts gaming mouse i've ever used.
I’ve had this mouse for 2 years now and it’s great. I’m probably gonna retire it soon but I’m sticking with Razer their mice are on point. lowkey underrated despite the lack of side buttons. don’t buy it now though there’s much better mice for the same price.
This mouse is so bad I got it and after 4 months it started disconnecting and switching off I would have to plug it out then plug it in so I don’t recommend buying this mouse or u might have the same problem as me
I got the mouse when it first came out. Very good mouse especially for FPS gaming and general use. Just too pricey these days.
i got it for 25euros and new
hey dip shit this mouse is the best mouse out there
As an avid gamer that has a strange grip style, a reliable, light-weight mouse without side buttons is a god-send, especially when almost every other mouse on the market has them. I've spent hours looking for mice without side-buttons, and I've only found about a dozen that aren't cheap, business mice. My grip-style is 1-2-1 with the thumb sitting at the top of the side. Because of this, almost every mouse has side-buttons positioned exactly where I want my thumb to sit. I'm aware you can disable the side-buttons with X-mouse, but it still isn't comfortable to hold when accidentally clicking the buttons. I hope every gaming brand out there considers a no-frills, reliable, light-weight and small gaming mouse for us strange mouse grippers ;)
Tbh, I prefer this type of mouse compared to others.
This or the deathadder elite?
this shit mouse is downgrade from Abyssus v2
I actually DISLIKE having side buttons so this mouse is for me, honestly they all have side buttons so why can there be a model for us? just buy one of the few thousand models that have them.
it's good for finger grip and claw grip?
The old razer abyssus v1 was the best. I own one and a backup for when it dies. Hardware dpi switch on the bottom, so you never have to download or install crapware to modify it. I think the whole reason they removed it is to force you to download their junk software. As for the shape, I claw grip my mouse and all the mice people usually recommend I can't get used to because I think most people palm grip. I'd love side buttons, but I can't find another mouse that works with my grip as well as this one no matter how many I try over the years Edit: cooler master mm710 is the best I've found
99% of comments: i like it
this mouse doesnt suppoer x-y dpi changes?
best mouse ever
This mouse is very good to me but the usb in it is just plaim horrible like i disconnect every 5 seconds when i use it and well it triggered me too much cus i die in te worst moments when it disconnects tat i just threw it
the rubber grip never helps ever. It's more of a hindrance than anything
i don't want side buttons those shits are annoying
had the old mouse, bought the v2 a week after it came out, my favorite mouse for fingertip/claw and medium small hands, no useless buttons, easy to hold, no fucking useless fucking finger/thumb rests that get in the fucking way, one of the lightest. i nee a v3 cuz i just smashed my mouse against my desk and broke the scroll wheel. *Anyone got a recommendation?* otherwise i'm rebuying the Razer Abyssus v2
Got this brand new for 10 dollars, perfect pricing for a mouse collector as myself or someone that wants a cheap, relatively nice mouse considering the price.
how about double click??
please can someone tell me how to dowload this program?
Is that comfortable ?
In my store they thought this was a bad mouse so they sold it for 3 dollars WORKS FOR ME
i actually got this mouse for 750 ntd which is equaled to about 26 usd
Does anyone know what mouse is at 1:10 ?
mine has no rgb lights below
can asq u This is mouse Is there macros ??
great review! what’s the weight?
Does anyone know the default dpi ?
can you turn off the lighting ?
Is it good for fortnite people switching to pc?
Just got it
I found this mouse on Amazon Renewed for half the retail price
old but gold mouse
Ive used the regular abyssus v1 when I was a kid for intense fps gaming and its rlly good
It the mouse good for an amateur gamer
can I use finger grip? 17cm hand
got mine with the cynosa chroma and goliathus chroma all for $100
IN MY OPINION razer abyssus 2014 is one of best mouses from razer , from now i have that mouse some like 5 years and stil working like new one soo i can reccomend this mouse to everyone!
Comparison to the other Abyssus (1800, 3500, 7200) the sligjt other shape and grip one.. would be amazing
The sensor is bad and feels swampy not smooth at all. I have a g403, g203 for reference. The difference is very obvious for me. I play cs go at 900 eDpi. The shape is great for my fingertip grip, such a shame.
I have the mouse and i want to match a purple lighting but the mouse doesnt have any lighting colors
I know I'm late but I really love the Razer Abyssus, the v2 is the same size and shape of the v1?
hi, i own the mouse and was wandering how could i unbind dpi button to switch it for a function button? anyone knows the way?
Cheapest price http://ebay.us/WGCsmR?cmpnId=5338273189
I absolutely love the first generation of abyssus. it is my first gaming mice and i can't move on from it until now. unfortunately it started ghosting, probably because i've been using it from 2010 to 2017. bought several gaming mouse since then, and none can satisfy me like the first abyssus, not even this new, completely redesigned abyssus. now using glorious model 0, i can say the experience is very close to the first abyssus, and i could grow fond of it.
lift off Is as good as razer abyssus 2014?
your paying 40$ for a dell mouse with a cool sign slapped on it .
This is the most complete mouse in the world period.
My V2 doesn't have the scroll wheel shaking but i just got it so maybe with time it will start shaking tho
i have a v2 and when i flick fast in CS:GO it does not respond at all , or it looks down :(
I just dont understand those palm, claw grips.. My hand is 19.5 cm length, does it fit to my hand?
Just an idea for testing button tensioning: put the mouse on a scale and press the button until it activates
BEWARE spins-out alot!!!!
I Used this Mouse for 1 year and im R6 player so i use middlemousebutton alot, and its durability is bad, just broke, also even with small hands i have problems with width my 4th finger gets in the way alot to the point of negativly impacting gameplay(im claw grip btw), i was in rush of buying mouse when i got this one, but made me realize that i should spend more time into buying a mouse. Also its spins-out alot in csgo/r6/fps, first mouse i have problem with spin-outs and i was Cheap "Bloody mouse" user for years. Im high ranking player in csgo(supreme/lem) and this mouse prevents me from global:D kinda low key was hoping for it to break so i can buy new one :D
I got this mouse for 30$ us new and i have been using it ever since i got it like 3 months after release and i have never encountered that spin out problem even when i was using it for a year without the software. BTW the reviews are great
Damn, I still use this in 2020
yo 2020
Slam shad
Yo its 2020 yaaaa!
Absolutely amazing mouse. Bought it in 2012 and still works to this day.
Who’s randomly watching this from 2020 may 4th COVID-19 I miss the old days
Here's the recent comment
I still use it
what brought me to this.... Linus 10 years ago
Linus 2009 is stiff and not so fun as Linus 2019 XD. In just 10 years he changed a lot.
2019? 2020? 2021? 2022?
This was my first ever gaming peripheral. I ordered it via ebay from China I think and the roughly 20 bucks price made me sort of suspicious. Turns out it was fully legit. Beautiful packaging, manual and stickers as usual. The feel of the mouse took me a few days to get into but once I did, I knew there was no way back to regular, non gaming mice. I used the glossy Abyssus which looked amazing. Ergonomical, precise. I think it was the first mouse to have dpi and sensitivity switch on it, which is obviously outdated now because you can do it via software or with a dedicated button on the top of the mouse. Sadly it's weak point meant it's death after 1.5yrs, the unbraided cord. It broke from casual use. I'm using a Razer Naga Hex v2 right now, Which is very flashy with it's Chroma lighting and many buttons but sadly the optical sensor started to fail after around 1.5yr again. This one cost me 4 times more tho, I'm actually thinking about going to buy another Abyssus and call it a day.
2018 anyone ?
Where's the sponsor >: I
This is SUPER old
in the hood with the sirens in the background feels like to be in the ghetto men
8 years later, and I still can’t afford it.

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