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Buy Rakshak Safe Shin Guard (Full Size) online at Amazon. Rakshak Safe Shin Guard (Full Size)

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Rakshak Safe Shin Guard (Full Size) price at Amazon - ₹310 ₹400

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Rakshak Safe Shin Guard (Full Size)

Rakshak Safe Shin Guard (Full Size) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Rakshak
Color Assorted Colours
Material-Type Moulded
Size Full Size
Sport Field Hockey

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How to Choose the Right Shin Guard
How to Choose the Right Shin Guard
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SAK Shin Guards Unique Size Chart
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SMALL or BIG shin pads What size to get
SMALL or BIG shin pads? What size to get
Stanno with ankle protectie
Hi where can I get that sleeve guard
I always get small shin guards cause they are more comfortable. Yes it hurts when I get kicked but I don’t complain
I have a problem on Nike.com it doesn’t say if it’s men and kids, how do I figure out which is which
To all the physical defenders out there keep the most protection possible you don’t want a career ending injury
How would you rate the G Form ones for protection?
As a defender I prefer the shin guard with the ankle guards as I’m always getting kicked in the ankles and I also have ankle problems
what i wanna know is how to tell left and right shin pads apart when they are shaped differently?
I played for 3 years
i wear j guard with sleeves and straps
What are the Nike two strap called
What were the Nike shin guards that were better
"...she's awesome, she's great, she's very very talented......BUT" lol, nice
Soy de colombia podrian poner traductor plis
This helps sooooo much!!! Thank you!!!
Are the puma one 17.1 shin guards nocsae?
I had futsal training and i wore shin guards that covered my whole shin with ankle guards but my friend/teammate kicked my in the knee
y’all need to be at a mil already
So underrated tbh
Hi, I was wondering about the name fof the sleeve guard shown in the video? Which sleeve guard is your favorite?
*WHAT SHIN PADS ARE THE BEST AND WHY?* We wanna hear your thoughts in the comments! 🔥🔥🔥
Small shin pads are better. Like to agree.
People who like a tackle will want shin pads and ankle protectors, but people who want small shin pads don’t like a tackle and often dodge them.
My shin pads are quite small and I haven’t changed them since I was 4 I have never had a bad leg injury and I don’t think I will ever change
BIG shin pads
It’s basically like this: some players would prefer NO shin pads at all. Why? Because they protect their shins by avoiding tackles they anticipate the opponents tackle and MOVE out of the way. I was once that type of player a speedy winger who LOVED over zealous defenders jumping out of the way and leaving them swearing because they not only missed the ball but also me. And even if I did get a knock it wasn’t too bad because my weight was off that leg so back then I wore the smallest shin pads the ref would allow. (Shin guards were mandatory but no rule said how big they had to be) but... I then got older and slower and time after time I got whacked far more often as for going in to tackles IF your doing it correctly YOU should NOT be making foot to shin contact or even shin to shin you should not be hitting anything BUT BALL. I still hate big shin pads because the ball bounces off them oddly and I find they get in the way when trying to cushion a ball that may bounce up just as you try to trap it and you end up using your shin or lower leg to trap the ball without a shin pad or a smaller one I have no problem keeping soft control but with a big bulky shin pad the touch is off as you have less feeling. Kind of the same for boots some prefer boots with padding others want to feel the ball.
Ayy Jay mike and his fucken carbon fibre shin pads😂😂😂
I have xxs shin pads from the kids section i like to wear mine like grealish
Creat a new video
the black one woaw
The injury that happened to diego costa the same exact thing happened to me during a game luckily I scored
C6 Agility max. Pitty Unisport doesn't carry them anymore. Had to import them from the USA to Europe. Costly but worth it!
i had a problem with shin pads but when i tried the nike mercurials with their socks i just did not feel them
Shinpads dont protect ankles
Shin pads highkey get in the way..... I play defender n dont like to use um but have to
That is pointless
I like moreover love you guys chatting
Please can I have the Nike shins My adress H.no:4/95/A1 Bakul Colony,Acoi Mapusa,Goa India
Where small shinpads
It's all about the position 😄