Ray-Ban UV protected Oversized Men Sunglasses 0RB3305I00258 58 millimeters Crystal Green

Ray-Ban UV protected Oversized Men Sunglasses (0RB3305I00258|58 millimeters|Crystal Green) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online @ Amazon.

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Buy Ray-Ban UV protected Oversized Men Sunglasses (0RB3305I00258|58 millimeters|Crystal Green) online at Amazon. Ray-Ban UV protected Oversized Men Sunglasses (0RB3305I00258|58 millimeters|Crystal Green)

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Amazon ₹4,941 ₹5,490
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Ray-Ban UV protected Oversized Men Sunglasses (0RB3305I00258|58 millimeters|Crystal Green) price at Amazon - ₹4,941 ₹5,490

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The lowest Ray-Ban UV protected Oversized Men Sunglasses (0RB3305I00258|58 millimeters|Crystal Green) Price in India is ₹5,490 ₹4,941 at Amazon.
Buy Ray-Ban UV protected Oversized Men Sunglasses (0RB3305I00258|58 millimeters|Crystal Green) online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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Ray-Ban UV protected Oversized Men Sunglasses (0RB3305I00258|58 millimeters|Crystal Green)

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Aba chomu prices wrong dal Rakhi ha
62mm looks best.
55 or 62 but i think 55 is the best
How to i know free sizes 58 maybe 🤔
I got a big ass head and square jaw. My face is wide. I think i am direct offspring of Genghis Khan or something. Anyway 62 mm is the one i have to go with. I just ordered a pair of 62 mm from Amazon and crossed my fingers so they can fit.
Small is better on your face. What is your face width?
62 .. what color is ???
Thanks for sharing
fuck your voice is annoying
i dont like size 62 too big,if u face big ok lah
I will go with 58mm for you ...
55 mm
I like the medium size aveator on you and think they look really cool
Omg!!!! Thank u so much brother for the information👍 ❤ from India 🇮🇳
58, black, green lenses... :°
Sir i want to buy silver rim with black glass colour plz tell me which serial no. it would be so i can buy it
Thanks for the video
Tired of paying full price? Save up to 51% off a pair of Ray Bans here: Jomashop- ​​http://bit.ly/JomaRayBan​​ For Free Shipping on Jomashop Use Code: FASTSHIP I you guys know how I HATE fake sunglasses so don't worry Jomashop only sells 100% legit sunglasses They even sell real Rolex watches for $9,000-$50,000 so they definitely are not messing around selling fake sunglasses when they are selling real Rolex watches I have ordered about 10 sunglasses from them in the past and they all checked out! (Link is affiliate link so I get a small commission on any sales generated through my link it helps me to keep making videos just like this one. thanks -SR) http://bit.ly/JomaRayBan​​
I enjoy your videos a lot! IMO, regardless of where it says its made, it's still overpriced plastic. I'm guilty as all of you for wearing them nonetheless lol
You would be surprissd how many Italian made stuff are made in China but finished up in Italy. I have Chinese made Ray Bans and they are just as good as Italian ones. "Not quite good as Italian"=Just your "feeling".
bruh i see so many ray ban ads on tik tok it’s getting really annoying
Just got my perscription pair in. Glad it says Italy on it
What is different when you get same quality from china . China labour cost is low so u can get in low price . As a optician I can say these were same.
RAY BAN STEALS DEAD PEOPLES INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO ADVERTISE SUNGLASSES: A close friend of mine died a few months ago, and today his instagram account was hacked and has been posting (once every hour) an advertisement for a sale on Ray ban sunglasses. This company is disgusting, never buy any of their products at any time!
Anyone know if Cazal is better/worse than Rayban?
I really want a Ray Ban ja jo, with the option I want they get up to almost 300€+ but I just can’t find small size anywhere
I just got a pair at SunglassHut for $176.99 which were made in Italy and I’m ok with the price. If you have the cash too afford it then eat a pair, well worth it
I bought a pair in amazon us last week, still waiting for it . After watch this video, i worry about will receive fake
The Ray Bans on amazon and without question Ebay are Faker than a $3 Bill
Good information. Thank you. The real question is, what's that watch on your wrist?
Do you have a Seiko skx007?
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Son of a bitch company
I ordered from the website SportRx yesterday. I hope they’re legit
The biggest advice I can give to people is: before buying one, either make sure you're getting them from a certified store, or, if you don't have that info, learn how to spot fake Ray-Bans. They're everywhere, and every detail matters. When I say "learn", I mean it. You would need to know how much they weigh (for example, Justins weigh between 31 and 32 grams), how the screws look, how the package should be, how shinny the logos on the cases are, where the marks should be, how they should look and feel, being able to taste the UV protection, etc, etc. In other words, look for a certified store. Fake Ray-Bans can be both expensive and useless at the same time. Believe me when I say "they're everywhere", like on the Ray-Ban store in the freeshop from Cancún - México, or Walmart in America. 5/10 Ray-Ban unboxing videos I watch on YouTube are from people who got fake ones, and the worst part is people in the comments rarely realise they're actually fake. Of course, you should never be that guy telling people they got fake sunglasses. That's what I call "being a dick". Just use what you know to take care of your loved ones and to avoid getting fake Ray-Ban yourself. Not only they're a scam, but, they're dangerous to. If you're from my country (Argentina) an example of a certified store can be Central Store. They have high prices, but, they sell original Ray-Bans. Avoid stores like "GafasDirect". If 50% off looks to good to be true, it usually is. Good luck.
Vintage rayban collection from malaysia https://youtu.be/lzbMoDFNu9Q
bhai maine oman se rb4165 601 3n liya hai ye original hai ya nahi
My favorite sunglasses brand rayban i love rayban
Next video please
Kuch lika hua nahi dik raha bhai
Just buy it from Ray Ban India, why would you order from third party ?
Does Amazon sell authentic rayban?
Bhai mene liya hai muje dout hai ki copy hai can u help me plz bro give ur install id plz help me out bro
if you want ray ban in best prices i can give authorize store +917770844866 Indore
Does ajio sell original rayban?
i bought 2 from Flipkart both were original
6290 sale nahi kiye ye uska price h baangdu...😀
Fuck the fakers
Bhai you look like Zakir khan
Flipkart hai hi bekaar .. amazon se online shoping kro bhai
Mujhe Ray Ban sunglass lene hain kaha se lena better hoga??
Hey Bro i brought yur favorite sun glass from lens_kart its pretty good product i just clear and cross verify the product by seeing your video thank you so much
You have a cheap fake and a more expensive fake.
Bro original rayban aviator sunglass ka model number kya hai?