Rakshak Foam Shin Guard (Full Size)

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Buy Rakshak Foam Shin Guard (Full Size) online at Amazon. Rakshak Foam Shin Guard (Full Size)

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Rakshak Foam Shin Guard (Full Size)

Rakshak Foam Shin Guard (Full Size) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Rakshak
Color Assorted Colours
Material-Type Moulded
Size Full Size
Sport Field Hockey

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If you have an oil leak maybe this product can help you out, here is the link. https://amzn.to/2SWjXHp
looks like its leaking from the front... i wonder how hard it is to fix that 👾
Hi just a question did you talk any oil out before adding the stop leak
Very helpful. Thank you. I'm going go try that today. I appreciate it your step by step.
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